October 2nd, 2015

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35 Responses to “worthwhile”

  1. She smiled to herself as she took a sip of tea. It was the perfect image of an afternoon: tea, reading, warm breeze. It was as if she was sitting inside a Pinterest board. She felt content. Time could pass at any pace right now and it would still be worthwhile.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.02.2015

  2. i’ll do whatever is worth my time
    after for so long time was but a waste
    i made no time to wait
    it was a life full of hate
    so now i do what’s good for me
    and i will
    until my life is great.

    By molly on 10.02.2015

  3. My time is precious
    You make the time spent with you

    Like waiting for rain
    Like looking at clouds
    Like soaking in sunshine

    All the time in the world
    Spent with you
    Is worthwhile

    Your brow
    Your lips
    And your smile

    By laney URL on 10.02.2015

  4. It might seem like a stupid challenge, doing all that work for nothing. But it wasn’t about a prize; fame, fortune, gifts, renown? Those things weren’t worth the number of letters it took to spell them. But belief in oneself, belief that one could do something so hard and yet push oneself to the limit and complete a difficult task despite the odds– that was something to be proud of.

    By Courka URL on 10.02.2015

  5. The things that are worthwhile in life are those that are intangible. We all think we know what is worthwhile, but most of it is based on what we’ve been fed by exterior factors. Find your inner voice and use your own powers of deductive reasoning to forge your own truth. This is the way to wisdom and self mastery.

    By James Banks on 10.02.2015

  6. 8.34 and the race has begun. Without thinking all the while ‘is it worth it?’ she runs and really no one knows why. But then nothing is ever able to be evaluated, that’s what she always said. If there’s no way to evaluate then, the why and the worthwhile is a fabrication designed to keep ourselves occupied whilst we do meaningless things

    By nytrist URL on 10.02.2015

  7. I’ve done it, I thought to myself as I looked up at the stars. I’ve begun to do everything I’ve always wanted to do.
    I’ve had “watching the stars” on my list for so long. But I’ve been too afraid.
    I don’t want to live that way anymore. I want to truly and fully live.

    By Shr on 10.02.2015

  8. the worthwhile renegade, turned into a headland brigade…
    congregate together, and well splash like fancy rain weather…
    dually tethered,
    around bliss and what I used to call my mistress..
    now my work and play are both my ladies, my only ones to bow to!

    By milad URL on 10.02.2015

  9. I looked into the mirror. I saw my curly hair that rested on my head, down to my blue eyes, my plump lips and my voluptuous body. I looked into the mirror and told my self that I’m worthwhile. I repeated it again and again, but I’m not sure if it truly worked.

    By Rawr on 10.02.2015

  10. Once upon a time, I bought a trinket at a flea market
    My mother told me it was useless
    My father told me to throw it out
    My sister tried to steal it from me
    My grandmother called it worthwhile

    By Claudia on 10.02.2015

  11. You cradled me in your arms that night, whispered in my infantile ear that once you had the money, you would steal me away in the old family minivan, drive all the way to the coast, and resettle in a beach house where the tide barely licked the sandy toes of the front porch. And as you sang to me, you reminded me that it’d all be worthwhile, that it all would work out in the end.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.02.2015


    By CAROLINA URL on 10.02.2015


    By Gary on 10.02.2015

  14. “Why are you here?” she asks. “I’m not the girl that your parents want. I’m not a million dollars. I’m not bright and shiny.”

    “But you are worth it,” he says softly.

    By ronan on 10.02.2015

  15. Is it really worthy le she thought to her self starter aring down at the blank page dies this all really naturr does knowing how to calculate limits understanding the properties oh physics….worthwhile if so why don’t we all learn them ….if not what are we supposed to learn…what is meant to be understood in life…and while answering the question …is it all worthwhile

    By Djj on 10.02.2015

  16. She was everything to him. Everything that he had ever dreamed of. Looking into her eyes, he kissed her knuckles, the smell of citrus soap on her skin.

    “I wouldn’t change anything about you,” he promised. “Any moment I’m with you is what makes my life worthwhile.”

    By missblister URL on 10.02.2015

  17. waiting for a someone special is worthwhile. not everyone is going to fuck you over. there will be a time when you’ll be happy and everything will be okay. waiting is worthwhile.

    By Tanvi on 10.02.2015

  18. its worthwhile to wait for someone with whom I will fall in love.

    By man on 10.03.2015

  19. Is it all worthwhile? Life? Life can kick you in the ass and sucker punch you in the stomache. But it’s absolutely beautiful and wonderful and epic. I love it, the little moments that make you say ‘wow, this was worth it. THIS is worthwhile. Yes.’ So while life can kick you so hard you can’t breathe, it shows you the way sometimes too. It takes you there.

    By Karishma on 10.03.2015

  20. It was all worthwhile. When I woke up this morning I rushed around to get as many things done as I could to make my day worthwile. I cleaned the floors I did the washing I cleaned the kitchen and did the laundry and then I made dinner and had my Mum over. upon reflection I definitely felt as if I had made my day worthwhile.

    By Pink Flamingo URL on 10.03.2015

  21. In the end is it really what you thought it would be when you started? Even after all that it never is. But does that really mean you shouldn’t have started? Or does it just mean fate knows best? Are we really in control of anything anyway?

    By Em on 10.03.2015

  22. when was the last time you did something worth your while?

    it’s hard to say if you are young: everything then seems like something that has to be done or that you want to get done, and you don’t really know yet what will matter enough to make you cry or laugh twenty or fifty years from now.

    but you can still try it. you can make yourself worthwhile, and the most worthy thing you can do in your day might maybe to make yourself see that — see your own worth, as well as other people’s.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 10.03.2015

  23. It was worthwhile bringing the sacks of potatoes in from the yard as you don’t know what animals are out there at night, in the dark.

    By Steve O URL on 10.03.2015

  24. It’s hard to live a life when you don’t know if it’s worthwhile. Nevertheless, we keep living. No one knows how the end will be and know one remembers how the begining went but we still continue to live, with much consequence, to ruin everyone else’s begining in the near future.

    By Teagan on 10.03.2015

  25. This was really cool actually, I’m sure with repetition you’d get some really good essay skills out of this!

    By Teagan on 10.03.2015

  26. “Art isn’t a worthwhile profession,” she said. “It takes too much work and you don’t get a lot of money. Why not become a doctor instead? You’ll take in a lot.”

    The child nodded sullenly. He stared down at the crayon drawing in his hands and headed back to his room.

    By peppermint on 10.03.2015

  27. am i? is it? i wonder. at the end will we look back at all things or just one. a bad movie vs and good movie we’re talking about two hours of your life, so what?

    By shane patrick on 10.03.2015

  28. Sometimes, when I look around at what I’ve done and what I’ve left to do, I wonder if it’s worth it. I mean, we’re all going to die someday, and eventually whatever small impact I may or may not be able to make on this Earth will mean nothing, because nobody will remember me or my life.

    I suppose this is why I write, to stare into the face of eternal nothingness and laugh at it, and create something worth reading. Because that may all be true, but right now it feels good, and right, and worthwhile.

    By Catherine J on 10.03.2015

  29. This relationship is worthwhile. I love him and yes he can be a grouch ass when he wakes up but it is so worth it when he is all awake. ❤️ I cannot wait for my forever with him.

    By Jordan on 10.03.2015

  30. There were days when she wondered if all this effort to keep the human race alive was really worthwhile, in the end. The last dredges of humanity still bickered and killed each other; it was as if they hadn’t really learned anything from the destruction of their worlds at all.

    By SK URL on 10.03.2015

  31. It was all worthwhile. It really was. Even the short amount of time he had spent with Lucas. It was still worth it in the end. And now, that they were finally here at the end, he couldn’t help but feel sad, sure, but also really glad and reminiscent. Farkle loved him. He did. He’d miss him. And, he took solace in the fact that he knew that Lucas would miss him too.

    By Crizzy URL on 10.03.2015

  32. The first few weeks was rough. Not the disarray kind of rough but more of a self-conscious kind of rough. Ever since they lived together they have been coy with their actions even though they’ve known each other since they were kids. She made sure that she put her books on the shelf after reading them, he made sure that he arranged the toss pillows on the sofa after watching TV, she made sure that she toasts his bread almost borderline burnt for the extra crisp, he made sure that her coffee had an extra spoonful or two of cream, she made sure that she won’t take too long–30 minutes at most–on the shower, and he made sure that he squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube rather than the middle. Of course all those ‘rules’ weren’t really necessary, they were aware of that. But they didn’t mind indulging themselves by those rules because they find it cute and entertaining. As with all witty couples, they thought the silly routines was definitely worthwhile.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.03.2015

  33. What every person on Earth is. Including you. Nobody has been more this than you. The people you see on the street are this. That person who works at the coffee shop is this. Your hopes and dreams are this. Love is this.

    By Kristan on 10.03.2015

  34. how do i know it is. is it? what if it isn’t. what if i’m just wasting time on something that never will be, never could be worthwhile. who decides what is, anyway?

    By BeccaJean URL on 10.03.2015

  35. worthwhile is a great word.. full of positivity.. it is worthwhile to think about something be worthwhile. I think what it means isthat whatever you are doing is worth he time and effort and is beneficial. it is worth while you are doing it and after that as well.

    By nitsa on 10.03.2015