December 19th, 2015

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29 Responses to “graduation”

  1. She was engulfed in a sea of black robes as a chorus rang out and hundreds of caps flew into the air. As she threw hers, she could feel her hopes and dreams lifting like a cloud, ready to be pursued into the sunny afternoon.

    By Laura on 12.19.2015

  2. She was engulfed in a sea of black gowns. A chorus rang out as hundreds of caps flew into the air. As she threw hers, her hopes and dreams rose like a cloud into the sunny afternoon, ready to be pursued.

    By Laura on 12.19.2015

  3. He sat in the bleachers. He was sitting staring at the shining grass. His daughter climbing up to podium and his mother squeezing his hand next to him. She was leaving. He breathed. She succeeded and could escape as he never did. Run away.

    By Marie-Céleste McNiven on 12.19.2015

  4. The day that the students walked across the stage was the happiest day of their life, and yet the saddest as well. They were finishing a chapter in their life. It was a chapter that they had pushed to complete, a chapter that they could not wait to complete. Now as they awaited their name to be called, the fear rose in them. What was going to come next? What would their world become outside of the four walls where they had made friendships and more?

    By SJ on 12.19.2015

  5. Graduation from highschool one of the worst days of my life.

    By Paisley on 12.19.2015

  6. They stood in line, regimented, at right angles, waiting to hear the final declaration that their graduation had been completed. Months of doing what they were told and never deviating had culminated in this day, when half of them expected to graduate, and half of them expected no never leave the field alive.

    By Craig on 12.19.2015

  7. Todd missed his son’s graduation, and then his daughter’s graduation two years later, and then his nephew’s graduation three years after that. The reason each time was that he had been led as if on a leash over to Papa Fred’s Bar and Grille, where he drank himself stupid with his friends Mac and Erin, oblivious to the passing time as he swigged shot after shot of bourbon. In the meantime, his family took group pictures, celebrated and hollered when their loved ones crossed the graduation stage, and toasted to each night, all while Todd slowly succumbed to another black-out night of revelry and short-lived glee.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2015

  8. It’s Molly’s graduation day, and I’m still in freaking Alaska! I look to my left. There is is, equis mollyses, impatiently tapping its hooves on the hard floor. Suddenly, I know how I’m going to make it.

    “I’m coming, Molly.”

    By darseyrsm URL on 12.19.2015

  9. Graduation is currently happening at the school I work for. It’s an interesting time, because as people are wrapping up what they know to be their lives, they are stressing about taking the next step. Everything they’ve worked for is causing them the most extreme anxiety. It’s interesting to see how the mind works and how complex things can truly be.

    By Caitlin Nagy on 12.19.2015

  10. After my bachelor’s degree of college, I never earned another graduation ceremony. I had talked a big talk about going back to grad school, but never followed through. The most that I got was a certificate exclaiming I could type 70 words per minute and a feeling of sadness every time I saw cute stuffed animals on sale at work wearing a cap and holding a diploma. They smelled of must and lost dreams.

    By Timn on 12.19.2015

  11. Life is a never ending series of graduation. While we only celebrate a select few milestones, we are continually graduating from stage / education / moment / level of awareness to another. Perhaps we need to reflect on these milestones and celebrate each of them more than we do.

    By hektor on 12.19.2015

  12. It was the greatest day of my life. There i was, in fromnt of everyone who had ever wronged me, and this was my chance. I could tell them evetything they had done. But I didnt. I only smiled and weaved, and even complemented them. I still don’t really know what cae over me that day, but I know that I made the right choice.

    By Rhi on 12.19.2015

  13. i can either define graduation or just think aloud about graduation. there can be several ways to go about utilizing the 60 secodns i have. but i suppose the best way would be to contribute on how to graduate from this world to the next one and be good.

    By YSH on 12.19.2015

  14. Graduation, from one milestone to the next. Commencement, they also call it. You’re starting a new chapter in your life. Where will it take you? You work so hard to get to this point, so don’t you owe it to yourself to keep going, to continue working and aiming for the top?

    By Ashi URL on 12.19.2015

  15. Az előléptetést megelőző napokon a gyomrom már borsó méretűvé zsugorodott az izgalomtól. A kezeim remegtek, mindent kiejtettem belőlük. A családom kezdetben nevetett rajtam, majd morogva próbálták menteni a menthetetlent.

    By MeronCD on 12.20.2015

  16. Tirondo’s promotion came quicker than he thought he deserved. It had been years and years that he had hoped for this moment, but the way that it happened, with just the captain and the sergeant there in the training circle, it felt cheap, almost second-hand. His victory didn’t bring the satisfaction that he thought it would, just a whole new mass of responsibilities.

    By FuMashu on 12.20.2015

  17. is when someone laned in college about haelth and other.

    By alisson on 12.20.2015

  18. when I graduate, I keep wondering what it will be like to start over, unchristened, in a new place. no one will know me, no one will sell my secrets or trade whispers. no one will be happy to see me or have shared memories of our joy. it will be a fresh start

    By St Vitus on 12.20.2015

  19. Hats off, the year is done.
    Eyes open and bright, looking toward the future, a constantly shifting, re-arranging path, the definition of an enigma.
    If you keep looking back, you can’t go forward.

    By Shr on 12.20.2015

  20. I graduated from the seminary in 2012 with a masters degree in counseling. My graduation was only the beginning of my self work at a deeper level. I could have never imagined the unleashing of the storm that raged within me in the years that followed. Still raging.

    By Marisa on 12.20.2015

  21. At last. The day had come. The day he felt he had been waiting for years to come. Graduation. It had felt like it was a long time away, but as he looked back at his years at university it became startling apparent at how quickly time passed by.

    By HL on 12.20.2015

  22. The caps flew, the cheers roared, and I sat quietly feeling nothing. Shouldn’t I feel something? Should I understand something more? Isn’t this what I had been working towards?

    Apparently I was alone in this feeling. Everyone was jubilant. I felt the opposite of jubilant. What is that word? Disappointed?

    By Bridget Grace on 12.20.2015

  23. Unrealistic expectations still followed after graduation, the market had sunk to a new low. It was clear the world had gone bust. Welcome to the less cushioned portion of these ever evolving cycles, what doesn’t kill you right?

    Still so complex and made real by flesh and blood and moving parts, it was hard to believe a diploma somehow made you an authority on anything beyond a class room discussion or some trite little quiz that you would hold to for a decade or more, thinking someday, someday. And then when it eventually ends up in the recycle bin, maybe you’ll have graduated in some other way again.

    By Quicksilver Screen on 12.20.2015

  24. Graduation

    By Vitória on 12.20.2015

  25. I finished my high school. The graduation is today, but I don’t want to go, I want to stay in the school with my friends, with my class, so this is impossible! It’s a sad think, but is the true

    By Vitória on 12.20.2015

  26. They called it initiation, an unofficial graduation of sorts. And she was proud, but she had to hold it close. Killing four men with only a dagger and her thighs wasn’t the sort of thing she could tell her parents or frame on the wall, and her comrades were hardly impressed. Instead of a congratulations, they gave her crap about the fifth guy she should have killed.

    By Soft URL on 12.20.2015

  27. this past may was my graduation form college. it was a blur of friends and fun and bittersweet feelings. I proudly wore my cap and gown and my emerging leader medal. this past sunday, I had the honor of pinning some of my friends as they graduated from ysu,.

    By Rebecca on 12.20.2015

  28. I missed my older sister’s graduation 2 years ago. She told me it wasn’t a big deal and that it would be extremely boring but I still feel bad about it. I wish I had gone. You know where I was instead? An amusement park. Ugh. Bad decisions yo.

    By Annee on 12.20.2015

  29. The day I didn’t graduate was the 2nd best day of my life. The best day was the day I died.

    By PW on 12.20.2015