July 23rd, 2015

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53 Responses to “fence”

  1. It’s been quite a while since she came in this part of the city. The last time she was here, she was not alone like she is now. But nothing has changed much, it’s still that same murky, urban-esque, backdoor city she fell in love with. Of course, it’s because of him why she loved it. It was an acquired taste. But now that he’s nowhere in her life, the palatableness of the city also dissipated with him–fenced somewhere unknown far from where her heart is.

    By nom de luc URL on 07.24.2015

  2. The cold wind swept through the dark city that night, the only lights in the street flickering as they illuminated the appearance of the young girl. She strode forward, confident as she looked ahead to the tall obstacle. Her sneakers squeaked as she climbed the old metal, which dug into her palms as she continued upward. Her hair swayed in the wind as she reached the top, looking down at the ground which seemed so far away. She then took a deep breath and jumped, crashing to the ground. Then finally sighed in relief and turned back to gaze upon the old, rusty fence. She did it.

    By Aex on 07.24.2015

  3. On the fence. Struggling between two difficult choices. Sport. Sport of choosing which path to cross, which way to change your life? On the fence.

    By Jess on 07.24.2015

  4. this ward was given to me yesterday. makes me wonder… does fence trigger a different response based on your attitude of the day? are you testing me? I feel like a mouse

    By cinnakim100 on 07.24.2015

  5. He was always standing on his tiptoes to peer over the fence at the roses in her back garden. Sometimes the dog dug up the flowerbeds and he would watch the dippets like they were craters on a faraway moon — fascinating to him, promising infinities.

    By mimosa eyes on 07.24.2015

  6. Every time she’d look outside the fence she’d wonder why everything and everyone was so different.

    By Naila on 07.24.2015

  7. The cow jumped over the fence.
    And I’m going to build it higher to keep the cows out of my yard.

    By Naila on 07.24.2015

  8. Fences keep people from coming in and in some cases keep from going out. Fences can be spiky or round.

    By Joe on 07.24.2015

  9. the fence was too high. it made me question if i was going to be able to go over it, but i had to. i had to save my father’s life or else the fire would burn him alive, and would burn me alive from all the guilt that would build up inside of me.

    By taz URL on 07.24.2015

  10. Usually a fence is a good thing. It is a boundary. A guard against people coming in. A protection from outside. But sometimes fences aren’t good things. Sometimes we build them to keep people out. Sometimes when we need them the most, we shut them out. Open the gate when you need to. Let the warm embrace from loved ones surround you and protect you in ways no fence could ever do.

    By Sonja Langford URL on 07.24.2015

  11. The fence was coated thickly in mud– it wasn’t a white-picket fence at all, and he didn’t know why he had spent so long wishing it was. White fences were easy to come by, and darkness was no sin.

    By Mo on 07.24.2015

  12. Jump over the fence that has kept you in for so long. The grass actually IS greener. Life was meant to be tasted, to be big and explored and ruined and rebuilt. there is no beauty in stasis. None.

    By rizzleferndizzle on 07.24.2015

  13. Our houses are separated by a fence.

    Every day, I would see him outside taking care his (demonic) kittens as I made my way to work.

    I was never brave enough to talk with him.

    But then, one of his friends let him drive and he knocked the fence down.

    I was I had that initiative.

    By A Paper Flower on 07.24.2015