July 24th, 2015

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42 Responses to “develop”

  1. The flower sprouts with water,
    the roadside curves with wet, white paint,

    we thrive off what is new, what is not,
    if we do not expedition on what is,
    then we are tulips with no soil,
    lavender without purple flare for glare,
    don’t double-pump think, just go!
    Ready, set…

    By milad URL on 07.25.2015

  2. Develop, develop, develop. That motherfucker.

    I had been developing the code for my new virtual reality system, but the other me wanted me to stop.

    This reality should be enough. The 1990s are gone.

    Fuck you, I thought.

    I want to go back there and never return. I will develop my code to perfection, I will escape this reality.

    Then, I will finally have the perfect girlfriend.

    By Das Fuhler on 07.25.2015