September 15th, 2015

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88 Responses to “father”

  1. My father has taught me to never let my guard down no matter how much I love a person.

    By bailey on 09.16.2015

  2. My father is at work at all the time so I stay home to help my mom work on the house. My father is home ,because he has a headache so he is unable to go to work.

    By tanis URL on 09.16.2015

  3. My father is the best person I know. He’s kind yet strict. His faithfulness to his family is unlike most and I love and respect that about him. He’s a jokester once you get to know him.

    By SharaElyse URL on 09.16.2015

  4. I miss my father. It’s been over 20 years since he left my life. It sucks to go through such a huge part of life without him. No one truly understands, even though they pretend they do. It is lonely. I miss and need him every single day. I wonder if it is the same for people who lose their dads later in life? I feel like mine was stolen!

    By Amy on 09.16.2015

  5. supportive and caring. always there when I needed him most. The only parent that I have left and I care for and love him so much. He’s the best dad I could ever ask for

    By Jazmine on 09.16.2015

  6. The man who becomes something more than just you average dad. He goes above and beyond to help make his baby girl or son the person they are meant to be. He is there for them through everything, whether that be through love or with sadness. Father is a man who proves himself worthy of his family.

    By Amanda URL on 09.16.2015

  7. You were never there. You pretended to be through presents. But your actual prescene was not seen. I do not know what you were thinking. I did not know where you were. Now, in my twenties I see you sometimes for Christmas. Why were the holidays so important to you? Why did you even say hello on the holidays? Did you even tell anyone you had two daughters that you abandoned?

    By Bria on 09.16.2015

  8. He’s a good man. I hardly know him but I still love him. He’s been like a guardian angel.. just watching over me, making sure that I was okay. I appreciate that. He’s a good person and he has good intentions.

    By Bre URL on 09.16.2015