September 16th, 2015

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84 Responses to “acted”

  1. He acted as if the kiss never happened the night before! Like nothing she said mattered! As if it was all a dream!

    By Bailey on 09.17.2015

  2. He acted like a twat. It doesn’t matter how many times that he thought about it, because it was the simple truth of the matter. He had acted like a twat at the dinner party. How many times had she told him to calm down? How many more drinks did he have that he wasn’t supposed to? Of course he wasn’t able to calm down.

    He was too busy acting like a twat to calm down and notice that she’d slipped out of the party and his life.

    By Tim Jasper on 09.17.2015

  3. I never thought I’d live my dream, I’d always been afraid of moving forward with it but here I was, feet planted on a movie set with my hair styled accordingly and costume.


    By Elliot on 09.17.2015

  4. After all these years of restraint, he finally acted on his desires for her. From best friends to lovers with the simple brush of his lips on hers. His thoughts were racing through the possibilities of loosing her forever but he had to take that risk, his heart could not beat without her. She was his now in all ways, all he had to do was convince her!

    By shelly URL on 09.18.2015