November 5th, 2015

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60 Responses to “execute”

  1. At first she had no idea how she would initiate this mechanism precisely, but she told herself to hell with it and she just let the system work itself naturally. Surprisingly, everything went well and the outcome appeared more like a well executed plan rather than a luck of the draw.

    By nom de luc URL on 11.06.2015

  2. It was the day that I would be executed. The King and Queen did not like that I took care of their twin princesses without asking. I even paid them for me taking care of their kids. I could see the King and Queen coming closer and closer. I was already in the stall of the execution area. I didn’ know what to do but just stand there and do nothing to save myself.

    “It’s the day,” the Queen said.

    “Yes, it is,” the King responded back. I will go get the executor to do the job.

    And then I saw the very handsome executor.

    “Why do I have to kill her?” he asked.

    “She did not follow orders, so she must be executed,” the King and Queen responded.

    And that was the last thing I heard.

    By Emily on 11.06.2015

  3. My head felt rough against the wood. The large metal slab looming over me like the sun over a field. I knew I wouldn’t get out. I was out of tries. I was given so many times to get second chances. I could have started over. But vengeance is the best thing I had ever felt, but the image of his body falling remained in my mind, as the metal pierced through my neck.

    By Adam on 11.06.2015

  4. I ran to the middle of town where the crowd gathered. I pushed through it wasn’t that hard since I was small I got to the front and was horrified by what I saw there were people in chains they got laid down and the people around me chant “Execute them” “Execute them”

    By Ashton on 11.06.2015

  5. To not stop, just go and don’t think. Don’t let fear hold you back. You have to make a choice to continue and a choice not to stop. Its about finishing what you start and about how you approach fear, because at the heart of it fear is the thing holding all of us back. How you overcome is what defines you.

    By Laura on 11.06.2015

  6. The blair witch trials shall presume following this days sun down. The intozicating potion has now made it s way to the street of bethleham and thee culprit s that have casted these evil speels must be executed 9 pm eastern with live streaming in town squae.

    By ajloopy URL on 11.06.2015

  7. The man came from behind me. Sinking his fingers into my arms. With one thrust towards him, I turned around without resistance. I stared him in the eye, ready to take a run for it. I picked up my foot at least a full centimeter before he threw me to the ground. I glared at him once again until I swooped my leg under his. Like backward jump roping and missing. He fell to his feet and I took my chance to run. He scampered behind me. I sprinted faster and faster, my feet started to shift to the front of my shoe. Before I knew it, I was on the ground. Gone forever. Punishment for executing me was an execution.

    By Lily on 11.06.2015

  8. We were fighting for approximently 30 minutes, but I got her angry enough that she wanted to execute me, I thought I was right, she thought she was right, she told me. but we came to an agreement, I would only go on my ipod for 3 hours a day… you thought it was somthing more serious? well you were wrong … as always:)

    By Devon on 11.06.2015

  9. Every breath is a struggle. Every shaking, shuddering inhale is a battle in a horrific war you’re loosing. Why can’t it just be over?

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 11.06.2015

  10. Don’t execute me because I’m different or because you’re altogether just blind to the fact that normal does not exist. I can’t let you destroy my mind, body, and soul because they’re not like yours. They are an independent experience. If we were all meant to be aligned in our thoughts, then why didn’t God just stop creating man after Adam? So, do what you will. When I am gone so will a facet of what you call God.

    By Demetrius Seay on 11.06.2015

  11. The noose was scratchy and every now and then a stray piece would poke at his throat. They’d been screaming for justice for at least an hour, and now a new chant rose. Sounded like ‘hang him dead’, but he could barely hear it over the thrum of his heart pounding. “Just get it over with,” he hissed. The bright bark of laughter in his ear startled him. “Can’t do that, mister. watching you wait is half the fun.”

    By Soft URL on 11.06.2015

  12. Thoughts bounced off of the walls of my head as I carefully set my head of the cuffed set. I was set to be executed and they were cutting my hair so it wouldn’t get in the way. I am set to be executed in 4 hours, for something I didn’t even do. The prosecutors believed the scum bag who accused me though everybody knows it was him, he just has enough money for people to overlook it.

    By Arianna on 11.06.2015

  13. I wanted to kill him because he stole my phone but he was good in the end because he gave it back not broken or harmed. I wanted to execute him very much and hurt him very badly.

    By Rebecca Kosch on 11.06.2015

  14. I was standing there
    wathcing the crowd of nobody
    judging me
    from his position
    near the stool i was on
    all the life possible in that stool
    once it was gone..
    i was hanging
    executing my own death
    well done the law said

    By giselle venus on 11.06.2015

  15. As long as there’s something to execute, there’s peace. That’s what they think. That’s what we’ve been taught. To execute what we’ve been taught, flawlessly. Peacefully. Executed.

    By NOOOOO on 11.06.2015

  16. My fellow thief friend stepped up and said
    “I stole the crown of our king.”
    the they sat him neck on the wood and “Chop”

    By Logan c on 11.06.2015

  17. “Off with her head,” she hollered. But the man in the daunting black hood, lost his nerve and his title, for though they called him “The Executioner,” in the end, he couldn’t get past her lovely, flowing hair and the slender curve of her neck. Spectators said he lost his head, and simply couldn’t execute.

    By Angel Gage on 11.06.2015

  18. people think execute is a horrible word. I think it has the word cute in it, so it’s probably not that bad. maybe you can die a couple of times, but i really don’t know…

    By Lara on 11.06.2015

  19. Why would I write anything about a word that would only get me into trouble on the world that we’ve come to know as the Internet? Why would you put yourself in the position of having agents of the government (or anyone else for that matter) descend upon you for actually even giving this word a thought? These are the times we live in. The imprisoned times of the Internet, which was supposed to free you to learn and see and feel and write anything. But which has turned out to be one of the biggest, most complex prison systems in the world.

    By nyla on 11.06.2015

  20. execution.

    lots of ideas, yet even more idle hands.
    what is in your head should flow down to your fingertips, past your lips


    why not?



    G O

    By lin on 11.06.2015