November 5th, 2015

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60 Responses to “execute”

  1. -Press ‘execute’ and the program should work.
    -It says Hello
    -It worked

    By Steve O URL on 11.05.2015

  2. “I say we EXECUTE her!” squealed the tiny king, waving his hands around in wide, sweeping motions. His wife shushed him.

    “Alfred, dear,” she coaxed, “that is simply over the top. The poor girl simply wandered in without knowing what was happening. Let’s just ask her what she wants before we obviously say no and escort her out, shall we?”

    So much for a functioning monarchy, I thought to myself.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.05.2015

  3. I hate that the book always makes it sound easy, because it’s not. I read the textbook and it tells me that there are three simple steps: plan, evaluate, and then you execute, and then you have an answer and wow, it’s so quick and easy! But I struggle until the morning is dark, and I’m tired and I’m confused and I just don’t get physics and I’m defeated. I half jokingly think that my last step could be an execution.

    By madimoose on 11.05.2015

  4. “His execution date is set.”

    Those words repeated in the rat’s head as he sprinted back as fast as he could, back home, back to him.

    “Those terrorists are going to broadcast it all over the remaining world.”

    He had to make it in time.

    By A Paper Flower URL on 11.05.2015

  5. I have no idea how to execute a short story involving this word in just 60 seconds.

    By williamsuckett URL on 11.05.2015

  6. The axe falls down through the air.

    He regrets everything, he realizes. All it took was the embrace of death to teach him that there was so much he had yet to do. Maybe if he had realized that he wasn’t immortal earlier, he would’ve smiled brighter, loved more, cried less.

    He wasn’t ready to die.

    By Adrienne on 11.05.2015

  7. The plan was in place, all we needed to do was execute. If not, more than one heart would break.

    By abbyberke on 11.05.2015

  8. I must execute the plan perfectly. He must believe the lie with no doubt what so ever. How will I pull this off she questioned. Churning through her thoughts she screamed “I’ve got it!”

    By BriannaNicole URL on 11.05.2015

  9. I am able to execute wonderful activities. I am proud of my ability to execute well. I think this is an interesting excercise. I’ve never seen this sort of eecercise before. I am also surprised how long 60 seconds is and how much writing can happen in 60 seconds.

    By Kim Gomez URL on 11.05.2015

  10. This is a wonderful activity.

    By Kim Gomez URL on 11.05.2015

  11. the other day my life came to a hault. I was notified that i would have to execute a plan to kill my own father. I knew it was something i had to do becuase of what was doen to me in the past but i never know i would be asked to do this unthinkable act.

    By hayley URL on 11.05.2015

  12. exe
    he likes computer code
    more than he likes me
    and i dont understand
    why talking to a machine is more interesting
    than me
    though i guess
    its easier to modify
    to force execute
    a computer
    than me

    By kelsie on 11.05.2015

  13. I execute, my paper, my passion, onto the board, the text file, the ground, the sky. To execute can seem like an ending, but in many different ways, it’s a beginning. It may be the end of someone’s life in one instance, but very much the beginning of another’s in another instance

    By luckylucj URL on 11.05.2015

  14. exe
    he likes computer code
    more than he likes me
    and i dont understand
    why talking to a machine is more interesting
    than me
    though i guess
    its easier to modify
    to force execute
    a computer
    than me

    By nicole URL on 11.05.2015

  15. Execute to gain share.

    Flawless execution.

    Darn it TI.

    By reverieve URL on 11.05.2015

  16. Execute – a word that catches the attention/focus of a person… mostly heard from superiors wherein you do all means to make it happen

    By Roseale on 11.05.2015

  17. Execute is such an opinionated term. how does one know if they fully excecuted something? did you do everything possible to fulfill the outcome?

    By Katlynn Simone on 11.05.2015

  18. I hear execute and I think of all the prisoners who write to me. So many of their letters have gone unopened, unread, uncared for. I imagined prisoner penpals would be a fun thing. They’re mostly looking for pictures to jack off to. But how long do they have left? Maybe they’ve earned it.

    By L on 11.05.2015

  19. execute.. ummm.. it is like to do whatever you hve thought of.. you need to execute!
    oh it can also be execution! (be-head)

    By Simran on 11.05.2015

  20. execute?
    execute what?
    a program?
    a plan?
    an idea?
    a person?
    hopefully not a person!

    By Simran on 11.05.2015

  21. “I won’t do it. I won’t!”

    “It isn’t really your choice, if I’m being honest, milady. The court has made a decision, and it is your duty to see it done.”

    “But he is innocent, Gordon! Surely you can see that!”

    “Simply because he is your friend does not mean he is innocent, Lizzie. All the evidence points to him, and the law is clear. An attempt on your life, or the life of someone close to you is treason, and it is punishable by death.”

    By KelseyMMacpherson URL on 11.05.2015

  22. They say, with folded arms and expectations nestled in their furrowed brows. I perform. I step forward, I do the duty that is expected of me. I am nothing but a soldier, and soldiers don’t think. We don’t have feelings. Not our own ones.

    By SL on 11.05.2015

  23. Every day every hour the world tells us: execute
    Execute the program.
    Execute your responsibilities.
    Execute anyone who is different from you.
    Don’t like their ideals? Execute. Don’t like the way their body fits in their clothes? Execute. Don’t like what society tells you they represent? Execute.

    By Katie URL on 11.06.2015

  24. Do it. DOO IT! Execute Order 67. Not as perilous as Order 66, but still sinister. Hehehehehehahaahah

    By Bradley on 11.06.2015

  25. I’ve always tried to obtain perfection. But, I’ve never been quite able to exexute it. I tried not eating. I tried binging and throwing up the masses of waste I consumed. Running with garbage bags. Sweating in saunas. Yet, still the girl in the mirror disgusts me. Ugly. Lazy. Pathetic. Imperfect. Unworthy.

    By Kayla Grogan URL on 11.06.2015

  26. The people in 1945 were executed because they were Jewish

    By mackenzie URL on 11.06.2015

  27. Lets strive to execute this plan, said the leader of the guerilla in whose eye the killing of the soldiers of the government was not a crime for him. This proxy war between men that dont have anything against each other is pointless, unless both sides underlings underdstand this .

    By Shanmuga URL on 11.06.2015

  28. .to carry out an order or person or plan.
    .to kill or get rid of a person.

    By shyra URL on 11.06.2015

  29. i was watching a movie and someone was executed for killing someone else.

    By daloun calhoun URL on 11.06.2015

  30. test message

    By ms b on 11.06.2015

  31. She landed delicately, almost not landing at all. It was more like floating. It was the most perfectly executed dismount she had ever done. And no one was around to see it. She felt her muscles tense and relax and then she sat gently on the mat, her face in her hands.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.06.2015

  32. The word execute makes me think of a prisoner. It also makes me think of a project. It also makes me think of art work.

    By Talaya Holmes URL on 11.06.2015

  33. I want to execute everyone in my school, then myself. If I could choose a weapon, it would be a nuke bomb. A big bomb. I like explosives. It’s fairly obvious. I’ll blow up everything. My parents, my siblings

    By me on 11.06.2015

  34. far from the cutest, far from trite, petite, small, adorable, far from all of that. not complete, not engage, not do, but end. ending of all. of all sensations, a swift chop, gravity working it’s deadly purpose, pulling the blade down and then it’s done. it’s all over. not-even-blackness.

    By Benjie URL on 11.06.2015

  35. I am the queen of great intentions but never follow through. Husband pointed that out early in our marriage and I was excruciatingly hurt at the time. Yet once I took an honest look inside, I saw that it was the downright truth. As tears streamed down my face right in the middle of the restaurant, I swallowed and felt the deep chest pain; That is the pain you feel when you’re able to recognize your sin for what it is. That no matter how great you may pretend you are, you are honestly and regrettably a fallen being. Once I recognized my downfalls in that area, I lost a small amount of hope in myself. The world will say that is the worst. Yet because I am a daughter of the Father of Lights, having my hope in Him rather than me is the gift of all gifts. It is a liberating dichotomy to collapse in one’s own fears and failures, while grasping onto the only Rock that will stand the test of time.

    By Neva on 11.06.2015

  36. The would be executioner, as he now deems himself and under no one else’s authority – save his own, aims to slice into her, his knife peircing through the air. But what he catastrophically fails to realize is that he chases a ghostly apparition indeed. Some twisted part of his soul projects onto her, as if she were the living embodiment of every good and bad thought he harbors internally, externally, and every molecule in between.

    She is aware of this skewed intention. Call it static in the air. And said not, “I fear,” but “I neutralize.” She becomes the air, the knife, and all the molecules in between. Not a ghost, but a spirit, true to her esprit de aire, she moves between atoms, photons, and strings dispersing the threat completely before rematerlizing. He doesn’t reappear, meanwhile she thanks her lucky stars evolution had given her certain gifts. Presence of a sort. It’s not everyday a girl escapes with her life just like that.

    By Intuition URL on 11.06.2015

  37. I think that they wish to execute me. I don’t understand why… but I think that they do. Maybe it’s because of the NONE of the crimes I committed… or the fact that I’m an amazing citizen… or perhaps it’s the fact that I’m a fallen angel.

    By Livella on 11.06.2015

  38. Killing someone when they were accused of doing something. I think of castles and Kings and Queens doing it to someone when they do something they don’t like.

    By ek3178@k12.sd.us on 11.06.2015

  39. Killing someone because of their act of harm in society.

    By Sam on 11.06.2015

  40. If I didn’t make it out of this forest before the cops found me I would be executed. I started to hear guns shoot. They found me. I started to run dodging bullets and one ticked me in my ear.

    By kgd on 11.06.2015