November 4th, 2015

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52 Responses to “arch”

  1. There is giant arch made of rocks right above the water to make a perfect circle.

    By Nadia on 11.05.2015

  2. My arch nemesis is productivity. It’s so easy to not do something. The attraction of vegetation is the seduction of sitting and staring. I love it. I hate this. I hate pushing my brain to work and write, and create. But I also hate how I feel when I haven’t let the words out in a long time – they stagnate, they fester, they need to come out.

    By Chris URL on 11.05.2015

  3. from the floor
    and returning
    to the floor
    tasting the excesses of the sky
    kissing the infinite possibilities of UP
    but slowing
    not quite kissing
    not quite touching
    so tantalisingly, temptingly, outrageously close
    a pause
    a suspended moment of hope
    and then the descent
    in denial at first
    and then with speed

    By Benjie on 11.05.2015

  4. My back has this unnatural curve in it, this arch my husband and I refer to as “the skateboard ramp.” I’ve always thought it was freakishly weird, but Gage’s hand feels so natural there and when our dog conforms his body to fit perfectly up against me in that odd space, for that space of time I feel perfectly made and wholly loved.

    By Angel Gage on 11.05.2015

  5. Her toes curled as the feeling of being filled overwhelmed her senses. Fingers clenched the sheets to find purchase as he rocked against her like it was his sole mission. The tight coil in her belly began to unravel, little by little. When she opened her eyes, he was looking down into hers intently. She fell apart, unable to control her body from twisting and bending.

    By Soft URL on 11.05.2015

  6. the arch of my poise, lifted by the churn of my pen;
    my hands, labored, by, the one and only
    That engine inside my heart that pumps oxygen like a millhouse on a farm.

    By milad URL on 11.05.2015

  7. He arched his back. It was painful. His back gave a resounding snap! “Ow!” He cried, clutching his back. His back started to arch over and turn into a literal arch for people to walk through.

    By Hartfairy on 11.05.2015

  8. Arch that back so I can stick it all the way in. Arch that back as I pull your hair and spank you bottom. keep that back archd until I pin you to this mattress. Arch that back , for right now just be my actress. until I yell cut and the curtains are dropped this is a show. Arch that shiddd.

    By ajloopy URL on 11.05.2015

  9. A cripple
    Leaning over the oceans
    Salt blinding his blue eyes
    Clouds bending him farther into the puddle of desolate seas

    By Rhiannon on 11.05.2015

  10. well its on the bottom of my foot a bridge a french bridge french bread bread sticks pizza olive garden i have no clue boots feet farm oil bottom

    By esther on 11.05.2015

  11. church arches Gothic and ancient
    did you ever think we could find God here?
    I don’t believe in your God
    but in the arch of her back and the way her eyes roll
    we are finding something together
    lost somewhere between the two of us.

    By Annie P URL on 11.05.2015

  12. AAGH! Why did you do that to me? I didn’t want to arch my back, but you forced my back.

    By Bradley on 11.05.2015