January 3rd, 2016

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79 Responses to “exact”

  1. In maths, it is very important to figure out the exact results.

    By Bluered on 01.04.2016

  2. a point i never achieve unless i am traveling somewhere and i stop. then i have reached the exact space. but i never reach the exact goal, the exact weight loss, the exact kindness, the exactness of life escapes me unless i am viewing it in someone else’s life

    By Yvonne on 01.04.2016

  3. “That’s exactly what I meant.” The man said as he turned away from the window to face the little girl. Her eyes were so big and brown, pleading puppy dog eyes. He looked back out the window. “And that’s final!” He wouldn’t say anymore, not to her. Thing’s couldn’t be any different.

    By Cate Write on 01.04.2016

  4. She farted, rather loudly, and then laughed about it. David’s eyes widened and suddenly all that crap about stars aligning, fireworks exploding, and angels singing didn’t so untrue.

    By Soft URL on 01.04.2016

  5. The numbers lined up. The math was working. It was all perfect. She sighed silently outward and continued typing.
    She didn’t get to do these kind of calculations often. There was something comforting about the blackness and sureness of addition that her other work rarely had. It felt good to know something was right.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.04.2016

  6. I had to exact the love from him. He wasnt going to tell me himself so I have to pull it out of him so that he would tell me his true feelings. He would never just give it up. It had to be dragged outta him. Kinda sad but I knew it was there. I knew he loved me. He showed me every day.

    By Aideen on 01.04.2016

  7. what something or someone is precisely or matching another object

    By nate URL on 01.04.2016

  8. 2 definitions
    exact as specific
    one meaning
    no difference

    By linda URL on 01.04.2016

  9. Why did I get this one word again? What is going on? How does this relate to me? I don’t understand. This is a reflection of my mindset, having an analytical viewpoint, perhaps overthinking and stalling with analysis, trying to avoid regret.

    By linda URL on 01.04.2016

  10. What is exact? Precise? Clear? Accurate? I don’t know exactly. An exacting day. An exact phrase. Exactly what I need. Pinpoint perfect. Is that even a thing?

    By rachelgi on 01.04.2016

  11. I don not know the exact meaning of exact. But I use it many times.

    By k sandeep on 01.04.2016

  12. The play had to be done exact to the real movie or they wouldn’t be in the newspaper

    By i am crazy URL on 01.04.2016

  13. Precise. A word that enables us to believe that we have some semblence of perfection. Is it a reality? Perhaps. Maybe its not. Maybe being a little off is what we need to be human. TO allow us to enjoy life in all its asymmetry. It’s beautiful to not be exact.

    By Jack Victor on 01.04.2016

  14. Precise

    By Kaye Miller on 01.04.2016

  15. Always so precise. You keep a list; it’s neat and nice. You want to cut the details thin to find the stress that lurks within. Keep it simple, stupid people say. You want to stop, but you like it this way.

    By Megan D URL on 01.04.2016

  16. Always so precise. You keep a list; it’s neat and nice. You want to cut the details thin to find the stress that lurks within. Keep it simple, stupid people say. You want to stop, but you like it this way.

    By mkdoyle424 on 01.04.2016

  17. i need to get this exact toy for my little sis or she will never let me live this down.

    By Ellie on 01.04.2016

  18. i do not know the exact answer to this problem.

    By Ellie on 01.04.2016

  19. Exact means perfect. And, as we all know from cheesy typography on the internet, there is no such thing as a perfect person. So does that mean there is no such thing as an exact person, either? I’m not exactly a person? What am I, part banana?

    By Me on 01.04.2016

  20. I don’t remember the exact moment that I knew I wanted to be with Nathan, but I wish I could go back and take it back. I wish I could tell my past self that being with him was the worst idea I’d ever have. I will never be happy. I don’t know the exact moment I knew I would never be happy with him, either. I keep hoping I’m wrong. I keep being right. He keeps proving me exactly right, every single goddamn day. I can’t escape.

    By Rachel Tanner on 01.04.2016

  21. I got the question exactly correct. I was so happy about it.

    By skyler69 on 01.04.2016

  22. I know the exact thing I want in life. I want to go life coach, I need to attract the right leaders to myself and I will. I need them to attract leadters and want to grow just as

    By lori on 01.04.2016

  23. That was fun, to many typos slowed me down.

    By lori on 01.04.2016

  24. I’m fat for exact I fat so much food I stink and smell like cheese puffs and piazza. But I have gone on a diet and only way a pound and slim

    By Michael A.Sanchez on 01.04.2016

  25. Uuuu I don’t know what to say

    By Michael A.Sanchez on 01.04.2016

  26. He had said ‘yes’, but he couldn’t be exactly sure. Had it really been the way he remembered it? The faces and colours and sounds were all whipped up and streaking across his mind now.

    By BeccaJean on 01.04.2016

  27. There is a reason to do exactly one thing at a time. The way we are suppose to do things take time and patience. Sometimes we want to rush and get through the day but looking back when you rush through life you don’t see the little things.

    By Christina on 01.04.2016

  28. The exact meaning of why I’m doing this is clear. Love myself. Love is not an exact science. It’s very un-exact. It’s neve the same for anybody. Just try.

    By Chantelle on 01.04.2016

  29. The exact moment of life can stop at any time. We are here on earth only for a little time. No one knows the exact day or time they will pass but it still is very scary. God put you on earth at the exact moment to live a purpose.

    By Christina on 01.04.2016

  30. I have given up trying to care about being exact. Once a person of black and white beliefs, I am more intrigued by the grey now. It justifies my own actions as well as let’s me forgive some of others. It’s a blessing in disguise.

    By Mikaela on 01.04.2016

  31. este exact invers decît mă aşteptam să fie. exact aşa cum spuneai tu că va fi. exact în momentul în care nu a fost să fie.

    By valentineni on 01.04.2016

  32. if there is anything you have to say, say exactly what it is instead of sitting there making me guess what’s bothering you. I get tired of the game; I grow weary of the silence that you use against me to punish me for things that I did not to. So open your mouth, let fly out of it whatever it is you’re thinking, scream if you must, just get it out. When I say exactly, that is what I mean because here is exactly what I think: That we’ve been together too long, that you need someone else, that I need a break from being with anyone except the cat, who, by the way, says exactly what she means without uttering a single word. Can’t you do that, just one time? Because even if you say, “I can’t stand being here any more,” at least I will know who you are.

    By nyla on 01.04.2016

  33. The exact amount of time it takes Severus Snape to walk his way over to Lily Evans’ house in the morning is four minutes, fifty-three seconds, and eight milliseconds. He hasn’t yet had coffee – he’s not allowed any during the holidays – and a yellow bruise on his thigh is making it hard to walk. This time, it takes him just over nine minutes.

    By Mary on 01.04.2016

  34. Those were his exact words. Exact measurements. Statistics.
    Sometimes it’s good to be exact. So you don’t miss trains and coaches. And seeing people and things you look forward to.

    By aelys on 01.04.2016

  35. The blade went down the line, one quick and smooth motion, the man’s face pressed against the table as he did so. He lifted himself. Turned the page. Lowered himself. Cut again.

    By Kitty on 01.04.2016

  36. i can’t tell you when i exactly fell in love with you, i don’t think there was an exact moment i fell hard and fast.

    By jen norris on 01.04.2016

  37. i can’t tell you when i fell in love with you, i don’t think there was an exact moment i fell hard and fast.

    By jen norris on 01.04.2016

  38. She sighed and turned away from the depressing scene. She had turned the last water marked and crinkly page in the book, frail with age, and the wonderful story had ended. Exactly as she had dreaded…but wait! Was that a sequel she spotted?

    By Anna on 01.04.2016

  39. “Well, to be exact I didn’t really…well…umm-” I stammered. “You didn’t what, honey,” said my teacher silkily, her voice dangerously smooth. “This doesn’t have anything to do with your homework now does it? Hmmm?” I tried to calm myself. Unfortunately, it DID have something to do with my homework. “Well…I didn’t…well…umm…finish…kinda…my homework,” I mumbled.

    By Anna on 01.04.2016