January 2nd, 2016

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57 Responses to “done”

  1. Imagine that?! To be finished, to have achieved what you set out to achieve. Hard work paid off. Years of struggle at it’s conclusion.To say with pride…”I am done”

    By L on 01.03.2016

  2. That was it. With that, she put the past in the past and took a step into the future.


    As if any of this actually worked that way.
    As if existence wasn’t a process. As if flashbulb moments were real.

    So, no. It wasn’t done. But it was another step in the right direction.
    Understanding takes time and patience and care. And those, those she had plenty of.

    By Bridget Grace on 01.03.2016

  3. I am getting things in my vision done this year. I am done with living in the shadow and fear of past failures and disappointments

    By lotusjade on 01.03.2016

  4. well done, said me Don

    By valentineni on 01.03.2016

  5. I’m done. Finished. I don’t want to deal with this any longer.

    This is what she thought as she decided that it was time to move on. Yet, having had those thoughts, she immediately began to have feelings of regret. Regret for all the things that could have been

    By Sandy on 01.03.2016

  6. I’ve had it up to here with this. I want out. I’ve done all that I can, I’ve tried everything that I can try. “But try more, you have to try more.” What more is there to try? How much do i have to do just to get the basics in life? To get food and water, sure, I can work for that. But what about love? What about respect? How much harder do I have to work to get those? Shouldn’t I have them just because I’m human?

    By Kitty on 01.03.2016

  7. Done with bullshit artists, narcissists, soul thieves and the bleeding damage they inflict. Done with fighting for creativity, success, a better place in the world. Done with negativity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Done with feeling small, never finishing what I start, caving to childhood conditioning. Done with all of that for sixty seconds, then I’m back in the ring.

    By Nada2 on 01.03.2016

  8. Ding, the oven timer is done. She rushes over to take out the meal she just prepared. He would be home any minute and it had to be perfect. She had been working for hours on the meal, but little did she know he had been drinking for hours. When he came home he was so drunk that the second after he walked in the door he was passed out on the couch.

    By Jess on 01.03.2016

  9. You can never be completely done or over someone. When someone comes into your life they make your heart bigger. When they leave they take that with them, therefore there will always be a scar from that person. Done is used so commonly when referring to those who left us and yet it is never true.

    By Once.Upon.a.Time on 01.03.2016

  10. I’m done with being tired & depleted. Feeling fat. Puffy. Sad. I’m done with the loneliness and second guessing. I want more. I want the dreams that linger in the hidden depths of my heart. There is more. Unexpectedly more. I need to be done with this before I can reach for what’s next. I’m closing this chapter and writing a new one.

    By rachelgi on 01.03.2016

  11. “it’s over.”
    i looked her in the eye. i didnt believe her.
    “suuure,” i said sarcastically.
    she slammed the door.

    By Alex Robert Nichols on 01.03.2016

  12. I am so over this. It’s the end. I am at the end. There is nothing left after this. But how can there be nothing left? With all that’s happened so far, how can the ending leave me with so little? I thought I was working towards something, but now I’m finished and what do I have in front of me?

    By Elizabeth on 01.03.2016

  13. we chose the path we went through. fought when we needed to, made love when we wanted to. things weren’t always easy but they were always good. even when they were bad. i wouldn’t choose any other path if i could go back and do it all over again, but i don’t think about how it could have gone differently. because in the end all it is is gone.

    By sunnysuraj on 01.03.2016

  14. I am so done. I hate this, feeling insecure all the time, flinching when someone touches me. I can’t continue to live like this, I have to do something, but what? What could I honestly do that would make me forget that night I promised to never look back on. I hate that I’m still vulnerable, because of him, because of that monster.

    By Jeanne on 01.03.2016

  15. done. i guess as the new year is upon me i should be done with all of my old habits and on to better ones. im done thinking negatively and done with all of the negative things in my life

    By dezluvzblackhawks on 01.03.2016

  16. I’m done to start in this new year a new goal to achieve.

    By Francis on 01.03.2016

  17. I am done feeling sad and unhappy. I am done doing things because they are expected from me. I am just done trying to fit in the box.

    By FairyVision on 01.03.2016