April 21st, 2014

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73 Responses to “dusk”

  1. I am

    By Nguyen Dam on 04.21.2014

  2. I fear the fading sun, when it threatens to dip below the horizon. For when it leaves, so will all my protection. I’ll be alone, fending myself against a darkness I can no longer bear.
    Dusk is darkness. Dusk is death.

    By KenzieB19 on 04.21.2014

  3. The slow purple crept at the edge of my vision, the cricket hum intruding on my malaise. Not all bad. I rock in the chill, burrowing deeper into it. I like when my skin is too cold, but not numb. I may just stay a while, breathing. Discourteous thoughts are slower here.

    By Asia on 04.21.2014

  4. the night hit out of nowhere
    quickly, all the light was gone, sucked out of the air around us
    the dusk crashed upon the day like the wave of a hurricane crashing against a lonesome shore

    By hannah on 04.21.2014

  5. From dawn ’til dusk she stood lone vigil on the wall, sharp eyes lingering on every shadow and ears straining at every sound. Her blood ran thick and heavy in her veins, sluggish from lack of sleep, but she was never one to take the easy path.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 04.21.2014

  6. Dusk. What a wonderful time. Colours blended into each other to make a sky of melted blues and purples with hints of orange. The moment when night truly began to take over the sky from the sun.

    How pretty.

    (If only you could see them with real eyes.)

    By Anonymouse on 04.22.2014

  7. At dusk the following day, she sat on her porch and looked into the woods at the edge of her property. At this time of day, they were dark, unfathomable, like some parts of her mind when she couldn’t fix on an idea as well as she would like. What was she thinking? She couldn’t quite grasp it.

    By Kimberly on 04.22.2014

  8. day goes down to dusk
    standing side by side on golden hills –
    we’ve never been side by side
    and who are we kidding, that we ever will
    something about running away has little left inside it
    for being with me
    and something about harboring you inside all my dreams
    has something to it a little less than happiness
    where I to be with you
    you make me happy, yes
    but sometimes I wonder if you’re making me anything
    standing on hills at dusk
    but waking to your distracted strumming
    and my focused moping
    through noontide and hot sunlight
    walking to coffeeshops and away from your countering
    but I counter
    are you even interested in me?
    see, that’s the thing
    I’m so goddamn human, and every day more human
    than the last
    and you, all there is to answer to that
    in between midnight and flicking the hair from your eyes


    By Saudade on 04.22.2014

  9. Dusk settled over the campus—twilight, a transition between day and night. She was there, of course, a slightly darker shape than the scenery, moving quickly from shadow to shadow before she would be noticed.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.22.2014

  10. Dusk, musk, dawn! How wonderful is the smell of dusk – it’s fresh, new and positively the best thing to look forward to! It’s a new beginning!

    By Jeanette on 04.22.2014

  11. They drove towards dusk with the windows down. Paul Kelly sang them sweet memories. Flea kept one hand on the wheel while the other slid up and down Heather’s silky tanned leg. Out on the highway with only the sea of eucalypts as their witness, she lowered herself in the seat, opening herself up to his hot desperate fingers and she let him take her to heaven and back.

    By bb333 on 04.22.2014

  12. from dawn till dusk is when i think of you. I don’t know why it’s only at night. Maybe it’s because thats when we really connected. Where we had our 4 am conversations and our midnight snacks. I miss you on the nights where the temperature dips bellow freezing and i have to hold the blanket just a little bit tighter because you are not there.

    By Danika Enad on 04.22.2014

  13. The dusk had hardly settle on the ground, when another explosion was heard coming from the south of the village.

    By victor URL on 04.22.2014

  14. It had been a lovely sunny day and as the dusk was looming in they lit the barbecue and on the garden lights.

    By Alexandra on 04.22.2014

  15. It was dusk, I am still figuring out what to do for tomorrow. The frustrations I felt thinking, the frustrations I felt while figuring out. The frustrations is so disrupting.

    By RandomPerson on 04.22.2014

  16. “Look, now. This is what we will be when we grow older,” I tell him. And wait until his face glooms before telling him the rest – “but we’ll get past it.” I trace my fingers where his sideburns fade. “We are for peace.”

    By bb mm on 04.22.2014

  17. As dusk settled across the field she gathered her basket of flowers and began walking back to her cottage. As she crested the hill there he stood waiting for her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.22.2014

  18. i sit and stare out the window. the sun is just about to finish setting, and there is a deep orange hue on the horizon. i am thinking about how i got to this present moment. the things i have experienced, conquered, and have yet to finish.

    By galen treger URL on 04.22.2014

  19. i see the stars. they are bright like knife points in the velvet sky. i see the fog, a moose creeps through the lanky branches. A crecent moon shines like an orb in the black. The man walks slowly, finding his steps in the soft black ground, bats swooping gently through the air.

    By Vladi on 04.22.2014

  20. We would sit here until dusk arrives, our favourite time of the day. We didn’t talk, just sitting next to each other was enough, watching the sky. Dusk, such a simple thing, but it has always been the most peaceful time we spent together.

    By june on 04.22.2014

  21. As day begins to end
    first drinks are had with friends

    And we’ll shout as we must
    — All to celebrate the dusk.

    By Joey A.M. on 04.22.2014

  22. we all gathered around the fire pit. to the west the sun gave up in its struggle with the horizon, and only its angry, loser glow remained. we lit the fire, passed around the bottle for the first time and got out our instruments

    By Lee on 04.22.2014

  23. Dusk falls on the green broken house. It used to be filled with light even in the dark and on rainy days. The halls creek and groan and the roof threatens to fall. shadows are cast along the floors as night comes.

    By Isabel Brown on 04.22.2014

  24. I met Augustus at dusk at the Funky Bones to have one last picnic. Or, at least, I thought it might be the last picnic. Being at sunset, it definitely felt more calm, relaxed…almost like we could just be ourselves and completely forget cancer even existed.

    By Miss Rice on 04.22.2014

  25. At dusk, the sun goes down and the moon rises on a new world. Dusk is the end of the daytime, when mortals roam the earth. It is the beginning of the twilight zone, when you can’t see when a beast is about to pounce.

    By Andy S URL on 04.22.2014

  26. Issa stepped outside to discover that dusk had laid it’s blanket over the village while she slept. Standing in the doorway of the cottage, she heard a distant sound and a breeze ruffled the tufts at the tip of her ears.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 04.22.2014

  27. the light was fading fast. There wouldn’t be much time until it was too dark to see. But for now there was enough light to push on through the woods, making for the camp. And their hope stayed with them for as long as the sun.

    By k on 04.22.2014

  28. When the night fell down on to your eyelids, I closed the door and sighed. No matter what, I couldn’t let anyone hurt you like that ever again.

    By piitou URL on 04.22.2014

  29. It was dusk when I met you. You were wearing all white to out run the black of night. I love you. I still do.

    By Sydney on 04.22.2014

  30. Dusk had come and the friends were having a good time.

    By Jerri on 04.22.2014

  31. As dusk settled the transcendent euphoria of pure existence resonated with me more than ever. It was like being flashed by your 8th grade science teacher who had done an exceptional job at concealing her breast size for the past year on the last day of school. They had been there all along, and perhaps even admired moderately on occasion, but only now could their true majesty and grace be properly appreciated. The Universe is a fantastically wonderful thing, and I wondered why it had taken me so long to arrive upon this conclusion.

    By Jesse B on 04.22.2014

  32. Days were long back when Jarrad worked in finance. Before the dawn peeked past the horizon, he was at his desk, fingers flying across the keyboard. A few breaks here and there kept his circulation going, but he met dusk the way he met dawn: at the keyboard.

    By judyb on 04.22.2014

  33. DUsk, the sweetest time of day. That time between day and night, but not quite twilight. Enchanting things happen at dusk, shadow creatures slip in and out of our vision. Willow-wisp dance around us.

    By Ginger on 04.22.2014