April 21st, 2014

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73 Responses to “dusk”

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    By celinda on 04.21.2014

  2. I once knew a man who mixed up the last two syllables of words. His affliction was a bit like spoonerism with a time lapse, which made him say ducks for dusk, with often hilarious results. He also mixed up words like disc, which caused him no little embarrassment when he once complained, loudly and angrily, to the IT manager of his office, about the faulty hard disc on his computer.

    By Ashwini on 04.21.2014

  3. Dusk had arrived. It meant it was time. It was time for my journey to begin.

    By Vilde on 04.21.2014

  4. I don’t know what do write , maybe i wasn’t born to write , maybe i’m just a human with no talents , who like candy’s .

    By adriana URL on 04.21.2014

  5. It was raining heavy. Caroline sat on the bench they’ve always sat on everyday after school. This was the place they first kissed, where he’d told her how much she ment to him. And now he was gone, nowhere. He died too young, in a car accident, trying to be tough for his friends.

    By Admin at Gonzo on 04.21.2014

  6. The gate to the canyon was supposed to be locked at dusk, but Camille worried about the lack of any sign notifying hikers of that fact. She stood there, keys in hand, waiting for the stragglers she could see in the distance. She knew full well that Art would already have bolted the gate and been back at home relaxing in his Barcalounger, enjoying a second or third scotch.

    By Mexichick on 04.21.2014

  7. dusk

    Coffins play their requiem, The Caller’s Calling, and the stars close their eyes. The once dewy grass with little moons caught in the reflections of their midnight tips, now matted with worms and blood and evil. Shattered and forgotten, bottles drip once more and the dead are drunk. Children stumble past the forked cemetery fencing on the honor of a dare, but the wind notices.

    The discordant lament is interrupted, and it melts into a violent cry for unadulterated blood. Incorporeal tears trickle from ear to spine, and an eternal fear dries into their souls. The children will never trespass again. A cold darkness, from the most unknowable hell, erases whiteness from the sky. And heaven closes its gate too.

    and laments violently. settles a chill on their souls that means no trespassing.

    But discordant wind bars their entry with a corporeal howl while

    a cold darkness from the heart of hell fills the lungs of each cloud. And heaven closes its gate too.

    By La Bête becomes Man on 04.21.2014

  8. from dusk til dawn. but she never waited for dawn. dawn brought the worries of the day in harsh sunlight. no, she preferred the night. when the colours of the sunset were slowly washed away and the darkness would cover her, shining only the light of the stars.

    By firelight on 04.21.2014

  9. I woke up at dusk. The sky was still grey but darker than it had been when I fell asleep. How long had I slept? Two hours? Two days? The feeling of grogginess wouldn’t go away. I didn’t want to know the answers to those questions. I just wanted to go back to sleep. The rest of the world didn’t matter.

    By Shlee on 04.21.2014

  10. Farewell dusk, sadness and sorrow
    The dawn is ahead, gladness and jump!
    A spring in the step of the foot that dragged
    Through hardness and break
    No harder trial faced.
    Good-bye dusk, hurt strengthens us.

    By Jose on 04.21.2014

  11. I can’t help but want to be alone during dusk.
    I want to witness the end of the day standing alone
    Reminding me that it all fades away in the end.
    But I will remain, at least to myself
    I am the one person
    I never have to lose.
    And that makes me beautiful.

    By Anna on 04.21.2014

  12. As the dusk approached, I reached for my lovers hand. “One last time?” I asked. “One last time.” He confirmed. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, we were gone. Thrown into nothingness. The silence around us brought out my deep thoughts. What if we never walkesd out of here alive?

    By Regina on 04.21.2014

  13. My mind is filled by the night.
    Dusk sinks into my brain waves
    Pours lament all through out my
    Dishonest veins
    Lying is part of telling the truth
    I don’t know which is the most tired
    My mind
    Or soul
    There is no greater suffering than
    Lack of motivation
    There’s darkness in between each
    Of my thoughts
    And I won’t deny it any longer
    it makes me constantly nervous
    And awkward

    By stargirl on 04.21.2014

  14. Through the failing light, they could see mist closing in on the lake.

    By smr on 04.21.2014

  15. The dusk sank into our fingers like dark, sticky honey, extracted straight from the waxy comb that shone on the platter like a crater in the moon above our heads. With the natural satellite hovering like a disc, we settled down for dinner and drinks on the porch, the lemonade as cold as the gazpacho and the bread as crispy and warm as the air. I passed around the jug merrily, listening with every last bit of my energy to my great-uncle’s newest story.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.21.2014

  16. her spine is dusk
    and unmade nests,
    but he tried to live there

    he was neither nocturnal
    nor a dawn-believer,
    so he suffocated
    in the birdhouse of her ribs.

    By Pandatry on 04.21.2014

  17. Night was coming. Abby didn’t want it to. When night came, sleep came, and then she would have the nihgtmares again. The nightmares where the darkness would overtake her and the candles would blow out and nothing could stop her distress.

    Abby hated dusk.

    By Lauren on 04.21.2014

  18. The watercolor haze that hung over the horizon signaled that dusk was near. She hurried over to her window, pressing her elbows against the cold ledge. She gazed dreamily at the fading sky. Only a few more hours till he arrived. Only a few more hours until she gained her freedom.

    By Cassidy URL on 04.21.2014

  19. they rose from the waters
    with strings of grass hanging over their dead eyes,
    all that remained of their morning years.
    the dusk now lidded the sockets and blinked them in
    stead rhythm.
    you will rise and fall each day
    until the sun consumes this earth.

    By Kairn on 04.21.2014

  20. The colorful vibrance of the evening sky made her reflect on the day. No one had ever spoken to her like he did that evening. No one had ever left her speechless. Ruth ignored the warning of a distant owlm approaching darkness, and pressed on into the night.

    By Rachel Kalayjian URL on 04.21.2014

  21. Between light and day, we danced.

    By Tiffany Jillian Go on 04.21.2014

  22. I always thought dusk was a funny word
    not too romantic or mysterious
    I always thought it sounded too much like

    By hmmm on 04.21.2014

  23. Dusk fell and the last of the light was leeched from the sky. Hundreds of fireflies took flight in the warm dark, their lights flickering as they searched for potential mates. Love under the stars.

    By Heather B on 04.21.2014

  24. I do not know what is dusk, bust should be a table with a different name. Really, i do not know.

    By Wesley on 04.21.2014

  25. As dusk approached, she began to work quicker and quicker. “Come on,” she told herself. “You have to do this.” And as she worked, the space around her began to fill up, trapping her within her own creation.

    When Linda had not returned well aftwr dusk, Harry went down to the factory to find her. He found her, all right. Linda’s body was buried under pile upon pile of cloth. Harry began to weep, devastated. “If only I had come before dusk.”

    By Corinne on 04.21.2014

  26. At dusk I usually feel tired and overwhelmed, Scared that life will end. That death is the only real survivor of the universe.

    By Maria URL on 04.21.2014

  27. it is at dusk and i am still wandering in the strange jungle. I do not know how i am here… just something dazzled and unsta

    By Nguyen Dam on 04.21.2014

  28. Gordon looked back at his family. Charlie and Jade were getting tired, which was only to be expected. Lucy was trying to keep their spirits up by telling stories of what it would be like when they arrived. Gordon only hoped it would be half as good as she was describing it. He turned again to face the mountains. Their future lay beyond those purple hills, and they still had a long way to go. He knew the kids were hungry, but they could not stop; they had to reach the forest by dusk.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.21.2014

  29. the dusk fell over his face like a veil
    like the veil he’d lifted from my face on our wedding day
    but for all the love that i’d seen in his eyes that morning
    now i only saw dusk
    the light darkening in his eyes
    the fire burning low
    as the sun set on our love.

    By Margy on 04.21.2014

  30. Cam rubbed his eyes and peered out from the collection of rock and brush where he’d hidden. It was dusk. Night would envelop him soon and he could again start toward the distant mountains. He knew that was where they went. Everyone else was looking South, but Cam knew the caves were North. That’s where they’d go…North to the caves. It only made sense. They had been abandoned in the caves and the caves were where they would go for evidence of who they truly were.

    By Cim on 04.21.2014

  31. As the light lessened, the temperature dropped. The hot air became mildly warm, a gentle breeze blowing in through the trees. I sat down, and thought.

    By Rhia on 04.21.2014

  32. From pink
    to orange
    the thinnest red ribbons
    stretched clouds to shreds
    above our heads
    Bring me the prettiest horizon
    for which the sound is bound
    tied tight and buried deep
    within the ground
    a mountain is a hill
    to a mole, a mound
    stalks to beams
    it’s light
    it’s cold
    it’s warm
    it’s wet
    and here I am
    in the thick of it
    did I hear it right?

    By Intuition on 04.21.2014

  33. It was after dusk before they realized it and the darkness of night had crept past them leaving them alone together, stranded in the woods.

    By Anna on 04.21.2014

  34. “It’s almost dusk, love. We should get back to the village before anyone notices you’re gone.” Gunther murmured into Jane’s fiery red hair, loving the feeling of pure bliss as they laid in the grass a few miles outside the castle. She rested her head on his chest, breathing in the familiar scent of sandalwood, as he wrapped his arms tighter around her petite frame.

    “No, Gunther, let’s stay. Mother won’t miss me anyhow.” She reached for his hand, intertwining their fingers, green eyes sparkling. “Please? At least a few more minutes…it’s so peaceful out here.”

    He sighed, pressing a lazy kiss to her rosy lips. “Of course, darling.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.21.2014

  35. Dusk can be anything. Do we really know the definition of Dusk. Is dusk a period of time? Is Dusk the name of a pet? Is Dusk the name of a cat? Is Dusk a nickname. Dusk has a different meaning and means something special to everyone. To me dusk is a new beginning. The end of one day and a new start to another. You can pay it forward the next day and forget about your regrets, just get a new start!

    By Abbigail on 04.21.2014

  36. Dusk falls, slowly, draping the world in purple shadows. Slowly, they creep over the valley until all is covered in darkness yet again.

    By Te'bazile Eiryk on 04.21.2014

  37. this is the same word I was given last time .It is not the only word any of us ever gets .Is it

    By ac on 04.21.2014

  38. what is the deal

    By ac on 04.21.2014

  39. The couple sat at the cliff’s ledge, their dark figures soon hidden by the dusk of the dark orange filled sky. They sat hand in hand together, feeling safe with one another. No one would dare to come find the couple who had eloped, not once dusk had hit.

    By Trish Nguyen on 04.21.2014

  40. the dawn for some, the death for others. the word lingers sunlight in my mouth as I fade to black

    By nytrist URL on 04.21.2014