April 20th, 2014

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56 Responses to “possible”

  1. What is possible for you? If you have access to a library, on or off line, anything. In your imagination, then on to reality once you make a plan, and have the courage to set a goal.
    Some part of your dream is possible. What part is up to you.

    By ToastGoddess on 04.21.2014

  2. allow yourself to believe,
    to think that things can happen,
    to wonder if maybe, just once
    things can work out in your favor.
    it’s not that you can’t do it.
    Nor that you don’t want to.
    it’s that you can if you just put your mind to it.
    that things are actually possible.

    By NuSol URL on 04.21.2014

  3. It is possible that don’t celebrate Easter. It is possible to do a backflip.it is possible to ride a car.

    By Erick on 04.21.2014

  4. It is possible that i can get 100% on testing in ela and math if I try my best at studying. I love that we can have positive attitudes when being possible.

    By Abby Morris on 04.21.2014

  5. It means it is possible to do that or my mom thinks its possible to wash the car

    By Abraham on 04.21.2014

  6. The word possible means it will happen like jump roping in one foot.

    By Maria on 04.21.2014

  7. It was one day that they dared e to go in a old mans house and I said it was not possible and they said it was possible.

    By Axel on 04.21.2014

  8. Yesterday I sent Ester Hunting it was alot of fun. The first thing I did was that my mom hid the eggs. Then my Brother and I founed the eggs.

    By Jessica on 04.21.2014

  9. It is possible to get a job. Possible means you can do it or get something.

    By Tyron on 04.21.2014

  10. It possible that I might go to a great collage. It’s also possible that i might move school next year during 7th grade. Also it might be possible that during school today kids in my class will make Mrs. Tinoco mad. Also today is possible that when I get home I might get bored and forget to do my homework.

    By Lesley on 04.21.2014

  11. It is possible that I’ll go to the party tommrow and possible that I’ll get in trouble.

    By Jason on 04.21.2014

  12. Everything is possible, I whispered to myself.
    If I believe it is, then it is, right? Possibilities are endless with that kind of mindset and I was sure I had what it takes. Or maybe I just believed it was possible for me to think like that when it reality I didn’t. But who knows. Everything is possible.

    By Bristol on 04.21.2014

  13. It is possible. The impossible is possible. Even when things seem bleakest there are always possibilities. The sun will shine again. The clouds will clear. Keep believing. Have faith. It is possible. Dream your dreams and keep on, keeping on.

    By Crystal on 04.21.2014

  14. The possibility of finding her was incredible under the circumstances. It was possible she would find him first.

    By Krystyna on 04.21.2014

  15. There is no way it is possible for me to understand why you can love me even when you know that you will lose me. I can’t imagine what life will be without you – I need you desparately.

    By Nora Nutt on 04.21.2014

  16. It is possible to become the person you strive to be. I am a firm believer of that. Possibilities come in all shapes forms and sizes, one just has to take advantage of it. Possible

    By Celinda on 04.21.2014