May 17th, 2015

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46 Responses to “duct”

  1. Duct tape: my mortal enemy. Ever since that day, twenty years ago in the middle of September, when the high school kids used it to tape me to the wall. I didn’t get down for three hours.

    By Maryn on 05.18.2015

  2. I had no other way to reach there in time. This was my only option, I thought to myself as I slithered through the ventilation ducts that seemed to shrink ahead of me, waiting for myself to get stuck. Miles of cold steel reflected my image around me. I shivered. If only I wasn’t claustrophobic.

    By Shr on 05.18.2015

  3. Quetzalcoatl and the Jade Rabbit had tea at high noon. They both had a history, you see, from the time of a full moon to now, they’ve had occasions to meet. You could call it a ritual.

    She said to him, that particular day, “I give you a history, which in turn becomes purpose…”

    He had such a smug little smile, “…and in return our names are linked. You are most delicious my dear, I would so love to eat you now. Like nectar of the gods, you would be.”

    “Virtue being quite the honor, of course,” she added quickly, and some safe spell had been cast over the other. Her shadowy paw flicked a pendulous jade earring; it caught the light and shimmered opaquely. A fine reminder of their bargin when having tea time any time they had occasion to meet.

    “Excuse me,” I interjected, “but you both know you’re about as real as dust bunnies in an air duct?”

    The Jade Rabbit laughed, her tone high and mighty, “And yet we have our own Wikipedia pages, to say nothing of all the objects we adorn and music and books we inspired, how mad and divine is that!?”

    By Intuition on 05.18.2015

  4. He hears her, the tiniest of her hisses she’s ever uttered to him in a very long time. In the midst of the dark, he finds the glint of silver adhesive and hands it to her.

    “I said duck, you idiot!”

    By Coalline URL on 05.18.2015

  5. I applied the duct tape onto the leaking pipe but it wouldn’t stop. I put more and more on, but it kept pouring through and as I finally cried out in frustration the pipe gave way with my tears making me realize; what a mess I have become.

    By Spova on 05.18.2015

  6. magnetic, unapologetic power pulled the girl off her feet, she gave in immediately becoming limp like a dying deer on the side of the road, hoping someone would drag her to their home and make use of her body which she rendered useless.
    her footsteps were like pins falling to the floor, her presence could only be heard in the absence of noise however noise surrounded her everywhere and so her presence became associated with the sound that lingers in the air and the particles you see when you squint your eyes for a long period of time.
    magnet girl wasn’t always like this. she used to live in a bubble. she was happy, she was vibrant, but she felt something missing; a strange yearning in her chest. she decided that she was lonely. after years of isolation, she didn’t know what to do.
    magnets seemed to be the only option. she swallowed one after the other, telling herself that she would be lonely no more. but as soon as she went outside, she found that strange, hard objects were the only things that would flock to her. humans seemed to run in the other direction. these foreign metal objects weighed her down and soon she was barely recognizable. just a block of metal objects. a walking refrigerator. people learned to look the other way.
    and so this is how magnet girl found herself dangling on the ceiling, never to be found again for no one looks up anymore, afraid that they may get a tear drop in their eye.

    By themisadventuresofsluggirl on 05.18.2015