May 16th, 2015

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18 Responses to “metaphor”

  1. We talked of similes,
    metaphors and idioms.

    The kids all laughed when
    I told them to “give me your ears”
    and off-the-cuff I likened a fat
    baby to an elephant

    using “as”, then

    By dinamspice URL on 05.16.2015

  2. I dont know whats to write about this. But the word is familiar to me. I am not able to quickly recall whats the word meant for. Any how this is the first that I am trying.

    By Haridas on 05.16.2015

  3. The shroud, darling, it drapes you wholly. Dripping from your shoulders, a river of mirror-light, it catches the world in its reflection. You are the shroud itself, it seems. You walk like a ghost through the waterfall of people, their voices like sand to the sea. You flicker and shift, but are never yourself, just an echo of what you could be.

    By Archanza URL on 05.16.2015

  4. making every thing a preport having other realz

    By Garz on 05.17.2015

  5. I’m getting tired of seeing a metaphor tattooed on a cockroach’s shell. It means nothing, no matter how many nuclear holocausts it survives. The moon does not smile. A river does not sing. Any melody you hear is just the crackling of water against rocks. Any grin you see is just a pattern of craters along a desolate landscape. Nothing is secretly more beautiful than it already is. And the cockroach is going to eventually die.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.17.2015

  6. Metaphors are really fun.They describe the undescribable.What fun.But cant remember anything right now.This is the first time i am writing and using oneword.

    By neshanth URL on 05.17.2015

  7. I suppose it’s a saying. Books use them a lot to make some things explained easier to know, like how they feel or are.

    By Habla on 05.17.2015


    By Philipp URL on 05.17.2015

  9. It’s like this about that. It’s like a that time and that place only different. But the same. It’s a line between two different things that make them more the same and make more sense. It’s like this.

    By Susan McCulley URL on 05.17.2015

  10. “stop using metaphors, Kel, you’re not using them right.”
    Kel flipped open her notebook, in it had the list of metaphors that she had copied down in class. she frowned.
    more like you’re not thinking right, she thought.

    By suje0ngz on 05.17.2015

  11. David was obviously feeling guilty, as Nancy stood before him, bawling her eyes out. “I didn’t mean it that way, it was just a metaphor!” He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, which she briskly brushed off. “A metaphor?” she screamed incredulously. “A metaphor for what?! You called me a fat cow!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.17.2015

  12. “That’s my word!” she screamed, climbing off the roller coaster to grab the large black text dangling from the cliff.

    “Stop right there, young miss!” yelled the secret policeman, which was a metaphor for societal expectations, as he tore off his disguise, which was a metaphor for the bubble the young lady had been raised in by her family. Or maybe they were what they were.

    By betaveros URL on 05.17.2015

  13. “It’s a metaphor,” mumbled Frank, his mouth stuffed full of poisonous frogs, “I put the killing thing in my mouth, but I don’t give it the power to–” And then he died.

    By Kim on 05.17.2015

  14. Ok. This is a rubbish word to write about. So instead, I will write about the fact that I would have preferred to write about another word. It’s not that the word is a bad one, it’s more about the fact that my mind went blank when I saw it. My expectations about what could be were not realised. Ah well. I guess I’ll survive.

    By Shae on 05.17.2015

  15. It is metaphorically important to have.
    The beauty of world is like my wife. Have to be better at this.
    This could be better also – what can I do it?

    Let me see metaphorically speaking – just how it is..

    By sathyavision2020 URL on 05.17.2015

  16. I haven’t done a one word prompt before. I guess the first idea that comes to mind is to make a funny satirical joke about the prompt being the word ‘metaphor.’ That’s probably going to take more time than I have. I am a fox on the run!

    By LinkSF URL on 05.17.2015

  17. tell me something but don’t just say it to me. Let me figure it out on my own. Let my mind put it together. When you just tell me, I hear it, and it goes away. It leaves. My mind only thinks about it for the moment it hears it. But when you tell it to me by saying something else, my mind has to think longer, harder, and so it remembers, it burns-in, so to speak, like that TV that was always left on the TV guide, grids and lines burned forever into my face, my eyes.

    By Benjie URL on 05.17.2015

  18. You should do this, you should wear that….. the whole time I was being compared to someone else…. but i was blind to it all….. the metaphors told the whole truth but sometimes we can’t handle the truth….right?

    By hieroglyphic URL on 05.17.2015