September 1st, 2015

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107 Responses to “braided”

  1. hair braided fishing line more hair my sisters hair apples with hair combs bobbypins we

    By noah on 09.02.2015

  2. She braided her hair cause she had picture day today and she had to look nice for pictures or she wouldn’t have nice hair and will have messy hair at school and look wierd or get picked on.

    By tyler on 09.02.2015

  3. braided line for fishing it is really strong line i used it when i went to canada.

    By karter h on 09.02.2015

  4. The girls braided thier hair. Braided means to put your hair in

    By Jaden B on 09.02.2015

  5. sometimes I braid my sisters hair but they don’t really ask me to do it a lot. i have braided Whitney’s hair a lot too. i can french braid and regular and fishtail. we braid horses’ hair too (like their manes and tail)

    By Carlee S. on 09.02.2015

  6. like someone braids someone hair like my sisters braid each others hair my sistr braids my sisters hair every time my sister comes home from college

    By alec on 09.02.2015

  7. Zoey always braids Bionca’s hair in the mornings. She can do some cool things. I like it when my mom french braids my hair when it is wet and then it looks crimped when i take it out. There are lots of thypes of briads that you can do may favorite is a french braid.

    By joann brahms on 09.02.2015

  8. A little girl with a pink bag getting her hair braided by her mother before her first day of school.

    By Logan on 09.02.2015

  9. I Loved it when my hair was braided as a kid, it could look SO messy but still look so cute.

    By Alisha W on 09.02.2015

  10. My sister, Caitlin, braided my hair this summer while we were in Florida. My hair was a lot longer, then, so it was easier to braid. I used to have hair that went down to my mid-back, but now it is at my shoulders. I like it when my hair is braided, because it gets wavy the next day. Right, boys? The end.

    By Debbie on 09.02.2015

  11. One day, a little green monster was at the beauty salon. When I came out to do his hair, he wanted it to be braided. He was so fuzzy, I had to braid a million different braids!

    By Elizabeth on 09.02.2015

  12. I learned how to braid in 2nd grade.I just learned how to french braid a few months ago.

    By Lexi on 09.02.2015

  13. I braided my moms hair. It was really long. I don’t know how to braid hair so I tried it.

    By Tony on 09.02.2015

  14. This summer I grew my hair out so I could braid it. At the end of the summer my hair was finally long enough! My mom braided my hair for the first day of school

    By Ciera on 09.02.2015

  15. My sister Lorelai braided my hair for me . She braided it because she would give me five dollars for

    By Taylor on 09.02.2015

  16. My sister has never braided her hair. But she has really long hair.

    By luke on 09.02.2015

  17. I braid my hair at night when it is wet, so when I get up it is wavy. I love to see different kind of braids. I like fishtails especially.

    By zoe on 09.02.2015

  18. this morning my Grammy braided my hair so that i would not fall out in P.E.She braided it really tight it kinda hurt.

    By emma on 09.02.2015

  19. Once upon a time, a young girl learned how to braid her hair.She posted a video and introduced it to

    By makayla on 09.02.2015

  20. I have seen my sister when she has braided her hair. My 7th period teacher has also written a mini story about the word braided, she made few mistakes.

    By Kara on 09.02.2015

  21. I love to braid my hair. I braided it to make my hair wavy for the next day. I braided it today too.

    By Autumn on 09.02.2015

  22. My sisters Allison and Olivia always ask for their hair to be braided after the take a shower. They had to teach me how to braid hair.

    By Jamie on 09.02.2015

  23. One day while in Florida my hair was sticking to me. So my mom decided to put it in a braid. It stayed like that the rest of the day. The End.

    By Victoria on 09.02.2015

  24. i love when my hair is braided. it is soooooooooooo pritty i love it sooooooooooo much. i look like Catnes . i am happy to be alive.

    By olivia on 09.02.2015

  25. I used to love my hair braided, all the way to my lower back. Thick African plaits, sometimes with multi-coloured beads, sometimes wooden but not now.

    By Jeanette on 09.02.2015

  26. I remember the first time I learned to french braid. I was at a friend’s house and I taught myself from a book. I was 8, and this accomplishment seemed to go fairly unnoticed by everyone. Looking back on it now, and knowing that my daughter is much older but still cannot french braid, I wonder if I really was that advanced – or if she is that delayed. I compare her childhood to mine in many ways. Our lives are braided together in ways she doesn’t yet understand.

    By mutecalliope on 09.02.2015

  27. His hair looked liked a braided river; intertwining at the most unusal places. I could play on his river banks or hide in the streams of the nape of his neck. I never felt more at home as I did resting on his chest

    By AshleyKay on 09.02.2015