February 18th, 2016

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54 Responses to “disaster”

  1. when life is a mess. when the environment is a mess. when our soul is longing for something but the void is just too large to fill. when we feel empty. when we see pain in the world and cannot bring solutions. we can work through them. one step at a time. one thought at a time. one connection at a time. when all is overwhelming but we keep trying to work our way up.

    By Lisa on 02.19.2016

  2. Trevi stared down at the swath of destruction, her mouth wide in horror. Where tall trees had stood there was nothing but kindling and matchsticks. The river had swollen into a thousand times its original breadth, burying everything under a muddy veil of silt. Even the stones themselves seemed to have been shifted and rolled about where they weren’t scorched or exploded into smaller bits.

    Whatever had done this was bad. Very bad.

    By terradi URL on 02.19.2016

  3. “This is a freaking disaster,” I muttered as I looked around the room. How could such a small puppy do so much damage? Kleenex. Toys. A magazine. The pillow… ugggh the pillow with it’s contents spread far and wide. Lego, crackers. You name it, she destroyed it.

    By rachelgi on 02.19.2016

  4. The team’s disastrous performance made blue team lose, and the whole lobby was filled with hateful comments and rage. ( True story )

    By Wilbur URL on 02.19.2016

  5. ( That was from World of Warcraft if you were wondering XD )

    By Wilbur URL on 02.19.2016

  6. a disaster is a giant mess something bad happened and now everything is a disaster my sisters didn’t clean their room and now it is a disaster someone at a birthday party fell into the cake and now the cake is everywhere and now the party has turned into a disaster

    By Catherine on 02.19.2016

  7. Bad things happen to good people all the time and I like to question that. Why? Does anyone really know the reason for these disasters? Is it a message from a higher power? A threat that something bigger will come if we keep abusing our planet the way we do? Some people believe it is this, the work of God. Why would God allow these things to happen if he/she is so powerful?

    By Aisling on 02.19.2016

  8. It was a disaster. The decorations where on the floor, the refreshments werent there yet. Even the DJ was late. What was she going to do?!

    By Em URL on 02.19.2016

  9. The sky screams. Trees are like branches, toothpicks, torn over and flung. The river swells and overflows. No one can think; there is only feeling and sound.


    Why? You can’t escape it. You can’t escape the split in the sky.

    By Toothy URL on 02.19.2016

  10. It strikes when least expected
    it leaves destruction in its wake
    it often comes from mother nature
    but sometimes from our leaders

    By Keath Fenton on 02.19.2016

  11. At that moment disaster struck, a sound like cracking was coming from the ceiling. Then it caved in, and everybody died!


    By Katy URL on 02.19.2016

  12. Every time I think that I have managed to get to a certain point and that success is just over the hill, disaster strikes. There is no getting round it. Even if there is an attempt at being realistic about it, the disaster is inevitable. Except, that is, if you are an optimist.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 02.19.2016

  13. or something about silver in clouds
    a plane passed by us
    in at least three
    and maybe a few dimensions
    i told you to duck down
    and hear the whow whow
    but instead you laughed
    loud enough to startle

    By Kairn URL on 02.19.2016

  14. The tide swelled up on the shore as the winds howled over head. I clutched the plush brown bear to my chest as nothing but the roar of the world enveloped me. White crests of water began to swell up to my ankles, and then my thighs. A pair of strong arms wrapped around me and whipped me into the air. An angel was waiting above me. An angel in aviators, dangling from a 4 bladed demon above. They carried me towards the sky.

    By Mike Thompson on 02.19.2016