February 19th, 2016

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30 Responses to “welcome”

  1. Welcome to my life! It is filled with data crunching and spreadsheets that would make your eyes tear up before you even understood a quarter of what they are saying. I sit at my desk for more than 8 hours a day and it’s horrible. Yes, I want something else but this the choice I have made.

    By Gigi URL on 02.19.2016

  2. welcome to eternity. This new beginning welcomes people of all color and any gender. We welcome everyone becuase we love everyone. This doesn’t have to be hard. Although many mistakes have been made in your past, remember that welcoming the obvious has always had an evolutionary effect on today’s society.

    By raven on 02.19.2016

  3. I remember his voice, it was cheerful and nice and in a strange way, exciting. “Welcome, you’ve got mail!” I loved that. Not knowing who the mail was from or what it was about. Then seeing the subject line; it would say something like, “Long time no see,” or “Is this really you?” or “I have something to say to you,” or “It’s me.” And you’d see an address but sometimes it was a group of numbers and letters and you didn’t know who it was until you opened the mail. And when you’d go back at another time, and you didn’t hear his voice say ‘welcome,’ you’d feel down about it. Why didn’t I get mail today? When am I going to get mail again? But there was something else. Because you started hearing from people you probably would be better off not hearing from; people who’d left your life a long time ago for a reason that, when you looked at it, hadn’t really changed. And everything told you that danger was coming; that there’d be one ‘welcome’ too many and you’d go down a path you couldn’t come back from. I got one of those emails. The subject line said, “Contact.” I recognized the name immediately. Then, I fell into the abyss. In an odd way, welcome.

    By nyla on 02.19.2016

  4. Grantaire stepped into the dingy café somewhat reluctantly, his dark curls soaked with droplets of autumn rain, and stood for a moment, simply taking in the sight of the assembled company.

    By lucyxx on 02.19.2016

  5. Ben took my hand and led me into his modest yet quaint home, a little cottage located off the corner of one of the quietest streets in the time. I was impressed by how cordial he was to me, and how he openly welcomed me to his abode and made sure that I was comfortable the entire time I was there. He was old and gray-haired and sagging along the jowls and cheeks, but the glow in his eyes gave him a youth that I didn’t even see in my youngest son, or in my even younger niece.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.19.2016

  6. She stood at the door, unsure of herself. The mat on the front step was an invitation.

    Such a warm word. It made Martha think of happy families adopting new puppies. It made her smile. But it was a bold decision, to invite people in like that. Sometimes, being welcoming was a bad idea.

    By hannah URL on 02.19.2016

  7. Welcome to your new life, at least the newest chance at getting things done right. Get rid of all of the old bad habits and bad attitudes that kept me back and held me down.

    By MsShel330 URL on 02.19.2016

  8. It’s a kind and simple word. You’re welcome. It gives one a good feeling for having done something for someone else. And the other person appreciating and acknowledging it.

    You’re welcome.

    By suky URL on 02.19.2016

  9. To be wanted. To know that you have a place where you are. To know that you matter in the place you are in. To feel validated. To feel important. To know that if you aren’t there you will be missed.

    By Vasti on 02.19.2016

  10. To feel wanted. To feel like if you weren’t where you are you would be missed. To feel validated. To know that you matter. To feel good about your place in which you are in. It makes you feel secure. It makes you feel like you were hand selected. Loved, accepted!

    By Vasti711 URL on 02.19.2016

  11. hello world

    By 123 URL on 02.19.2016

  12. The welcome was less than she expected. When she entered the house, her parents sat at the kitchen table and merely looked up at her, their faces blank of expression. Her father said, “So you’re back” and returned to his coffee. “You’ll be wanting breakfast then,” her mother said. They didn’t seem happy or sad to see her, but were probably saving up their emotional strengths to deal with whatever will happen next.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.19.2016

  13. In your arms, it’s different I feel, to any other kind of embrace. The warmth that your touch brings and the tenderness of your arms around me makes me tingle with happiness knowing that I’ve finally found where I belong.

    By Rachel on 02.20.2016

  14. Welcome is to make one feel valued. I feel welcome when someone invites me in to their personal world. Be it through sharing information, a story or teaching an activity. It is important to feel welcome in life. It is one of the most important elements of community.

    By Libby on 02.20.2016

  15. I welcome him with open arms. He stands back and folds his.

    By Krys on 02.20.2016

  16. What a lovely word to make me feel loved and special. I wonder how many people don’t feel welcome in the world. It is made up of healthy and to go closer. Feeling good.

    By Tracey on 02.20.2016

  17. She ran toward her father expecting the warm comforting hug of welcome home after an extended period away. In this instance though no comfort or hello came, instead just the heavy sadness that accompanies grief.

    By Claire on 02.20.2016

  18. When I welcome you, you will be treated with the respect you deserve. Enter at your own risk. Welcome.

    By Krysf URL on 02.20.2016

  19. “Welcome to the Jungle” – I still love the music of Guns N Roses! It reminds me of my wild youth :)

    By Bluered on 02.20.2016

  20. The mat was dusty, but jovial none the less. She stepped on it rather hesitantly, unhappy to have to walk all over the greeting. The bell rang twice. Three times. Four times. Long doorbell. Probably over-zealous…

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.20.2016

  21. welcome to the world, the world we live in isnt really a world anymore, more like a story we have made up to make ourselves feel better about i dont know what

    By espicy URL on 02.20.2016

  22. His aunt’s place had blue walls that were littered with various family photographs of her children, and occasionally herself and her husband. It was a large house for a small family, but the furnishings were simple. It was everything that his old house was not. He might not have his mom there, or his dad; but his place is here now, with the family that opened their arms and accepted him in their home. And he supposed, this place was his home now too.

    By Rina on 02.20.2016

  23. I wish that when I said this word, I always truly meant it from my heart, because what a beautiful word it is. It conveys a gratitude or appreciation for whatever is coming your way. That is how I want to live every moment, welcoming life with open arms as it happens.

    By Shayla on 02.20.2016

  24. Ciao ciao

    By Verz on 02.20.2016

  25. A beginning. An introduction. Walking through a new door. Happy, new. Welcome to me says it’s time to breathe fresh air into your life! We welcome everyone with open arms!

    By Toni URL on 02.20.2016

  26. Welcome. WE use it everyday, everywhere, almost without thinking. Welcome to school, to Canada, to work; welcome home, welcome back, you’re welcome. You’re welcome – now that’s an interesting thought. You are well come. It’s good that you came to me for help. The meanings are very similar when you break them apart like that. You are well come.

    The meaning and feeling of those words are something almost indescribable.

    You are well come.

    I didn’t realize when my last minute was up…and now I guess I have a few seconds left of another.

    You are well come.

    Think about it.

    By Emma on 02.20.2016

  27. No matter how hard she tried, there was no possible way to welcome his love into her. It was pure, yes, but she was afraid.

    By Aalayaha on 02.20.2016

  28. “Welcome” was the sign that surmounted the entryway, and it was a wry one, though the irony could not be guessed without a solid knowledge of the history of the cave — or at least, a decent understanding of the folk stories passed around for generations and generations since the first people dwelled in the area. One could be fooled to enter without checking over their shoulder a few times. And one would most likely always regret it.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 02.20.2016

  29. I love being welcomed in places I love to be welcomed

    By hellokitty13 URL on 02.20.2016

  30. I love being welcomed it gives me this feeling in my heart I just cant stop. The only thing I hate about being welcomed is the social anxiety I have going through that door for the first time or the last time it is just a confusing feeling in between heart and mind that I love and hate at the same time.

    By hellokitty13 URL on 02.20.2016