March 10th, 2014

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87 Responses to “deranged”

  1. idk
    i dont know
    i have no idea
    what the word means?
    idk idk idk i so dk
    idk man
    so…. idk
    i.d.k. i just dont know what that means

    By lola URL on 03.10.2014

  2. mad
    not sane
    not wired right :)
    cray cray
    losing it

    By lola URL on 03.10.2014

  3. mad
    not wired right :)
    cray cray
    losing it
    Thats the sound of sunshine coming down

    By lola URL on 03.10.2014

  4. mad
    not wired right :)
    cray cray
    losing it

    By lola URL on 03.10.2014

  5. Completely and utterly mad, he was.
    Deranged, was the word the court used.
    As much as the defense tried to get him out on third degree, hell, second, they would only let him out on plead of insanity – but this wasn’t possible.
    He wouldn’t agree.
    Despite how he slit their throats and hung them in a sadistic form, he would not admit he was insane, no matter how many times they had tried to convince him.
    Maybe it was because of his mother.

    By jay ♥ on 03.10.2014

  6. The deranged woman came toward be beating at my chest as if she were in the inside trying desperately to get out. i knew then that i had to get out of there that i didn’t belong here that the deranged women was me.
    So i ran.

    By So i ran on 03.10.2014

  7. It was his deranged sense of humor that got her attention. And when she looked at him in surprise he just winked at her and walked away.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.10.2014

  8. They called her deranged
    They though she was strange
    But then who are they
    What more can i say

    By RealitySpeaks on 03.10.2014

  9. she was deranged. that’s the word the news would use. not hysterical, that was confined to the delicate, frail women, almost always blonde women who had life thrown at their suburban existence too many times and their patina of full face make up cracked on air

    By k on 03.10.2014

  10. His head was filled with the buzzing of bees and it filled the air, surrounded him, pressing in, pressing pressing until it was like he couldn’t breathe. The air was stifled, and his feet stumbled as they tried to move back back back, away from the suffocating presence of the insects and the buzzing buzzing moaning droaning noise in his ears. It wouldn’t stop.

    By Moosecat on 03.10.2014

  11. “He’s deranged,” I said, as I closed the curtain. The man was raving behind it, railing away at invisible enemies. “I’m sorry. I can’t help him. We’ll just have to keep him calm.” It was tough being a doctor in the post-cataclysm, especially without any real training.

    By Ruu URL on 03.10.2014

  12. The man was looking around him. Everything was hazy and moving. He was certain he was standing still but couldn’t be positive. The last twenty four hours had been crazy, and he could barely remember them. It was all he could do to stand up straight.

    By Emily Tobin on 03.10.2014

  13. spinning, the faces in the crowds begin to melt
    colliding into a slew of colours Ive never seen before
    then its dark
    I wake up

    By eroy on 03.10.2014

  14. “You’re crazy, deranged,”
    “I’m n-not crazy,” he said, his eyes flashing manically. “I’m the future. I see…I s-see EVERYTHING,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 03.10.2014

  15. “Captain, we don’t have time for hesitations! We’ve got a deranged man threatening to blow up a building full of students and teachers, and all you can do is stand there?!” Catherine stood in front of him, eyes flashing with anger. “Now either you do your job or get the hell out of my way, cause I’m going in there—”

    “And that’s exactly what he wants, Cath, don’t you get it?” Michael snapped. “He wants a headstrong rookie to go barging in there waving AK-47s in his face and then—”

    “What did you just call me?”

    “Catherine, just shut up!” He yelled, shaking her by the shoulders. “We’re trying to lure him out, not set him off! I’m not going to lose you just because you want to be a hero! We’re going to do this the smart way, understand?”

    A curt nod. “Yes, sir.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 03.10.2014

  16. The wolf is a wild creature. Some believe its beautiful while others tend to feel a more sinister vibe, one of deranged. Feelings of inadeqeacy often are developed and an unsettling fear of the deranged animal.

    By Megan on 03.10.2014

  17. I should feel deranged that the word has changed
    From when I started
    Then stopped and
    thought I’d go back
    Thinking I’d go back
    Expecting Things to be the same
    and discovering all along that things had…changed
    No wonder I’m
    And changed.

    By Ruth on 03.10.2014

  18. I am very deranged. I tend to have bipolar thoughts and many suicidal tendencies. I am very unorganized and that bothers every one I know. I bother everyone I know, actually. I don’t enjoy social situations, or society doesn’t enjoy me. Either way I am awkward and don’t like many people.

    By bipolarproblems on 03.10.2014

  19. I challenged her in her office; plucked and prodded and nipped at her heels until her graying head swayed gently back and forth in disapproval.

    By aria autumn on 03.10.2014

  20. He was a mad man. He knew that as sure as he new the sun would rise up in the morning. Everytime he closed his eyes he could hear her screams echo in his ears, bouncing off the walls of his skull. What do you call sounds you can’t make go away? A living, breathing nightmare every minute of everyday, haunting you. They had commited him to the sanitorium three weeks prior.

    By Antonia on 03.10.2014

  21. Is that alright? This way that I’m feeling, is it alright?
    “Am I deranged?” I frequently asked myself, pushing all the suspicions aside. I did trust you blindly.

    The happening is not the worst; it is surely not the fact that you did it. Hiding it, lying, pretending and faking was injustifiable. For what sake?
    All those moments I was feeling glad for knowing you had someone to hold your back and help you, to be there for you while I was far and, let’s be honest, alone; they were painful then.
    They are even more now – like sharp needles poking at a sore point.

    Was I deranged when I thought we could blindly trust each other? I’ve been frequently shown that this is nothing but an ilusion – beautiful and convenient illusion, yet a hurtful one.

    You left my head in a maelstrom of thoughts and emotions. Emotions come and go while thoughts race through the sea of tears.
    Am I deranged for still trying to make it work? For not being strong enough to end this?
    Am I deranged for being only sad and not upset?
    Am I deranged?

    Am I deranged for loving? Or is it that Love itself is deranged?

    By Ishimimoto on 03.10.2014

  22. Still not feeling all that productive. Could it be my hair? I didn’t get the cleaning done today like she asked. She turned me down this morning. No class she just stayed in her pajamas all day. I could probably pluck my eyebrows a bit, see if she notices. She didn’t even offer me coffee like usual. She at least always used to ask even if I can’t drink it. Maybe she didn’t like what happened last time but she seemed to, she screamed it at least for Christ’s sake. Am I deranged or does she no longer want to fuck me?

    By DMM URL on 03.10.2014

  23. psychokiller in western united states mutant, ugly scary intimidating socially inept laughter uncontrollable insanity. craziness, murder, serial killer. knives, male. clown face, smeared makeup perverse, preys on weakness

    By Megan Workley on 03.10.2014

  24. “You look deranged in this photograph.”

    “That’s because I was,” replied Ana, with a small, pained laugh. “Clear out of my f***ing mind. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong. They stuck me with every needle they got their hands on and pumped me so full of drugs that my blood was only ten percent actual blood.”

    “And then…”

    “And then…” She shrugged. “It was over. Just like that. And I went back to work.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.10.2014

  25. People often tell me I’m deranged because I like to scale trees to commune with my brother squirrels. Actually, no one has actually told me this but I can see it in their eyes. I don’t get what’s the big deal with squirrels. It’s not like I have to eat them just because I’m a cat.

    By Acid URL on 03.10.2014

  26. To be deranged, to infuriate someone whole. I feel deranged with him as i feel deranged with a sense of helplessness with all my life is comprised of currently. To physically and mentally be deranged, is to define what i feel currently.

    By Cassady Morris on 03.10.2014

  27. Deranged is how you make me feel, as it is what the storm in your mind that consumes you is diseased by. I feel deranged that I literally feel mentally and physically insane. It makes me want to vomit to think that you being deranged has allowed it to consume me as well.

    By UndressYourMind on 03.10.2014

  28. déranger is the antonym of confirmer in French, but to be honest all I see is wild untamed hair and eyes that can’t keep up with words the mind doesn’t move with the rest of the world

    By MC on 03.10.2014

  29. We call him deranged, the lofty man who speaks oddities to those passing by. With a stench that keeps the flies at bay – and any other thoughts of this man ever showering. Though he once was a very driven man, ambitious beyond competition. His competition now seemed to only be with the punks for who could have the most outrageous hairstyle. He had drive, he knew what he wanted in life, and now he had arrived, walking in loops on the corner of Wealth Drive and Success Avenue. Deranged we call him.

    By Jose on 03.10.2014

  30. It was thought of as messed up, stupid,wacky, and ludicrous. I thought it was really deranged though.

    By edinabrownie on 03.10.2014

  31. it beats hard in his chest in place of his heart, he’s lost and confused and nothing could ever be the same.

    He’s lost Cas and now he’s lost his mind. There’s nothing that he can think about that doesn’t lead back to one single thought.

    He is alone and he is lost.

    By Becky on 03.10.2014

  32. The man came toward me, eyes flashing, twitching his head wildly. I could tell he wasn’t quite right. Besides the obvious anger, it was more than that. Something had snapped inside and I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done to make this happen. He was completely deranged, yelling and screaming as he lurched closer.

    By Kayla URL on 03.10.2014

  33. My deranged mother decided it would be a good idea for us to go camping. The same women who has name brand clothes and designer everything; and probably doesn’t know what a pair of tennis shoes is. Ha! im in for one long day of bonding.

    By Miranda on 03.10.2014

  34. Deranged, I’ll tell you, Shelly is deranged. John paced the floor, smoking his 4th cigarette. His wife and just left him and, as usual he can’t figure out why.

    By Michelle M on 03.10.2014

  35. mad like fire. the flames licking and hissing and crawling. head, heart, soul, consumed. insomniac

    By Jackie on 03.10.2014

  36. like me. today less than some other days thank goodness but still. it’s not so much deranged as just not being able to depend on my head doing what it’s supposed to. misinterpretations and messing up stuff. sigh.

    By susink on 03.10.2014

  37. I believe everyone is a little bit deranged. I mean, the smarter people at least. I think that the closer you get to being a genius, the more insane you are.

    By Brianna on 03.10.2014

  38. Deranged meaning; Mad or insane. But Einstein defined Insanity as doing the same act more then once and expecting different results. Much as depicted in the game Far-cry 3 in the character Vas who consistently attempts to kill you, the main character.

    By Kevin Smith on 03.10.2014

  39. Alone in the building on a dark summer night, the security guard danced around like a deranged man, jumping, twisting, slapping himself, then he started to rip off his jacket, his shirt, and finally his undershirt. The wasp that had gotten inside his clothes then stumbled out of the pile of clothes, his broken wings no longer able to fly, only to be stamped on by a black leather shoe.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.10.2014

  40. a insane human being, fucked up to the point of no return. killed people with his bare hands and felt pure joy because of it. kept the bodies as souvenirs or trophies, people did not know this about him, until it was too late.

    By alex on 03.10.2014