October 22nd, 2014

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100 Responses to “denim”

  1. The garb was frayed to the edges, and there was nothing left on its surface left to ascertain its age. Clearly it had been worn, yet it bore the touch of fake ageing.

    By Guillaume URL on 10.22.2014

  2. Touch, carefully intoxicated fingers rub a rhythm into your thigh. The rough material grounding you into the now. Innocent they are, just in a need to feel a connection and be close in this darkness. Finding anchor knowing that it won’t stay for long

    By Spark URL on 10.23.2014

  3. DENIM.

    Not much to say,

    Mainly associate with jeans. A material.

    Backwards is mined. I always like it when a word makes sense forward and backwards. Like stressed and desserts!

    Anyway, my friend wrote about this so I want a different subject.

    By Emwills365 on 10.23.2014

  4. sss

    By K on 10.23.2014

  5. Cool website!

    By K on 10.23.2014

  6. I was unaware of what’s happening downstairs as I ran my fingers on my jean’s denim while having a momentum of flashbacks of my childhood memories.

    By Dhrean Fortess on 10.23.2014

  7. She woke up and pulled on her new denim jeans. She had a very big day today. It was going to be her very first date. She took three hours to get ready. But when she was walking down stairs, she tripped down the stairs and ripped her new denim jeans.

    By Amelia on 10.23.2014

  8. My sister loves denim jeans. I do not know why. All i know is that they are blue and realy expincive.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.23.2014

  9. Skin of better days past. Like a cloak of pride it shows the grit of a generation now passing. Grit, determination, bravery and self-indulgent behavior. Wear it with pride until it falls from your form. You know it was good because it’s now sold in an effort to emulate its origin.

    By jgeek on 10.23.2014

  10. She was grateful that her jeans were thick so they could absorb the sweat that was pooling in her low back. Being hot always made her legs chafe and the last thing she needed was to be uncomfortable. She took a sip of water; all of the ice had melted and the glass was covered in condensation. The glass nearly slipped through her fingers. That would have been a disaster.

    By Beka URL on 10.23.2014

  11. I like to wear denim jean. But there is one rule with denim! You should never wear denim on denim. That’s a big fashion no-no

    By Mary on 10.23.2014

  12. His jacket matches his eyes, blue and soft, and scratchy all the same time. My fingers work themselves across the back, over the arm, around the wrist, around and around and around. I lean back, letting the soft scent engulf me, falling into a wonderful sleep.

    By Ella-Belle on 10.23.2014

  13. Denim. I’m so over it. Will it ever die. Then again, I wear it every day. What would I do without it? I think I’d feel kind of lost without it. Then there’s the ladies in their sexy long legged jeans and high heels to consider. Nothing wrong with a good pair of skinny-jeans either. Or bell bottoms. Actually a good pair of jeans can really save the day.

    By testsubject365 on 10.23.2014

  14. Denim. I’m so over it. Will it ever die? Then again, I wear it every day. What would I do without it? I think I’d feel kind of lost if it were gone. Then there’s the ladies in their statuesque flared jeans to consider. Nothing wrong with a good pair of skinny-jeans either. Or bell bottoms. And when ‘good’ denim dies, it comes back again, reborn as a pair of Daisy-Dukes. But if that’s the case, then what happens to the ‘bad’ denim? Does it come back as a pair of saggy-drawered Levi’s, or worse yet over-alls?

    By testsubject365 on 10.23.2014

  15. Apparently you can’t really delete things on here…

    By testsubject365 on 10.23.2014

  16. Denim,

    The modal strolled down the catwalk in a sassy denim jacket and an i <3 NYC shirt and bright blue skinny jeans.

    By Jennifer England on 10.23.2014

  17. There were stress marks in the folds of the knees and the seat was wearing thin. The coarse weight of the wet denim clung to his thighs like a leech, and the buckle of his belt was rusty and scarred and the cuff gathered over his boot. He poked two weathered thumbs through the loops of the waist and clung to them like he clings to this image of his aging youth. There’s a sparsity to his facial hair and his cheeks are gaunt and grey; there’s a wistfulness in his sunken eyes that speaks of better times, and his slouch is that of a man who has worked outdoors for longer than he means.

    By Barber on 10.23.2014

  18. I used to hate wearing denim because it feels hot and thick in material-wise. But who knows, as time goes by, along with the ever changing fashion trend, denim has become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

    By Dan on 10.23.2014

  19. clothes can be made of denim, I feel peaceful saying denim like im in a meadow.

    By emily on 10.23.2014

  20. the denim jeans were great for the backing of the cloth pads so they don’t slide on your underwear they work great

    By beth on 10.23.2014

  21. Denim is a sort of material used for Jeans

    By Josephine on 10.23.2014

  22. There stood a man,
    In a Canadian tuxedo,
    Willing himself to walk into work,
    For the first day of a job,
    That would end at 5,
    In heartbreak,
    And endless boredom.

    By Siege URL on 10.23.2014

  23. “You’ve got tomato sauce on your jeans.” she said, scratching at them with her fingernail.
    I didn’t hear her though.
    My mind was caught in endless current, and my ears had taken leave.
    My thoughts found themselves finding themselves, and so on for eternity, and I was no longer me.

    By Jesse B on 10.23.2014

  24. Restrictive but still feels great with no underwear. Plus my man ass looks great in jeans.

    By Mr. Korb on 10.23.2014

  25. a denim jacket , or jeans

    By Unknown on 10.23.2014

  26. I think denim is the material that jeans are made of. Speaking of jeans we are aloud to were jeans tomorrow

    By Alexis on 10.23.2014

  27. Denim Means a jean that you can buy at the store and the mall.

    By DJ on 10.23.2014

  28. Denim Jeans

    By Aubrey✌️ URL on 10.23.2014

  29. Denim Jeans

    By Aubrey✌️ URL on 10.23.2014

  30. i have kno clue what it means

    By Love on 10.23.2014

  31. Pair of jeans jackets name brand word company really expensive everyone wears denim

    By Chris on 10.23.2014

  32. I sounds like dyimite. I sound creep a little bit.

    By Aniya on 10.23.2014

  33. Denim. We get to were jeans tomorrow

    By Coryion URL on 10.23.2014

  34. To me I think the word denim means the color blue. For example: tomorrow I get to wear denim jeans to school

    By Makyla Spencer on 10.23.2014

  35. i have no clue what it means

    By Daniel on 10.23.2014

  36. Denim is a style of jeans.

    By Marvin alexander on 10.23.2014

  37. Denim is a sturdy cotton twill textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces the familiar diagonal ribbing of the denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck.

    By Dujuan smith on 10.23.2014

  38. My Pants At Home

    By Aubrey✌️ URL on 10.23.2014

  39. I ain’t got no type

    By No type on 10.23.2014

  40. Denim is what jeans are made of. I really don’t like wearing jeans. Tomorrow we are allowed to wear jeans for school but I don’t want to . I might

    By SWS on 10.23.2014