April 4th, 2014

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60 Responses to “declined”

  1. I never thought I’d decline the proposal. For months, I knew where we were going, and I liked it. But when the moment came and he was on his knee, looking so stupid, I couldn’t say yes.

    By arapier URL on 04.04.2014

  2. She was not a person people said no to. Declined is different from rejected but in very few ways when it comes to the emotional toll. Declined comes on a typed paper in a sealed envelope which you open with a hopeful and anxious anticipation. Rejected is a hasty text message sent at 3am because he couldn’t look at your face as he admits something long overdue.

    By Brooke Fwlr on 04.04.2014

  3. When they asked me to come with them to see a movie, I respectfully declined. I had to get this work finished before midnight, or the boss would kill me…or worse, I’d get fired.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.04.2014

  4. Oh my, oh my, oh my, it is such a shame to know that your once glorified, contagious hope has declined so unpredictably, so dramatically that you are not even the same person you were three days ago. And as much as I miss you, as much as I want to help you, I know that I can’t or rather that you won’t let me because of the past we have together. So instead I will simply say be well and hope with all of heart that this declined source of hope and happiness increases and replenishes once more.

    You were always your most beautiful when you smiled.

    By Madison on 04.04.2014

  5. I shook my head no, apologizing as I did.
    “No, I don’t want, I don’t need, I’m sorry”
    But your eyes were caverns of ice, digging past my flimsy apologies, freezing my lies.

    By Ellie on 04.04.2014

  6. I begged for your attention but you declined
    I begged for your time but you declined
    I begged for your call but you declined
    I’m begging for your heart but afraid you’ll decline

    By Nicole B. on 04.04.2014

  7. The orage-yellow glimmer of the sky marked the picture of the day.

    By Jose Benedito on 04.04.2014

  8. I accepted this assignment, though I probably should have declined it.

    I’m just not in the mood to write anything.

    Shabbat Shalom, y’all.

    By michaelbuzz on 04.04.2014

  9. I decline it all, i had it enough and I cant go on. I need to stop, to start anew, my bloody hell this will cost me my head. I need to decline, even so everyone says all its fine. Bloody stop with this hell, before I go insane.

    By Ivan URL on 04.04.2014

  10. “Your card has been declined, sir. You’ll have to use another.”

    “That can’t be right,” Simon sputtered. “I should have a good chunk of money on there.”

    But the cashier only shook her head. “I’ve tried it twice now, sir. You’ll need to use your other card.”

    There was only one explanation – his bitch of an ex-wife had to have drained his entire checking account. Now was not the time to panic. Simon had to breathe. He reached back into his wallet and frustratedly pulled out a twenty.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.04.2014

  11. i declined ever saying that to her. I always told everyone that i never said any of that. I denied everything. It now hurts to know that i might have been the one whom killed her, or rather made her kill herself

    By Jocelyne :) on 04.04.2014

  12. She declined his invatation to the party at the Grand Markview. She was glad she had or she would be dead with the rest of them

    By Jerri on 04.04.2014

  13. I can’t believe it. After all the hard work I put into that one resume, after all the hours I spent trying to impress potential references, I was rejected from my dream career. All of my hopes and plans relied on that job and now my ideal future has been declined by fate.

    By Sarah on 04.04.2014

  14. they say laughter’s contagious, but sorrow’s a curse
    wash your hands, stay away, or you’re next in the hearse.
    we back away from her wounds; but we loved her, no doubt
    the blood was inching too close. the stain’s too hard to wash out.

    By Carly URL on 04.04.2014

  15. She went to the office and saw that her offer was declined. Than it started to rain and everything was even worse. Finito.

    By Abrakadabra on 04.04.2014

  16. She declined politely the first few times, and managed a tight little smile.

    By the fifth try, she was starting to become annoyed at her suitors.

    “Let me buy you a drink!” They all said the same thing…

    By Simone on 04.04.2014

  17. My card was declined today. Not credit card, my greeting card. What do you mean, you don’t want my card, I said, who do you think you are, the pope? Because you’re not the pope, bitch, because I am the pope, and if I ever see you stealing from the cookie jar again I will sic the hounds of the apocalypse on your bitch ass.

    By Acid URL on 04.04.2014

  18. i couldnt do it. i said no. i didnt want to take it i had said no before. No matter how many time you try to get me to take it, I still don’t want it. Please let me in peace i dont want your things. she told me no. she didnt want to go to the prom with me. Decline the inviation.

    By jamie on 04.04.2014

  19. I had declined his offer to go to prom because I was scared. Scared of the looks we would get and scared that I would fall even more in love with him and not be able to walk away when I needed to. I declined the chance to fall for him.

    By Amber on 04.04.2014

  20. She looked at me with demure, smiling eyes, tilting her head just so, that she seemed to be inviting me in. I returned her smile, and she turned towards the door of the bar, gesturing me to join her. It was then that I noticed the musclebound, bristling, rock of a doorman, his gruff features daring me to give him a reason to show off what those muscles could do. I smiled at the young girl, shook my head slowly, and declined her temptation.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.04.2014

  21. The declination of my mind slowed with ease, and soon I was able to get back on my own two feet. I stumbled to the door in broken drunkenness and reached for the knob, but as my hand turned it, my arm pained me and I fell back to the floor again. I don’t know why I tried so hard.

    By Katrina Ingham on 04.04.2014

  22. What is the meaning of purposeless life, if not the absurdity of its very existence? It flowers with ease, but in a bud it declines, a closed flower that never attempts to bloom.

    By Katrina Ingham on 04.04.2014

  23. He ran his palm over the flat planes of his chest, obscenely outlined in a soaking white tanktop, and down to the bare curves of his hips over the tightly stretched yellow material of his shorts. “Don’t you want me?” he said, in a breathy mockery of a female’s voice, his lips pursed, a five am shadow around his chin. “You said you would take anything, you were so desperate.”
    His breath stank of rotten meat and I caught bits of flesh in the corners of his teeth. I retched, trying to stop myself from vomiting as I replied.

    By owl eyed on 04.04.2014

  24. “No.” Harold said simply, gazing down at Adriana. “I won’t let you.”

    “Y-you can’t stop me from doing this-” Adriana tried to argue. But Harold would have nothing of it.

    “I am your father. And I say you don’t get to go to art school.”

    By Lauren on 04.04.2014

  25. She stood in the long line of people with her children in tow. They had all their food on the counter, and after it was rung up, the girl told her her card was declined. Everyone behind her sighed, and she cried.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.04.2014

  26. the man walked into a blaring nightclub. the musid pounded inn his eares. he stared down the bar and saw the girl. a beautiful girl but with somthing missing he couldnt put his finger on it… then it hit him. She was the girl from the scene. the cabbart. the forbiden dance. he had witnessed it the other night. he was ashame

    By joe man on 04.04.2014

  27. I declined the coffee. He may be charming, and sweet… and funny… no stop you don’t like him… but his eyes are fathoms deep… maybe I’ll have that coffee now

    By Megan on 04.04.2014

  28. The mountain steeply declined from this point. The cool wind whipped my hair and burned my skin, but for the first time in a long while I felt truly alive.

    By Megan on 04.04.2014

  29. The slope declined steeply from this point. You could see all the mountains and the clear, blue sky. The wind whipped my hair and burned my skin, but for the first time is a while, I felt truly alive.

    By Megan on 04.04.2014

  30. I never thought my credit card would be declined. It was kind of the way I wanted everything to be easier in my life and yet I knew I had to feel guilty for feeling that way since everyone I knew had it harder than me at least in terms of hard responsibilities and hard-earned rewards. I just sat and tried and failed and yearned and never waited for good things to float past me, I always grabbed them with all of my inner angst and directed the inert emptiness of return back into my stomach.

    By Gennifer on 04.04.2014

  31. I was declined from seeing him…
    He’s just inside that room and I can’t see him. They won’t let me.
    Knowing the surgery went successfully puts my mind slightly at ease,
    But I’d rather see him for myself.
    Just let me in…

    By Shayana Gaillard on 04.04.2014

  32. i’m sorry.
    your stomach grumbles.
    i’m sorry
    it’s been a long day,
    can we not argue?
    you stomach grumbles.
    apologizing can only fill you up
    so much
    before you feel them hit the sides of your emptiness.

    no thank you.

    By Kairn on 04.04.2014

  33. Declined. Every application had been rejected. Where was I going to go? I’d outstayed my welcome at home and no one had room for me. My internship was almost over and now my credit card was declined, too?

    By Shlee on 04.04.2014

  34. swimming in the black
    of a horses eye
    looking out
    from within her
    I watch you come, go
    your gait
    your breath
    our temperature
    laid out
    the way
    your hands move today
    I have, will
    drink your song

    By david URL on 04.04.2014

  35. i gently declined your offer to come
    to the other side where
    everybody says the grass in
    so much greener

    but i have seen the green in his eyes
    when he is so angry and it
    is not beautiful

    and i have seen the green of the
    grass just before
    it burns away under the mid-summer
    sun and that is
    not wonderful

    and i have seen the green of my jealousy
    as i walk down the sidewalk and
    image somebody else
    holding your hand
    and i am not

    i will decline your offer to end my
    life because no matter how
    much you try to persuade
    a cancellation of
    my daily subscription
    of breathing
    green is always ugly

    By Arianna Reiley URL on 04.04.2014

  36. I’m afraid. Thoughts of being rejected and turned away consume me for every decision I make. I feel safe within my bubble, my comfort zone. It’s a predictable place where I can do things the way I’ve always been doing them. The nightmare that is failure always presents itself in everyday activities, but I always manage to avoid such predicaments.

    I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m lonely, and depressed. Will I die filled with regret? Die knowing that I’ve denied myself a myriad of happy life scenarios? No, I’d hate that, my life would be filled with empty lies and false accomplishments. I want to die knowing that this was the best I could do, and that I’ve never been happier. I want to try to be the best version of myself. I’ll try, I’ll fail, and I may be hated, but at least I did my best.

    By stimjim on 04.04.2014

  37. The kisses landed between her shoulder blades. She told herself she enjoyed it. Being this close to him. She tried to believe that the couch really was comfortable enough for two people. Sleep was elusive, but not due to lack of trying. Another gentle kiss on her spine. Her skin crawled.

    The next morning she said no. No, no, no. She tried to explain why, he wasn’t listening to her anyway. She could feel the ghosts of his lips on her shoulders, her spine. She didn’t feel so guilty.

    By Beth A on 04.04.2014

  38. no
    it is so hard to hear the word no
    and sometimes even harder to say it
    it hurts to make people hurt
    and to make them feel disappointed
    because you know how it makes you feel
    sick to your stomach
    knowing that you didn’t live up to what you believed you could
    dreamed you could
    thought you could
    but no
    because you were declined

    By Nicole on 04.04.2014

  39. When you try your best, and they all tell you that you were not good enough. But what more could they want? What more can you give than absolutely everything that you are? They all expect the world from you but you can only give them your blood, sweat and tears. When you find someone who wants you, they will all see. They will see that because they declined you, you succeeded. In spite of them.

    By Nicole on 04.04.2014

  40. He declined to answer, instead scowling down at his worn sneakers.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.05.2014