April 5th, 2014

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64 Responses to “stairway”

  1. i’ve been there all along. I’ve seen it from afar and i knew once i’d come to the top i would have reached my dreams, achieved my goals, slain my enemies. but usually life doesn’t work that way, life doesn’t give you a strict deadline. no no. its not a staircase. it’s an elevator and it keeps you running till you arrive at the bottom.

    By berenique on 04.06.2014

  2. Greatness’ stairway shunned
    The Captain of Nottingham
    Still in greatness rises

    England’s Young Star-turn
    Of the Royal Flying Corp
    Captain Albert Ball

    Sherwood Forrester
    Legend of fact, not fiction
    His winged spirit flies!


    By Haiku-man URL on 04.06.2014

  3. If this awesome tribute confuses you, look up Albert Ball on Wikipedia, duh!

    By Haiku-man URL on 04.06.2014

  4. The stairway groaned and creaked underneath her feet, sagging with decades of disuse.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.06.2014

  5. A stairway can mean different things, but only one thing is for sure. Only you decide if you want to go up or down.

    By Bharadwaj Kulkarni on 04.06.2014

  6. heavy treads make each stair wince
    cascading wood spills down across glass ceilings
    a foot of the stair meets another foot
    sneakers disagree with oak but boots chatter away

    By Lauren on 04.06.2014

  7. tiny faces in the wood
    each heavy tread squishing their noses
    zig zag wood cascading downwards and crosswords and upwards

    By gonegirl on 04.06.2014

  8. I tripped and now I’m down again. Took all these steps, every single stupid move getting harder and in the end, it was no use.

    By Amaychan on 04.06.2014

  9. way that leads to the sta(i)rs

    By Svetlana on 04.06.2014

  10. I’ve stepped sixty-three times up this God forsaken stairway. The first step already a millennia away. Knees chattering with fear for the next challenge a step will bring. Another ghost of my beloveds spitting lies of hate and despise into my ears – where they lies? I can no longer remember love. This man made stairway to heaven is nothing but a curse — why am I stepping again. There be told stories of a king that would lift me, a king that would take me. Though my pride shall not have it. I step again, it’s to much. My heart turns vile and churns within me. I jump off the steps. I cry out “oh king I’m sorry take me!”

    All I see is white. All I feel is peace. Love kisses me continuously, I think I’ve been taken home.

    By Jose on 04.06.2014

  11. Some of the problems include public transport and access to buildings, stairways and doors which are not wide enough to allow wheelchair access.

    By Idel on 04.06.2014

  12. She looked up the stairway and took a deep breath as she rearranged her grocery bags in her arms. And she then began her climb up to her 7th floor apartment.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.06.2014

  13. Their eyes met as they crossed on the stairway. Was it love at first sight?

    By Alexandra on 04.06.2014

  14. I took my stairway to the medieval courtyard.
    Along with my abacus, we swiftly crafted a cantankerous louvre of alphabet soup.

    By trice URL on 04.06.2014

  15. Marcus had slipped away into the privacy of the stairway to sit for himself on the top step, head in his hands. Christ, what a day. He scrubbed at the dried tear tracks on his face and wished that his week had gone in any other direction. Life had been good, relatively easy, and now this. It was as if Time had betrayed him, had decided to bend him over and fuck him without lube and without a reach around.

    There was no going back.

    By twowritehands on 04.06.2014

  16. Courtney was always afraid of the stairway; every time she had to descend in order to pee in the middle of the night, she could almost feel breathing at her neck, a blade inches from her sides, a hand ready to grab; she fled down the stairs as fast as she could once the lights were off, unable to shake off the terrible feeling there was someone waiting to push her back down, to make her fall to her inevitable demise on the wooden steps.

    By owl eyed on 04.06.2014

  17. I ran my fingers over the railing, closing my eyes. I felt my body relax, and I smiled. Almost there. Just a few more steps. I started up, walking with more confidence each time my foot hit a new stair.

    By Kyanna Crow on 04.06.2014

  18. Higher and higher
    One step at a time
    to the top of the heap
    what a feeling of power when I get to the top!

    looking back down
    I see how far
    I have come a long way
    it feels so good!

    By Mary Forster URL on 04.06.2014

  19. My first experience, and it was fun!

    By Mary Forster URL on 04.06.2014

  20. The brisk air caressed little Arabella’s white face as she clambered up the stairs of the empty mansion leading to nowhere. For some reason she needed to go up, up, up. She couldn’t stop herself from moving, every step was involuntary. Finally she saw the moon above her, through a gigantic hole in the ceiling. It was a gorgeous, almost yellow moon.

    By K. M. Mortensen on 04.06.2014

  21. She fell down the stairway and when her body got to the bottom her head hit the floor with a sickening thud

    By Jerri on 04.06.2014

  22. I hear footsteps, echoing off the walls. Someone is walking up the stairs. The creaks grow louder and louder per second. I quickly fled off my bed and locked the door. No one should be home at this time. The person had reached my floor, slowly, he is approaching my door. With a quick turn, the door knob fell off…..

    By Kristy Lin on 04.06.2014

  23. to heaven that I have to climb, lord for my sake teach my to take one day at time. This is the way to everything that is up or down, positive or negative. With the ebb and flow that is provided by stairways it i understandable that they are not trusted.

    By Bryan on 04.06.2014

  24. It was a spiral stairway, and staring up at it for too long could make you dizzy. i wanted to continue staring because it was almost hypnotizing, and becoming dizzy was more interesting than the monotony of my daily life. At least this way, I was escaping the dullness for a couple of seconds.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 04.06.2014