April 4th, 2014

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60 Responses to “declined”

  1. i am declined today
    I’m not sure if i know what exacly that mean, but I’m preety sure i don’t like it
    it was horrible
    i cryed and everybody laught
    i cant face it myself
    your emma

    By julie on 04.05.2014

  2. It was an extraordinary invitation and Satsuma was sorry to have declined. In a meeting between the poet and the politician he was curious to see whose argument might gain the most ground. But Hattie needed him; her dressings needed to be changed and her temperature had to be monitored hourly. He could not leave her.

    By bb333 URL on 04.05.2014

  3. I really don’t miss the times when I would live in fear of my card being declined. I wasn’t really poor, I was being supported by my mom but crippling depression and anxiety made it hard for me to be honest with how much trouble I was really in. Debt piling up, payments going out without me knowing that I have enough to cover it, driving my car with almost no gas because I can’t afford gas. fuck all of that

    By Timothy Kelly on 04.05.2014

  4. I declined. The road was open to follow. I could have flung off hat, hitched up frock, thrown off socks but. . . I did not. Instead, I served tea, and dunked biscuits. I asked after Auntie Mavis. I declined.

    By S on 04.05.2014

  5. He wanted to take her on a world cruise. It sounded absolutely wonderful so he couldn’t understand why she declined his offer.

    By Alexandra URL on 04.05.2014

  6. i stared at the blank paper
    declined, it said
    needless to say, i cried for the rest of the day.
    one word ruined my future. forever

    By Maggy URL on 04.05.2014

  7. I declined the interview, the job seemed out of my reach. The job was hard, and the description made no sense. Why go out of my way to perform tasks that would embarrass me in the end. The job was hard. Cum scrubber.

    By GreenShadeGray URL on 04.05.2014

  8. The machine wouldn’t budge. You kept stuffing your $5 into the slot, but it just kept being pushed back out.

    What a piece of trash. All you wanted was a drink. Fucking amazing.

    By Mukuro on 04.05.2014

  9. The machine wouldn’t budge. You kept stuffing your $5 into the slot, but it just kept being pushed back out.

    What a piece of trash.

    You just barely resist the urge to kick the damned thing, and walk away, zipping up your jacket.

    By adlskjhaksldhj on 04.05.2014

  10. you didn’t know it was possible for people


    be so rude

    in such a polite way

    (that you can’t call them out on it)

    By laze URL on 04.05.2014

  11. I stared at the piece of paper in my hand. The letters started to blur as my hand started to shake. This can’t be, i thought. there’s just no fucking way. My parents sat at the other side of the table. their mouths were spread wide in large smiles just a minute ago, but now it had turned into this awkward half grimace. I guess the look on my face gave it away. I had been declined.

    By Bryce Hunter on 04.05.2014

  12. the machine said. Embarassed she stuffed the card back into her wallet hoping that nobody else in the queue had seen. She lifted her eyes hesitantly towards those of the cashier, hoping that she would find some empathy from this women. Unfortunately for her, this ‘women’ was a hard faced 17 year old who could do with some sound make up advice

    By Penny on 04.05.2014

  13. sometimes you need to politely decline
    sometimes you need a night to sit at home by yourself
    we all do
    I do
    and that is okay

    By lily URL on 04.05.2014

  14. When my mother left the Kadisha Valley, she declined the offers of the priest, and the neighbor’s son, and the schoolteacher, and the bartender from town, to drive her down to the transfer station, and walked to the bus stop at the bottom of the hill by myself, everyone already long gone behind her.

    By ruth URL on 04.05.2014

  15. nyet, nope, uhuh, forget it, nuff said. get out of my face. don’t want any of what you got. step away slowly. no thanks, so kind of you though. we regret to inform you that your application

    By Lee URL on 04.05.2014

  16. The scariest moment in life is at the register. You’re sitting there with all the items you intend to purchase, a buggy-full some days when you’re feeling ambitious, and as you hand the card over there is fear. Will it be declined? You have no cash. If it is. you get nothing but embarrassment as everyone around just watches it happen.

    By Tiffany on 04.05.2014

  17. Her spirits declined as she realized what she had done. But there was no turning back now, it was all in Gods hands. If things were meant to be, they would be.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.05.2014

  18. “You declined it?”

    “Yeah. Yeah, I did.” Lizzie gave a sheepish smile. “Did that surprise you?”

    Heather huffed quickly before breaking into a hesitant grin. Two seconds later, her lips turned downward and Lizzie found herself on the ground, cradling her chin.

    “Idiot. You–just–you fucking idiot.”

    Lizzie stared at her, then laughed. Heather’s eyebrows shook trying to keep a frown. She failed.

    By teddygit URL on 04.05.2014

  19. The offer was a clear sign. Jack had never considered working for the secret service, but, put on the spot, he found that he was less keen than he might have been.

    By smr URL on 04.05.2014

  20. like Autumn
    (dressed in bare trees and lonely arms,
    behind me with deadened leaves),
    but you shake yourself to combustion.

    like worry, but more infested:
    fissures with worms and devils
    but overcast clouds of temperance and
    because you’re nothing like me…
    skulls find purchase in mudslides, though
    you take stumbles as yards closer to goals.

    Your sickness is fatal, but stairs are ledges
    of hope, and you pick yourself up with the beauty
    of constellations.

    (no wonder you became my sky)

    By Pandatry URL on 04.05.2014