January 21st, 2016

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73 Responses to “portal”

  1. Tameka gawked at her reflection. Something was off. The Tameka staring back was smirking with a dangerous glint in her eyes. Against her better judgement, she reached out and touched the glass. She gasped as her fingers sunk through it, and then she was falling, falling through nothing. She had to concentrate to keep her lunch down. It felt like one those rides at the amusement parks, the kind where the floor drops and you’re stuck spinning like a human pinwheel with nothing but gravity holding onto you.

    By Soft URL on 01.22.2016

  2. As he wandered around he looked at all the trees, all of these trees were strange, one had a carving of a strange blue box, the other had a carving of a ring. “All of these trees….” He was told. “Were once portals to another world.” He looked at the one with a clock on it, then reached out and touched it, it didn’t work. He felt unlucky, though he might just have been lucky….who knows?

    By Soul on 01.22.2016

  3. to another place where do you go your scared what do you see something you have never seen before. its light a bright light like you died but you know that you are still alive, the light begins to resolve as your eyes adjust and you see leaves and flowers and towering trees and babbling brooks and you hear strange noises of animals that are not common to your home, to earth. how did you get here, you may never know, you may never return

    By carly on 01.22.2016

  4. Parallel Universe travel space other dimention news

    By Bruna on 01.22.2016

  5. Doorway into God’s presence. Through his word I enter into all his blessings in my life. He is so good to me and my family. I thank Jesus everyday for his life for us.

    By Monica on 01.22.2016

  6. As I awaken I realize there has been a major over haul to my world. The world I went to sleep wth last night is no longer the same. As my eyes open I fear each second not knowing what’s around me. I then realize I fell into my portal transporting me to another realm.

    By Largedonald on 01.22.2016

  7. I wish there was a human sized portal in my kitchen, maybe next to the fridge, that I could travel through to a peaceful garden full of money trees.

    By BeccaJean on 01.22.2016

  8. i ran to the portal, I never knew how crazy it feel to jump through one. In seconds I was standing in my boyfriends room looking down at him to see him with another women. I was astonished I couldn’t believe my eyes, my dad was right he was just a fuck boy.

    By bre URL on 01.22.2016

  9. what is a portal. is it a magical way to travel to mysterious places. when i see portal i think magic or teleportation…

    By Maddygeorge on 01.22.2016

  10. You always wonder what you can do to portal your life. You want to have the best but things never want to go the way you wanted it too. So you portal it

    By Brighteyes18 on 01.22.2016

  11. We use portals to fight wars, sail through the stars, We build cities to the highest clouds and dig to the deepest hells. We use portals everyday, I know you’ve used one today in fact. Without a portal you wouldn’t have been able to talk to your grandfather who lives 1000 miles away, or learn about the tsunami in japan. Without a computer or a phone we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things we do now.

    By Blain Tewell on 01.22.2016

  12. I’ve never been good at hiding my emotions–you told me that, once. The words passed through your lips as mine quivered. I was crying.
    I’ve always been a crybaby, haven’t I?
    You told me to stop. Crying signifies weakness. Weakness is the portal through which people will travel with kind words and bad intentions.
    I didn’t stop, but you didn’t leave, as I expected you to. You stayed. You helped, when you needed to. You made me stronger.
    I hadn’t realized that you packed ulterior motives in your back pocket. I didn’t notice you stalk through the door that my tears opened with destruction in mind. I never knew how bad you were for me, that is, not until our friendship turned into whispers and chilling smiles.
    And it’s funny, really; I’ve never been good at walking away until now.

    By garbage on 01.22.2016

  13. It never opens. It’s always blocked off by a tsunami of emotions. The key has been broken off inside of the door, there is no going inside.

    By broken. on 01.22.2016

  14. The portal to her heart will always be closed, unless you find the key to open it up.

    By ABC123 on 01.22.2016

  15. A hole opens in the walls of your mind. A link to another place; another time. Another you. You’re younger. It’s a reflection, though not perfect. Flawed, but so familiar. Look, remember, feel.

    By Nicholas on 01.22.2016

  16. Most people want a portal to explore other galaxy’s to see what these place’s look like. Most people want a portal so they can be lazy to go to far places without having to do anything.

    By Micheal Callahan on 01.22.2016

  17. Um…a portal to his heart and his mind. I love him. I wish I could see what he really thinks about me. I wish I could see what really goes on. A portal to show that. It’s something amazing. But it’s something to dream of.

    By QueenBee on 01.22.2016

  18. I sat there in the car, my eyes trying to find something else to focus on. Please give me something else, for right next to me sat the very child that I did not want to see. The very child that seven years ago, I watched come out of the hospital with a bright pink balloon.The very child that was to sit with me in the car for the next three hours. At one point in the six years that she started to communicate actual words, she decided that just asking one question wasn’t enough. She decided that stating one fact wasn’t enough. I had also decided that the best way to respond to her 24/7 conversations, was a simple and vague response. “…and you can make portals that take you to the nether.” “Oh, really, wow.” Did I have any idea what she was talking about, no. But she thought I did, and honestly that’s the only thing that mattered.

    By Hello on 01.22.2016

  19. I read through these small works pertaining to the word of the day, “portal.” I see stories. Jumbled phrases and real life experiences. I see souls wanting a an escape, but they posses a fear in the real world. I can look past the letters that should be capitalized and the common misspellings. These authors provide a “portal” of words. It may lead to desire, hopelessness, or a risque pseudonym. But it leads to somewhere special. It leads, to their hearts. Their souls. Their minds. It leads, to them.

    By The World May Never Know. on 01.22.2016

  20. You walk up to the elaborate door of the large, brick building. The door is a wood with beautiful, fancy carvings. Not only is it a visual beauty, it is an entrance to a building that you will be at almost every day for the next four, long years. You will fill your head full of knowledge in this building, and will probably leave behind some of your sanity by the time the four years is over. The time is finally here. The power of the moment overwhelms you. You have reached the real world. You take a deep breath as you walk through the fancy door, the as it is a portal into your newfound college life.

    By cupcakes on 01.22.2016

  21. As I stepped through the portal into the beautiful light, I glanced back and laughed at the dark. No more would I be confined to nothing but black.

    No more would I wish to see the bright, orange glow behind my eyelids. Now, I can see it. I can see everything from miles away. I can see color as I look beyond the horizon. Hues of blue, pink, yellow, they wink at me. Nothing but green covers the field as my feet flatten the smooth grass.

    There is nothing dark here. There is nothing hiding within the shadows, waiting for me. It is all color. The only thing waiting for me now is the man at the end of the field. My savior.

    By Ostrich on 01.22.2016

  22. Entrance to another world. Getting to hide away for a long time. Leaving a boring world and entering a portal to a new one. A happier one. Somewhere that can make me feel welcome and wanted for once. This portal lets me forget those memories. My friend clutching that cup. Gun pointed at his head. Whispering bittersweet nothings. This portal allows me to forget that. The portal opens when I grab a pen.

    By Skeleton on 01.22.2016

  23. I didn’t shut the gate right. The portal, the exit, the escape, the freedom-door for all seven horses wasn’t looped and lassoed and chained the proper way–the way your brother did it. And so I walked back two miles past Duke and Dolly, the old bird-dogs in their pens, past two frozen ponds and fallen logs…as air stung my face, my nostrils, and froze all the tendrils of my undone braid. I walked defiantly, triumphantly. All the way back. I shut the gate, secured it tight, looping under first, then over and back and left and right. Much like a braid. Much different, I thought, as I walked all the way back, past Storm the horse, into the storm inside, but certain that this time I got it right.

    By Melissa on 01.22.2016

  24. Jimmy stood before the swirling void, staring into it with wide, confused eyes.
    “What?” Was the only word that could leave his mouth as he looked into the portal,
    “What…Could be in here?”

    By Curtle Arny on 01.22.2016

  25. A portal is something that you go threw and it teleports you to another place, like in the flash, when they used a portal to tie together two worlds.

    By george on 01.22.2016

  26. She opened it as if she was welcome, as if I wanted her there. She sat and looked at me, waiting like an animal would for its prey. I took a deep breath. It all flooded out.

    By broken on 01.22.2016

  27. I looked up at the blue sky watching the airplanes go by, enjoying my summer break. Suddenly, a dark, vast portal opened up above me, and what appeared to be a flying saucer emerged from the hole. It levitated over the ground as I looked in horror. “Who are you and what do you want?” I screamed. A bright light beamed from the bottom of their aircrafts as two green figures marched toward me. “Ixfazaljaima,” one of the aliens murmured. They could tell by the confused look on my face I had no idea what they said.
    “Sorry do you speak English?” the other one said in a Boston accent.
    “Yes, did you not here me speaking it earlier?” I answer back.
    “No, we can’t hear anything through the glass,” they explain.
    “Well, what did you come here for anyways?”
    “We wanted to know if you would like to help us carry out a plan?”
    “And what might that be?”
    “We come from a planet that can see into your planet’s future. If he becomes President you will all suffer.
    “Who’s he?”
    “Donald Trump. We have a plan to assassinate him.”
    Without much thought I say, “Beam me up.”

    By S on 01.22.2016

  28. There is an opening at the end. A portal I believe it is. I am unsure as to where this mysterious opening leads, but it must be to something great. It gleams with brilliance. It looks inviting; I hope to go through it. I have seen this scene somewhere. Maybe in my dreams, for something this beautiful could never be thought of anywhere else. But here and now, it is here. It is right in front of me. My dreams are coming true, but for some reason I feel a chill. I don’t think it’s a good chill. It seems to tremble through my spine with an aching twist. The gleam of brilliance isn’t quite so endearing. The light is seeming to fade. It is engulfing in on itself faster and faster! until–

    By E Payne. on 01.22.2016

  29. Through the portal
    lookin for answers
    the clarity is unreal
    will I find what Im lookin for?

    By RaShelle on 01.22.2016

  30. How do we know where we will end up.
    How do we know how far it will be.
    How do we know if it will be worth it.
    How do we know if it won’t.
    Life is a portal.
    A portal into the universe.

    By David Falcon on 01.22.2016

  31. I was dragged through the portal into another dimension. But I’m not here to tell you about the dimension. I’m here to tell you about the portal. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was every color, yet it was none. It shined brighter than anything id ever witnessed, yet it was comparably dull. I know as a simple mortal human i can never truly describe its beauty, I can only attempt to fully conceive what my eyes bore.

    By Maddy on 01.22.2016

  32. I was dragged through the portal into another dimension. But I’m not here to tell you about the dimension. I’m here to tell you about the portal. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was every color, yet it was none. It shined brighter than anything I’d ever witnessed, yet it was comparably dull. I know as a simple mortal human I can never truly describe its beauty, I can only attempt to fully conceive what my eyes bore. It’s as if my brain lulls behind my senses, unsure if it can comprehend the immensely complicated object.

    By Maddy on 01.22.2016

  33. She was danger – with garlands, he supposed.

    Like a whirlpool in the deep pulling you in
    when your oars drop to with a thunk by your feet.

    Or watching a car crash happen in slow motion –
    terrible, irresistible, and certainly the wrong decision

    With morbid curiosity he gingerly took her hand and left for parts unknown

    By MarinadeMaterial on 01.23.2016