August 20th, 2014

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54 Responses to “couple”

  1. the couple walked down the street. It was raining, but she put she held the umbrella over his wheelchair and protected him from the drops pouring from the sky. It was lovely to see him out and around after the accident.

    By Margaret on 08.20.2014

  2. once
    then a couple
    and then a crowd
    then i realized
    the world
    owed me

    By katiekieran URL on 08.20.2014

  3. the couple seem old, yet honest in a way. unlike you, they were in love while you were not-tis was only me. such couple gives me notion, to go on. but i must leave-for we are not a couple, in love.

    By Lizzy on 08.20.2014

  4. Love, that’s what they’d felt. In the couple of days they’d stayed with each other, they’d actually felt “love”. Or at least, that’s what they thought they felt. But they had no concept of the emotion, so how would they know what it truly was?
    All they knew that it was beautiful. And they’d felt something. Even if it hadn’t been real, it’d meant something.
    And for now, that was all that mattered.

    By Madhura on 08.20.2014

  5. The couple went to the market and bought some flowers for their friends. They found beautiful dahlias, daisies and lavender.

    By angela on 08.20.2014

  6. a couple of days ago, I went into an outrage with my brother, it was horrifying. I never thought I would have an out burst of anger like that again, but I did. I was another person, a devil. it took me a couple of seconds to even think of what I just had done. I hit my brother.

    By nancy fontes on 08.20.2014

  7. The couple went to the market and bought some flowers for their friends. They found beautiful dahlias, daisies and purple

    By angela on 08.20.2014

  8. They were quite pretty as a couple but less distinct when taken individually. He was particularly striking when he dark skin and tall stature was comparable to her paleness and schoolgirl blond hair.

    By Anj URL on 08.20.2014

  9. One day I was sitting at the bus stop and I saw an old couple that made me miss him all over again. Even though its been months and I haven’t thought about him in awhile seeing them brought it all back to me. The way when he sat next to me his legs touched mine and he always was holding my hand.

    By Dakota Duncan on 08.20.2014

  10. “You two make a really good couple,” the old lady said to me and my fiancée, and my spirits were instantly lifted. I found myself enjoying my hot chocolate more, walking with a larger skip in my step, and feeling the dimples in my cheeks stretch as my smile became more natural than forced. My fiancée definitely noticed.

    “You are just glowing,” she remarked, squeezing my hand and kissing me on the cheek. But I was more than just glowing. I was radiant.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.20.2014

  11. a couple of years ago, I didn’t know where my life was going, and now I feel the exact same. I sit and wonder why nothing has changed. I sit there puzzled of why so many wasted days, and one day, looking up at the stars, figured it out.

    By girl-wanderlust on 08.20.2014

  12. I saw a couple out in the park today.

    I can’t remember anything about them, really. I have no idea if they were women or men, what age they may have been. I don’t remember what they were wearing, or what their eyes looked like, or whether they were happy.

    I do remember that they were a couple, and that you would have to have been insane, absolutely insane, to consider them as individuals. They weren’t two people – they were one couple.

    By a terrible poet on 08.20.2014

  13. Their souls intertwined,
    The 2 of spades and the 3 of diamonds held on fast to the tiller,
    And piloted the ferry towards the edge of the falls.

    It had started out as a bank robbery, but the getaway driver was sick.
    Time for a leap of faith.

    This is what happens when you try and be too clever..

    By Siege URL on 08.20.2014

  14. If you’ll be my Timothy Weary,
    I’ll surely be your Mama Sass.
    If there’s anything I have to give,
    it’s everything–
    it’s class, grass, and dat ass.

    By Marissa on 08.20.2014

  15. Agusutus and Hazel were very found of each other, after talking through social media and in real life they became a couple and eventually both loved each other dearly, to the point where Agusutus organises a trip to amsterdam for hazel and her mother to presue Van Houten, the writer of her favourite novel “An Imperial Affliction”, in amsterdam they grew even closer and they go to a 5 star resurant and have a wonderful date where they are applaued by everyone one else dining. Also in amsterdam, shortly before leaving Agustus confesses his cancer has spread through-out his body and he may not have that long to live, this strikes fear into the couple but they know they will continue to love each other even beyond death.

    By Monitosh on 08.20.2014

  16. Two people. That was the first thing that popped into their mind. Two people, together. They didn’t know if he meant romantically or not, but the fact that he had asked them out – to go out together sometime, meant something, at the very least.
    Their mind was racing. They had no clue how to interpret this information, how to decide what to do, how to respond.
    They knew the longer they waited, the more their actions would appear suspicious, and the thought that he could – would – maybe pick up on their feelings made their hands shake.

    By macy on 08.20.2014

  17. They looked like a couple on a date, except they barely spoke a word. In the time it took Joanne to get to Niigata, Ohara had tracked her sister to a capsule hotel. They now sat in a cafe across the street, awaiting her return. Joanne spotted her first, and sprinted out the door. Ohara took his time, as the sight of a stranger running towards her might spook her into fleeing again. Joanne slowed to a walk as she got closer, and called out to her sister. “Tricia?” Tricia turned like a startled cat, relaxed on seeing who it was, and both were crying by the time they embraced.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.20.2014

  18. There are a couple of pigeons sitting on my wall. It’s funny because they’re all plumped up and clucking and strutting around as though that windowsill is a throne and they are looking down at all the passer bys on the street as peasants.

    By Audrey Lowe URL on 08.20.2014

  19. No longer apart
    there’s two now
    we stay the path
    go the distance
    remain as one
    there’ll be more tomorrow’s
    seen as a pair
    the solemn sunrise
    a thing of dispair

    By Protean on 08.20.2014

  20. first dates, swing sets, busy places, cute moments, silly faces, late nights, cuddle time, slow songs, long walks, bright eyes, happy times.

    By Scarlet Rose URL on 08.20.2014

  21. She went to the market with a very short list, bread, milk, cheese and a can of crushed tomatoes. Just a couple of things, so why when she came out of the store was her carriage completely full to over flowing. This was the usual she thought to her self and as she tried to justify all the her purchases. She was practicing her speech for her husband on why she spent so much, when she realized she had just pushed her cart into someones car.

    By Bethany Herrington on 08.20.2014

  22. its the thing i have neved had, i want to make a couple with someone, but it never happened…. sometimes i feel kinda lonely, but i am acostumed to it,…. maybe some day… D:

    By Pablo Esteban Miranda Burgos on 08.20.2014

  23. Couples are funny. Yes, I’m bitter, just finished a 3 year wonderful relationship just because. I’m happy though.

    By Tom on 08.20.2014

  24. “mery christmas and happy birthday, levi,” eren says with a warm, red-nosed smile.

    levi shivers, though it isn’t from the snow falling around them gently. he says nothing, merely grunts in acknowledgement and thanks.

    eren smiles before reaching forward and taking levi’s tiny hand into his. suddenly, he drops to a knee and pulls a small velvet box from his coat pocket. the reason for his face’s redness is suddenly very obvious and apparent.

    “levi,” eren begins. “i have something i’ve been meaning to ask you for a long time.”

    all levi can do is stare down at who he knew was going to be his future fiance in a matter of moments, silent disbelief on his pale and quickly reddening face.

    By heartful on 08.20.2014

  25. there she was, innocently batting her eyes at me with the glare of intention
    harder, and smoother, her eyes locked into mine,
    the shadow of love shaded me with a glisten that i could not bear,
    her approach took its stride, its strength, she clacked her heels over the brown tile,
    she gave me a smile, bestowed me with her interest, then sexually sashayed up the gym stairs,
    looking back with those teeth that were getting farther and farther,
    later, we coupled.

    By Milad URL on 08.20.2014

  26. I don’t think we really are. It may appear that way to others, and to me, and maybe even to him a little bit. But we’re not quite there. There’s a kind of opacity to it, to our interactions, which makes the whole situation very blurry and confusing. What am i going to do with my best friend that treats me like a lover?

    By no URL on 08.20.2014

  27. They had been coupled before they had been herded onto the train. She had been matched with a weedy girl who towered over her, but the girl kept looking down at her with wide, scared blue eyes. She looked back, unable to decide whether or not she should be reassuring. She glanced around the packed train car, nervous energy buzzing through the air. The windows were filthy, and although the train had not yet started, the countryside looked hazy and yellow like an old photograph. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. They hadn’t even left yet and it was already all behind them.

    She looked back up at the girl and smiled.

    By Shannon on 08.20.2014

  28. My breath catches at the sight before me. A light breeze pushing through the open window causes the soft curtains to sway in the air. The room is quiet and tranquil as birds outside can be heard chirping merrily. Their whimsical playing flows into the room, filling it with life. Sunlight streams into the room, as light spills over every object it can reach. Piles of books and novels are stacked against the walls, their dull, old covers brightened by the sunshine. Amidst the crowded room before me lies a woman who seems to have accidentally fallen asleep on the pile of books she had been reading as research for her writing. I smile fondly at her face that is squashed against an open journal, the dark ink starkly contrasting her pale skin. She is definitely going to wake up with ink stains on her face and will scold me for not waking up her sooner. One of her arms is balanced on the edge of the table, stretched outwards towards the floor, and her other arm, grasping a pen, is resting on the table, still in a bent position. A couple of glass miniature birds is cradled in her hand, as if it was a treasure that she would refuse to let go, even in her sleep. Those glass birds had been given to her by me, and I thought she had disliked them, because she never mentioned them again. I chuckle at the idea of her disliking them now, since considering the way she is tightly clutching at them, she must surely hold some sort of love for them. I quietly step into the room, careful not to disturb her sleep, and then I sit down among the books in the corner, planning to see her reaction when she wakes up and realizes I am here. Will she smile widely at my sudden visit, or will she fumble and embarrassingly make an excuse about the miniature birds?

    By Nuinui on 08.20.2014

  29. His hair is a pale fire and his face is the soft white of snow. He’s beautiful but I remind my self not to reach out and grab his hand because we aren’t a couple. His eyes are like the sea and they’re so easy to get lost in. But I can’t stare too long, we aren’t a couple. Maybe when I ask him this Friday that will change. When he’s so lovely I can’t think about anything else, or when his patient kindness stands an ever present banner, or when his mind baffles me, I’ll be able to kiss him or take his hand because we’ll be a couple.

    By Ayra on 08.20.2014

  30. Sie waren schon ein seltsames Paar. Konnten sich nicht leiden, liebten sich, und das gleichzeitig. Samt war da nichts. Und das, genau das, war das, was Dr. Haase interessierte: die menschliche Natur der Atome.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.20.2014

  31. There was no one around save for a couple of ragtag children who raced to and fro across the narrow cobblestone street, far too engrossed in their games of make believe to notice the cloaked figure who slipped into and then immediately back out of sight.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.20.2014

  32. One time, in a not so far past, a young man in his twenties sat upon a rustic bench. To his ignorance, a woman began walking toward him, fiery eyes set upon his casual approach. She didn’t know him, but she felt a cosmic attitude to feel in danger.

    By Chris on 08.20.2014

  33. couple

    By mahmod URL on 08.20.2014

  34. One time, in a not so far past, a young man in his twenties sat upon a rustic bench. To his ignorance, a woman began walking toward him, fiery eyes set upon his casual approach. She didn’t know him, but she felt a cosmic attitude to feel in danger.

    By mahmod URL on 08.20.2014

  35. you used to let me step on your feet and lead me to dance with you
    you would sing and we would dance like we’re prince and princess
    we used to have fun while I brushed your teeth and you brushed mine
    you used to cook for me even if sometimes I wasn’t able to eat it for I am late for class
    I used to wait for you and sometimes fell asleep
    but soon as you arrived, we would talk happily
    you would brush my hair
    I would run my fingertip from your nose to your lips
    we were happy and in loved
    we were a couple.

    By christcel on 08.20.2014

  36. A couple of days ago, I would never have looked twice at the tall guy with red hair that I always see on the 9:05 train. He looked like a delinquent and acted like it. But, then I saw him play at the Inter High Basketball tournament this morning. Kagami Taiga. I will never forget your name.

    By Lei on 08.21.2014

  37. the mist parted for me as i walked down a bridge. every now and then, i would catch sight of a couple. but they were soon hidden by the thick mist. i thought i heard a scream.

    By Anu on 08.21.2014

  38. Adding a couple servings of vegetables to your day will improve your overall health and can help you lose weight. Choose local, fresh vegetables if possible. Roasting, steaming or eating them raw will add variation to your diet.

    By Mary on 08.21.2014

  39. Question: which is better: an unresolved story, or a story with a disappointing, flat, ineffectual resolution? The answer does not matter (but answer anyway). Meanwhile, I’ll be reintegrated into the couple, the couple that I was half of when I traveled here.

    By Ella Emma Em on 08.21.2014

  40. Twenty minute couple
    Joined shadows across the dark street
    Cold stone to sunrise

    By eleia on 08.21.2014