August 19th, 2014

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46 Responses to “unfounded”

  1. Unfounded…I have no idea what to say in front of the class. What a bummer. Time’s almost up…wow it lasts a long time when you watch the clock.

    By Kris on 08.20.2014

  2. Ich denke an dich. Pausenlos, immerzu. Wünsche mich zu dir oder aber dich zu mir. Weiß nicht, warum. Weiß nicht, wie das passieren konnte. Mag dich nicht, hasse deine Art, deine Worte, deine Gedanken, deine Taten, hasse alles an dir. Und doch liebe ich dich. Vermisse ich dich. Sehne mich nach dir, sehne mich so sehr nach dir.
    Unbegründet. Grundlos. Einfach so.

    By Keks URL on 08.20.2014

  3. This man came up to me with this unfounded critism about my musicisianship. I think he is one of those people who likes to think he know all

    By Mark on 08.20.2014

  4. Feeling regret over something you didn’t do like when you walk out of a store guiltily though you are completely innocent because you think people are assuming you stole something. Unfounded yet profoundly existential in mind

    By Billybob on 08.20.2014

  5. Columbus reached the shore. He found the beautiful pearl of which he dreamed after months at sea. Only in his mind had he been the first to claim this land. Only in his greed could he consider the island of Boriké unfounded.

    By Marcos Plaud on 08.20.2014

  6. Cat, because I decided to begin with a velar plosive. Other than that, I’m only trying to empty my mind. So that further writing ideas may not be found for another 24 hours. I’ve written too much.

    Lexical Hemorrhage.

    By Abhineeta on 08.20.2014