August 21st, 2014

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74 Responses to “starry”

  1. Wenn die so blöd gucken, brauchen die sich nicht wundern, wennse weggekommen!, rief mein Opa, als wir an einer Gruppe teetrinkender Türken vorbeigingen. Es war die Zeit der Gastarbeiter und das Wort Migrationshintergrund war noch nicht erfunden.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.21.2014

  2. Oh starry night. What a sappy idea. You know what is starry? The look of fresh tar on a hot July afternoon. You are a tall American, frig off! Don’t even talk to me about Hailey Williams’ breasts, Jay. Don’t even begin to tell me about Paramore.

    By ZBooty on 08.21.2014

  3. Stars. Music. Sometimes I forget how this goes. She’s always there, and I’m always here, and I can’t explain how frightening that is. I wonder if she hates me now, because I don’t see her anywhere. Maybe she’s not there. Maybe I’ve ruined it, maybe I’m the one who made it bad.

    I miss her. I miss her so much.

    By comrade james on 08.21.2014

  4. starry nights are the best nights to go out of the city and into the places where mankind had yet to extend it’s reach.

    By B on 08.21.2014

  5. The stars shone like diamonds. Except that diamonds didn’t shine, so really, the stars shone like giant spheres of exploding plasma reaching across the universe to come down to us. Which, to be honest, is a lot cooler, right?

    By Sashah Li on 08.21.2014

  6. The starry glow to his eyes captivated me. That look. I’ve seen that look before. Remembering where now that’s the hard part. He won’t stop staring at me. I’ve looked away a thousand times but he still is glowing.
    Disney. Disney is where I’ve seen that look. What?
    Disney…. and every chick flick ever. When do they look like that?
    Is that after the big reveal “I love you seen”…?
    Oh God it is…
    Does this starry eyed, day dreamer of a boy love me?

    By Bridgette URL on 08.21.2014

  7. the starry night seemed so bright and the two lovers stolled peacfully in the garden. the trees loomed ablove them in a circle and the girl thought about how she would miss these nights with the boy.

    By dominique on 08.21.2014

  8. it was a starry night, and she couldn’t be happier. the stars reminded her that her problems were small, that it didn’t really matter. it wasn’t a depression thing, like her family had dubbed it, but rather the opposite. it calmed her, and put things in perspective. suddenly maths tests didn’t matter and unfinished speeches were the least of her worries, and there wasn’t a better feeling.

    By tess on 08.22.2014

  9. Misty dreams, starry nights was all she thought about. Sitting in her chair, the world passed her by. Her pencil balanced on her index finger.

    By Serenity URL on 08.22.2014

  10. I’m flipping through the pages
    of Macbeth once again; it smells
    of a cold starry night, pouring
    wet and round drops of reconstructed
    Stars and dream; dreams and star:
    they lead to a new born bright day
    with its flattering smile and its blushing
    young cheeks.

    And I wonder if there is not magic
    in these kind of mornings: I can feel
    the breath of Time shivering down
    my pale neck and I’m not afraid of it;
    I’m just like a wander in a deep wood
    – and this time I know which road choose.

    By gargouillis on 08.22.2014

  11. The sky was full of stars, bright and shining in their orbits. The girl stared up into the night sky, her weary shoulders slumping against the weight of the evening she’d just spent; long and complicated and not something that made her happy. But the stars- they were beautiful and she wasn’t sure why, but they made her feel less alone. It was odd, since they were so far away.

    By Excruciata on 08.22.2014

  12. There was too much light at night, he thought. A galaxy of lights that always exploded in his head when all he wanted was quiet in his eyes, time to think about where his life had gone wrong. He wanted the dark, and never seemed able to find it. Stars were hell.

    By Rhonda on 08.22.2014

  13. Beneath the starry sky, they both laid on their backs.

    Wind blowing mildly, caressing their skin.

    Nothing were said between them but everything was just enough for them

    By Hawkeye on 08.22.2014

  14. do you take time to enjoy the little things in life? Can you enjoy a sunrise or a starry night sky? Use these times to reflect on your accomplishments and promote a peaceful day.

    By A4L on 08.22.2014

  15. as starry as the night was she could only see black—darkness. the glimmer interfered with her focus. she needed to be sucked in to the hole–the nothingness that stood above her. the stars provided little sparkles of hope that she no longer believed them. she deemed them false—imaginary–an illusion–a lie. stars do lie.

    By Safon on 08.22.2014

  16. I have always loved the view of sky at night in the desert. The sky is starry and it all the stars keep winking at you till dawn.

    By Albert on 08.22.2014

  17. There waas no such thing a starry night if ypou live somewhere it always rains…but you make your own starry night just like you sometimes make your own sunny day…because at the end of the day it is what you see through your eyes anyways…

    By trkstr67 on 08.22.2014

  18. Even ants regard the stars as tiny. Even planets feel people as fleas. Even space has dimensions it cannot touch but knows exist in the distance.

    By James URL on 08.22.2014

  19. A bed of tall grass
    below the starry, inky canvas.
    It’s some August night
    in some town somewhere.
    The summer will last forever.

    By asavas on 08.22.2014

  20. A tiny ball of light marred the pitch black sky like a stubborn piece of lent. Casey stared up at it, wondering if it was a big star, a UFO, or just a random hunk of space shit.

    By Soft URL on 08.22.2014

  21. It was a calm and starry night. James didn’t realize that it got so dark in the middle of the desert. But this was his chance to show his family that he had the survival skill to make it as a freedom fighter. Only it wasn’t what he wanted to do. Hi liked the ballet.

    By J. Edward Cahhal URL on 08.22.2014

  22. I Just wanted to say good job, gargouillis. You wrote quite a bit in 60 seconds and it was good.

    By J. Edward Cahhal URL on 08.22.2014

  23. the night was starry, it gave him enough light the follow her through the otherwise dark streets. He couldn’t be seen.

    By kirsty on 08.22.2014

  24. I can’t compare your eyes
    to a starry night
    because they hold more
    beauty than a thousand universes.

    I can’t compare your voice
    to a Mozart symphony
    because you sing songs
    that rip my chest wide open.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 08.22.2014

  25. The starry sky is probably the greatest sight you can have in a cold winter night. Especially if it is accompanied by auroras, who really complement it. Fuck, I dunno.

    By Poop Mcqueer URL on 08.22.2014

  26. The night was starry, and the blazes of fire shone brightly. The girl lifted her head from the pillow to take another glance out the wind. The moon was close tonight, and she felt she could almost touch it. She closed her eyes gently.

    By Lilly on 08.22.2014

  27. Oh it was as starry as you can imagine. The sky darker than it had ever been and those glistening pin pricks of light illuminated her eyes as she span around memorised by their otherworldliness. Oh the starry sky was magnificant.

    By Anj URL on 08.22.2014

  28. Darkness filled with twilight sprites shines with stars once existing.
    A sweet summer mist fills the air around us. As the night’s sky travels infinitely, I gaze with longing
    and compassion wishing I could stare into her eyes the same way. In a flash I saw forever. Like the vast void your eyes fell in with a fading light saying love was here but now its gone. The light it cast for a flicker of time will continue to shine until the end of reason. J, We will always share the same starry nights.

    By Billybob on 08.22.2014

  29. it was dark night, sky was starry. In my eyes, more beautiful than ever before. I felt like I could stare at it forever. Without getting bored. I didn’t want it to dawn. Ever. I just wanted him to be there, with me.

    By Lili on 08.22.2014

  30. your starry eyes
    did shame those skies
    above the hallowed places
    where we were two
    who fell into
    a maze of blazing

    By katiekieran URL on 08.22.2014

  31. Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a ubiquitous symbol of art in western culture. There is the Mona Lisa, and the Venus De Milo, and maybe another of Van Gogh’s–the Sunflower–but other than those, there are few paintings so well known.

    By Johannes Burge on 08.22.2014

  32. Starry eyed mobsters were hitting up the bars last night, eyes shining from alcohol and adrenaline. So much to do in one night, so much to see, so much fun to have.

    By 沙俠 on 08.22.2014

  33. eyes are made starry by love, lust, hope and sometimes tears. They can be made starry by the beauty of a silent starry sky in the small hours of a early awaking. They can be made starry by the sight of a busy father taking the time for his child to delight in a big red ball. Starry is a starry word. It is close to word stare and sometimes a starry eye will stare off into space for no real reason but the wish to be seeing something else than what it must see if it remains behind. Can an eye be held to be starry if it is a blind eye. Does one see stars in their eyes if they refuse to see the truth? Is an eye see the truth if it is starry?

    By donna ward on 08.22.2014

  34. your fingertips still had stardust on them. I don’t know from where or how, but there it was again, like a thousand tiny suns dropping from your hands.

    “…first star I see tonight…” but your lips are tired, and your eyes aren’t in it, as you sniffle and swallow concrete, maybe just to stop the air.

    You couldn’t, but in that moment, I made a wish–eyes closed, fingers joining rivers with the gust of a wayward prayer.

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I make tonight.

    By Pandatry on 08.22.2014