July 7th, 2015

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61 Responses to “corrosive”

  1. seconds are passing and corrosive sounds like something i would have learned in earth science, if i ever took that class that is. volcanic, rocks, shifting, tectonic plates. i still dont know what it means but i feel scratching and brushing. its rough

    By Bee on 07.07.2015

  2. ive had this word already…. i bet i would know what it means if i took earth science. i think of volcanos, tectonic plates, shifting. it sounds rough… corrose. is corrose a word? corrosive…. something that has the quality of corrose. i need to google this.

    By bee URL on 07.07.2015

  3. The smell was corrosive, burning the inside of my nostrils and flaring up in my throat. The smell of flesh burning, the smell of acid pouring over the tarmac. It brought back memories of other burnings – flesh of dead animals for survival and the burning of forests.

    By M Switzer on 07.07.2015

  4. I didn’t like going to the science lab because I always seemed to need to deal with something corrosive, and managing chemicals that could possibly eat away at everything, including me, was nervewracking. The only person who could get me through the class was my lab partner, Sharon. Sharon was fun enough, wearing a bandana and safety goggles as she turned on the bunsen burner and made noises like she was setting off multiple firecrackers in her mouth. She made me laugh sometimes, but even if I didn’t laugh, I felt calmer for at least a minute or two.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.07.2015

  5. a substance might be corrosive when it causes reactions on a surface destroying parcially or totally, creating rugs on its surface

    By Carol on 07.07.2015

  6. Working with people who don’t collaborate is ultimately corrosive to your spirit, your creativity, and your happiness. Let’s not do it anymore. Let’s choose differently starting now.

    By Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes URL on 07.07.2015

  7. I look at the metal and wonder why it rusts. Of course, I know the literal reason. It’s corrosive. It wears over time. But that just makes me wonder more. I feel so old now. Why am I not rusted and worn, when I have lived so long?

    By Emily URL on 07.07.2015

  8. Doyle walked back to the car, trying not to appear panicked. As soon as he was out of earshot of the building, he called the Puppeteer. “Has there been a change in strategy that I wasn’t told about?” “Hush, now, don’t get all antsy; You just keep doing what you’re paid to do!” “I do not want to be a part of anything illegal!”, he struggled to keep his voice at a reasonable level; “That was not part of what I signed up to!” The puppeteer’s voice switched from its usual sweet toned drawl to a corrosive growl; “Just keep to the game plan. If anybody starts nosing around in this, all they’re going to find is a trail to you, so you better hope this all keeps running smoothly!” The phone clicked, Doyle stopped walking, and stood staring at the phone in his hand.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.07.2015

  9. destructive by it’s own means
    taken out of context
    never ending schemes
    of men and places
    vices and desires
    seeking only what wanted
    not what’s needed
    taking for all
    regardless of status
    putting on faces
    convenient graces

    By Protean URL on 07.07.2015

  10. Her words felt like a corrosive acid on his skin, like a burning (acid) that reached his bones and turned his soul to dust. Why would she hurt him like that? He loved her; did she not love him? His eyes watered, finally falling down his cheeks, and it felt as though her words were leaving his body and turning the dusty ground to mud.

    By Tyler on 07.07.2015

  11. Her smile is corrosive. The curve of her soft lips have me swallowing acid, and the shine of her teeth in the sun burns every inch of my skin. When her tongue catches snowflakes, I feel it like salt in a wound.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.07.2015

  12. The vitriol that spilled out on the streets was like poison to touch, and the anger of the people raged on. Many were furious at the government, and many more took decisive, and violent action that caused the city to glow like a brightly-lit fire in the dark, with cries of agony ringing out in the quiet night.

    By liyasha85 on 07.07.2015

  13. The battery acid slowly ate through the flesh of my neck. I didn’t feel any pain until my hand brushed away the hair that had blown into and stuck to the wound. Then it started to hurt. I put my hand over it. I didn’t know what was happening.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 07.07.2015

  14. Like a thought that shouldn’t be said, like a nail embedded in my brain. You are corrosive. You make be break down, I shouldn’t let you break my barrier, for once you do.

    By Corin Tol URL on 07.07.2015

  15. As I eat away at the young lady she tasted like battery acid. Why. Why. Why. I don’t know why. I watch jewish holocaust movies then I cry.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 07.07.2015

  16. Don’t touch it. It’ll burn. Not the kind that ignites and blazes in an inferno, those awesome disasters of nature that you see raze the forests during the driest of summers. But the sort of burn that tingles at first, almost feels good, but seeps into the pores of your skin and poison you inside until the damage is done and it’s too late to heal.

    By Ashi URL on 07.07.2015

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    By Pat (I don't know) on 07.08.2015

  18. I have no comments, only confusion. Goodnight

    By Pat (I don't know) on 07.08.2015

  19. Corrosive. Corrode your heart with the weight of the bonds you make with your peers. Corrosive. The point is to feel something eat you away.

    By aditi on 07.08.2015

  20. lithium batteries are corrosive for the airplane. no one ever should carry them on-board or ka-booooom! now joke aside, corrosive is a ugly word :)

    By Pei Pei on 07.08.2015

  21. Not to mention that your words are by no means less corrosive than your behavior. I have been wondering if coming into contact with an even harsher person would change you for better or worse? But I guess the more the merrier, or other way around it is.

    By Fatemah on 07.08.2015

  22. A bad attitude filled with negativity can be corrosive, eating you from the inside out, causing you to dislike yourself and others, waiting for a moment when things are going to be better, when you’ll be somewhere else, with someone else — but really, the corrosion only ends when you choose to look inside yourself and decide that you are where you are and with who you are with for a reason, that negativity destroys you and you only, and that loving yourself is the only key to a good life and thus loving others.

    By PomPalms URL on 07.08.2015

  23. your love is a corrosive substance
    its venom drips into my heart
    leaving holes and devouring my skin
    your love is a dangerous toxic
    its poison now flows through my veins
    and i’m trapped in this dead body

    By E on 07.08.2015

  24. Your eyes
    Like some
    Liquefy my soul
    Take my shape
    As you mould into
    My body,
    And we are one
    Even if it
    Kills me.

    By Tooblerone. on 07.08.2015

  25. Thoughts from the past are #corrosive. I do a good job keeping them contained and away from exposure to my awareness. If they are awakened, like thirsty demons they are set loose in the landscape of my soul to ravage and pilage. When they awake, I fear. I cry. @oneworddotcom @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 07.08.2015

  26. Surrounded by the familiar faces of their loved ones, she donned her best smile. Someone raised their glass and a chant of “toast” swept threw the crowd. She turned to her husband, and caught the glint of in his eyes. As always, his pearly white teeth and affectionate hand squeeze concealed the expanding rot in their relationship.

    By Soft URL on 07.08.2015

  27. I can feel her words slicing into my heart. The corrosive effects of her venomous words on my brain. Slowly eating away at it. How could she be so cruel after all this time we have spent together? I just wanted her to feel the same pain that I felt. Perhaps then, she would be more careful with the acidic speech she spits in my face.

    By Lina Bean URL on 07.08.2015

  28. The liquid dripped down the walls of the prison, dark and corrosive. It pooled at the bottom, with a reflective sheen from the little bit of light in the cell. And then it started to come alive.

    By Dave URL on 07.08.2015

  29. It needed to go. There was no way to hide it. I mean where does one put a body? I needed some chemical, something that would make it all disappear… Something clean… Something corrosive…

    By Joe Herp on 07.08.2015

  30. Acid eats away at everything it loves, and i see a lot of that in myself. Because when you love something with all of your being, it doesn’t always mean your full. You see, poison fills you as well. Some people are poison.

    By Jazmin Newell on 07.08.2015

  31. The water burned his skin. It seemed to have a corrosive effect on him, she noted. Like acid or fire, raking flakes of skin and hair away. She clenched her jaw, and placed her hand on his leg. There was nothing she could do.

    By M Burton URL on 07.08.2015

  32. My heart thumped in my chest, I let out a shrill cry of something akin to agony as blood dripped on polished marble. No… NOOOO!!!” I cried, “please no!” .I can’t stand it anymore, this corrosive relationship anymore…

    By Alexanda on 07.08.2015

  33. “No please..!”
    I can’t stand it anymore. The pain, the destruction, the agony… All because of this corrosive love.
    I’v ve already gotten this before so…

    By Alexanda URL on 07.08.2015

  34. The splash hit her out of nowhere. Whipping her head around she saw nothing but began to feel the itching and burning on her skin growing with intensity.
    “Whatever corrosive shit this is, I need to go to a hospital” she said to no one as she began to bleed on the sidewalk and fell to the ground.

    By Mo Alcott URL on 07.08.2015

  35. I don’t really know what corrosive means. Does it mean easily dissolved? I’m not sure.

    By ewrravenclaw URL on 07.08.2015

  36. “Okay. Now pour the acid over the battery nodes and IT’S ALIVE!!! YES!!!” Dr. Parker dropped his instruction manual and let out a mad scientist cackle. The metal contraption arising from the mess looked about quizzically, then at the remaining of the acid, and jumped in.

    “NOOO!!!” shouted Parker in as abrupt a tone shift as possible. He looked back at the manual. “Warning: keep organism away from more corrosive material because it has an affinity for the same and will try to deconstruct itself”

    By betaveros URL on 07.08.2015

  37. The metal was corroded, Jane noted immediately as she bent over to inspect it. Impossible to use. Corrosion had become a large problem. Only perfect metals could be used, but when the only available weren’t perfect, one had to make do. She picked up a lump and started piling it into her pack, wondering how much she would have to find to improve her standing.

    By Autumn Browne URL on 07.08.2015

  38. Corrosive – sometimes I feel my job is corrosive. It has successfully corroded parts of me throughout this year. From dealing with Mary, to dealing with the financial stress, to dealing with my car, to dealing with long distance, to dealing with loneliness, to dealing with being away from my family and friends – I’ve faced a lot of struggles. I’m corroded

    By kaybay on 07.08.2015

  39. After months of gathering materials, the corrosive mixture was finally ready for use. Drew had spent most of his recent prison time in anticipation of its completion. Now it was time. Would freedom come soon?

    By Kevin on 07.08.2015

  40. As I walked through the mouth of the cave I saw the corrosive liquids flowing from the stalactites. I crept along and was suprised at a half dissolved dead body. the clothing had rotted away and the glob of what some would call flesh stunk of a pile of rubbish that had sat in the sun all day. I cautiously moved on. I had encountered many traps along the way until I finally reached the prize I had made this journey for…The frozen Dodo heart. And there I stood, staring at the biggest, ugliest, misformed heart being happily devoured by the only living creature that had ever made it to the heart alive besides me. A very joyful, small, little mouse that wanted adventure like none other. Just then, the cave began to collapse and the opening in which I had entered through began to quickly cover with layers of rock. I reached out to grab the heart but to my suprise only got a snappy bite on the hand from the small mouse. my heart leaped practically out of my chest when I saw the enterance completely cover with rock and all the light in the cave had escaped. All was hopeless. until I looked behind and the heart seemed to glow. It got brighter and brighter until the whole cave was lit. The mouse did something like a giggle as he also started to glow. Then, it leeped on to my shoulder and licked my bloody,dirt covered face. A rush of hope came into my heart as I saw the pickaxe that was lying on the ground. I quickly snached it and bolted toward the rock covered opening when the little mouse bit my ear so that I jerked toward the right side just barely missing poison dart that shot by. I then remembered all the booby traps nd successfully got to the opening where I crushed the rocks that covered the opening. The air was scarce And both the mouse and I were choking and grasping for air until I finally broke a small hole through the wall of which we both took turns breathing through. After a few hours we completely broke the wall and stepped out of the cave happier than ever. Right now I am a multi-trillionare and live in Californa with the coolest glowing pet ever.

    By David on 07.08.2015