February 15th, 2016

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54 Responses to “congregate”

  1. They congregated at the secret hideout in the mountains that was cleverly concealed against the mountain wall.

    By Caden on 02.15.2016

  2. The congregation took place at base A1 about weather or not to attack the enemy nerf base inside the house.

    By Caden on 02.15.2016

  3. At A1 the team of 3 nerf fighters they were just about to attack the inside of the house with what they had.

    By Caden on 02.15.2016

  4. Maybe thats where we all congregate. Somewhere in the middle of selfishness and regret. In the middle of something we all share. I’ve began to believe that that’s how we come together. On a common ground, whether it’s bad or good.

    By Maddy on 02.15.2016

  5. It was hot as balls – in the middle of February, no less – so we congregated in the shade of the largest willow we could find on campus. As Shelly passed out cans of lukewarm soda and juice boxes, Marco was fanning himself with his English binder. Shelly was able to grab the goods from the cafeteria, which she volunteered at, and the lunch ladies were fine with her taking leftover beverages since they would have been tossed, anyway.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.15.2016

  6. The mean girls always seems to congregate near the bathroom. Not sure if it was due to their incessant amounts of makeup or because it was one of the only places they could hide. Whatever the reason, they were always lurking in those doorways whispering or chuckling as I walked by. I am not sure how no one hurt them but I guess popularity grants you later death.

    By Gigi on 02.15.2016

  7. We all congregated in the church, and sat in solemn silence. Looking down at the floor, I heard a snicker. Immediately, everyone looked over to see who dared to break the silence. It was Tom, who had always been one that lacked empathy and feelings. It was terrible, him laughing at the death of our brothers, but expected.

    By liza on 02.15.2016

  8. I used to see them at St. Mary’s, some of the people with money from our town. They’d come to mass all decked out in expensive clothes; I remember the women, dipping their fingertips into the holy water as though they were putting their toes in a swimming pool to test how hot or cold it was. Everything was a vogueing thing, although we didn’t call it that a long time ago. We called it showing off, but it’s the same thing. They’d stroll down the aisle, trying to find a good seat; most of them never sat in the back, always in the front. They wanted everyone to see how good they looked in their Sunday clothes, but also, everyone to see that they’d shown up. Oh, weren’t they holy? So holy. The congregants, there to worship the Lord and throw a few cents into the collection basket. Except the ones with money and expensive clothes and hats always put their money in the baskets in envelopes–never loose change or dollar bills. That way, you could think that they’d put a lot of money in the basket. They had it down cold. They sure did.

    By nyla on 02.15.2016

  9. They began to congregate in the field. First, a handful of people, then a dozen handfuls, then hundreds. She looked at this mass of people and her first question was, /where did they all come from?/, followed closely by, /why was every single head turned upwards towards the sky?/

    By Jenny on 02.15.2016

  10. There were dozens of kids, all wearing a similar shade of green and khaki. This wasn’t the typical lunch hour, so they stopped and took notice of the kid in mime makeup.

    By asavas on 02.15.2016

  11. People tend to assemble into groups based on stereotypes. We look for similar things in people so we can identify who WE are. Congregation of a group can be considered spiritual because of how it affects us as individuals.

    By MacKenzie Crow on 02.15.2016

  12. They congregate around you. All of them. You become suffocated. You lose air and lose air and lose air until you lose your life as well. But you are unperturbed. Death is irrelevant. The only true strength comes from not fearing death. Let them kill your or let yourself fight. The outcome doesn’t really matter.

    By Olivia Bower on 02.15.2016

  13. they rush across
    carrying grains
    on their heads
    backs bowed like
    the plants
    paying supplicant
    we will eat well
    tonight they will
    ache and feel blessed
    to be alive in the land of opportunity

    By Kairn on 02.15.2016

  14. The crowd congregated in front of them as the two stumbled back. She looked at her friend in panic, wondering what they could do to get out from this situation. Her friend quickly grabbed her hand and bolted towards the door to their far right after seeing the small opening.

    By Nivetha on 02.15.2016

  15. meeting
    converge to worship

    By Pudo on 02.15.2016

  16. The protesters had began to congregate on the street corner, waving their signs protesting the efforts of the Norwegian child services, even though this was Denver, Colorado and there were no Norwegians in sight. Their church had told them to, however, and had even bussed them in to attend.

    By Timn on 02.15.2016

  17. Collective; assembled; compact? I don’t know, I guess it is what I think it is? (._.?)

    By Toady on 02.16.2016

  18. They had to congregate in a field, away from any of the destroyed houses. One man murmured, “they said we had to come here, but what if we don’t, just leave?” Other people looked at him with fear in their eyes. “We’d get left behind, that’s what.” In a moment, a flying saucer appeared and a light beam descended on the group and lifted them all to a hole in the center of the craft.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.16.2016

  19. All the neighbours congregated outside the house, watching the firemen do their jobs. There had been an explosion. Nobody knew what was going on. They all were terrified.

    By Bluered on 02.16.2016

  20. It was a horrible mass of them, sinners that he had been chosen to lead. All miserable and hopeless, just seeing it was enough to make him down more of his bottle and ask to be back chained up upstairs; his personal torment was easier to deal with than seeing all of those suckers murder themselves slowly. At least his self harm was intentional. Poor fucking saps.

    By ringor mortis on 02.16.2016

  21. The congregation of figures, not quite human, not quite real, just behind the treeline frightened him more than the guard dogs ever could.

    By . on 02.16.2016

  22. congregate means collection of somthing that would be coountable

    By surabhi maheshwari on 02.16.2016

  23. They were like little ants. They queued up in neat tidy lines, filling up the rows, standing at attention. They all looked up to their leader like he was some kind of messiah.
    He scoffed. His best friend was no messiah, guy had said it himself, at least a million times.

    By mattoidneko on 02.16.2016

  24. The group huddled towards the doors, necks craning to read the sign posted on the inside of the window. The rain trickled down in long trains over the words, but it was still visibly a notice of foreclosure. What did it all mean for them?

    By Bridget Grace on 02.16.2016

  25. A congregate is someone who is part of a congregation. I am a congregate of my church and so are my friends and family.

    By Em on 02.16.2016

  26. i dont know the meaning of congregate :P
    but ya i still cant tell anything anout it. :(
    what is congregate ??? :/
    oh yeah gathering into a crowd is known as congregate.

    By Rajat Jain on 02.16.2016

  27. does this count as a Communist word

    . . . Communism?

    wow it certainly does find its way around

    By cowmom on 02.16.2016

  28. The town was bunched up, like a congregate. Sam, a fellow farmer working in the fields, asked his mother “Why is the town congregating?” His mother smiled and replied “The priests and locals are providing free rice.”

    By Giello C. on 02.16.2016

  29. :)

    By Giello C. on 02.16.2016

  30. “Lets congregate to my chambers” right? No? How do you even make this word cool? I think of musty court rooms and bad law t.v. shows.

    By Hannah on 02.16.2016

  31. They all congregated together, encircling the pentagram and let out a mighty mantra.

    By Mikayla on 02.16.2016

  32. I’m not feeling this word.. but after cheer competitions, all of the cheer squads congregate on the mat to receive their awards. ??

    By aprilemmons on 02.16.2016

  33. As in introvert, as one who purposely isolates herself, I do not know how to congregate. Why, in twenty-nine years have I not learned this simple, natural, basic skill? All I’ve really learned in all those years is that I desperately need to begin learning how.

    By Melissa on 02.16.2016

  34. Bodies everywhere. Together, then apart, then together again. Hands, eyes, all searching for something needed by them all. There is no leader in this mass. Why have a leader over all when every thing it it’s own leader? All joined together for no reason but still moving on. No leader, no reason, no way. They always find a way to congregate back together again.

    By Jaidyn on 02.16.2016

  35. We all congregated to the town square. A huge mass of bodies that made it hard for me to see the big event. I pushed and shoved my way to the front, occasionally getting some in return. Eventually I made it to the front where all of the other kids were. We wanted to see it the most. After all, it was our first hanging.

    By Brianna on 02.16.2016

  36. I walk, once more, into the same musty building I was “saved” in.
    Just to reach my seat, I have to push through whispers and lies and hatred
    The only time I feel redeemed, is when I walk out through those same doors I walked in through.
    Fresh air.
    Congregation of the hypocrites.

    By Tanner Kasinger on 02.16.2016

  37. “We’re all sleeping in circles or talking shit in diners.” That wonder years lyric describes the phenomena. We sit in these booth seats like they’re weekly church pews. We sip on coffee like communion wine and the week’s grievances are our hymns. The waitress is a part of our congregation.

    By L. Bainbridge on 02.16.2016

  38. The people in the hall congregated like a flock of geese resting on their way south. The wooden walls echoed with their mummers and sobs; the ground beneath their feet quacked with violent trembles.

    By Cate Write on 02.16.2016

  39. When I think of congregate, I think of movies. Crowds. Concerts. Live at five last year. I hate being drunk. Getting fired. Those were two different occurances. Little skirt. No Daddy. Little girls get into trouble. Congregation. Church. Crying in church in college.

    By Mia on 02.16.2016

  40. No one really knew why they were there, but as more people gathered, the crowd drew more people still.

    By Soft URL on 02.16.2016