February 14th, 2016

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48 Responses to “club”

  1. Our 4H club was mostly girls. Funny, because our purpose was to raise dairy cows. Huge beasts.

    By Deborah on 02.15.2016

  2. A place were people go to have fun. Generally it’s has some music playing maybe by a DJ and a set of lights that changes it’s color.

    By Alvaro on 02.15.2016

  3. homosexual club. i wish i was in one..coz im bisexual and i want to meet new people who are homosexuals like lesbians and id like to go out with a lesbian one day…ugh girls are soooo perfect and cute and beautiful!!!!! :PPPPPPPPPPP

    By Chloe on 02.15.2016

  4. I heard some commotion at the other end of the bar as I took a stool by the jukebox. The dive was packed with the kind of people I’d only ever seen in tv shows and movies; men in cowboy hats with enormous belt buckles and women in tight, short floral dresses with cigarettes hanging out of their matte lips. As I tried to catch the attention of the grizzly bartender, I saw what all the ruckus on the opposite side of the room was about—a red-faced young woman in high heels was clubbing her boyfriend with her bag, which appeared to contain an object of similar size and weight as a brick. Sure enough, the boyfriend managed to grab the purse and turned his back to the fuming girl, and as she pounded on his back with her fists, he pulled out an actual brick. To my astonishment, the boyfriend started laughing.

    “What the fuck…” I didn’t realize I said it out loud until the petite woman sitting next to me chuckled and replied with a raspy smoker’s voice, “Welcome to the heart o’ Texas.”

    By Jordyn URL on 02.15.2016

  5. It was weighty in his hand, he swung it a few times, tested it against the resistance of air, closed his eyes and listened to the swoosh. She would be home soon and it would all be over. He would swing with his eyes shut and she would be no more. Maybe then he could get some goddamn sleep.

    By OptimusCrystal on 02.15.2016

  6. Who wants to be in the club? What kind of club is it? It’s the Fun Club! Only join if you’d like to have fun! All are welcome! Do you want to join? We’d love to have you join the Fun Club! Come one, come all!

    By Wilbur on 02.15.2016

  7. people fun memb

    By Frogleaps on 02.15.2016

  8. She walked– no, sauntered into the bar like she belonged there, and had it not been for the raggedness of her clothes, the way she hobbled on one broken heel, you would have thought she had every right to be. But the fancy and the rich looked down on her, turning their noses as if her poverty reeked like week-old garbage.

    By Courka URL on 02.15.2016