February 15th, 2016

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54 Responses to “congregate”

  1. Congregate, come together. Why does it feel like we’re swimming upstream sometimes when we try to gather? Why does it feel so inconvenient? So unnatural, when it is when we come together that we are most whole?

    By Shayla on 02.16.2016

  2. To meet. Gather. Community. Together. To congregate together. Like cattle. Like a church body. Like kids around ice cream or fruit flies to wine. Like mindedness.

    By rachelgi on 02.16.2016

  3. what????WHAT???????WHAT?????

    By Gods Girl URL on 02.16.2016

  4. the nerf team had a congregation inside the fort while the other nerf teams were out guarding. They were wondering weather or not to attack the enemy base on the other side of the house or not.

    By Caden on 02.16.2016

  5. The nerf team finally had an idea, they would send one team on one side and another team on the other side and they would surprise the enemy base on both sides.

    By Caden on 02.16.2016

  6. The nerf team had taken over one of the enemy’s base’s on the other side of the house! They had another congregation weather or not to attack the base’s around the neighborhood or not.

    By Caden on 02.16.2016

  7. The New York Giants congregated, in a huddle, to discuss there play, before third down.

    By Wilbur on 02.16.2016

  8. Go Manning!

    By Wilbur on 02.16.2016

  9. What does congregate mean? Sometimes, we do not know the answer to seemingly obvious questions, and it makes us feel dumb. But i, i am human and i am ashamed to be human.

    By Kellian McKenna on 02.16.2016

  10. I don’t honestly know what congregate means. Just like how I don’t know what half the things that they talk about in class mean. How am I meant to use so many of these things in life one day. Look at the real world. Open your eyes and think. When will you have to use most of the things we learn at school in life? The basics we will of course use but the rest of it is unimportant. I don’t know the meaning of this word just like I don’t know why we have to learn such things.

    By Isabella on 02.16.2016

  11. Gather around this magnificent tree, and enjoy the sheer pleasure of its cover and energy. Meet me at noon to bask in the shade and beat the heat. Not many times will we have to do this again.

    By Dan Latham on 02.16.2016

  12. They came together at the beach, singing songs around a campfire and laughing as they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

    By MyCarayzyLife on 02.16.2016

  13. One by one, they withdrew funding from public services and spaces where people tended to congregate and socialize; they were suspicious of the ideas that could potentially emerge.

    By BeccaJean on 02.16.2016

  14. There was a big celebration I think near the market I always went to around the corner of my house. A lot of people were there and they were cheering I think. I had earphones on I didn’t quite hear them. I hate crowds. I hate being close to people. Anyway I kept on walking.

    By Ashley on 02.16.2016