October 25th, 2014

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54 Responses to “confined”

  1. The creature beat on the invisible walls surrounding it on all sides, the prison it could not see. It scratched and clawed and bit and tore, trying to pry away whatever magical force kept it in place, but it found no quarter. Outside, the giants stared with wide eyes and they pointed and laughed in their strange tongue. A powerful beast, confined to a glass jar.

    By Skye on 10.25.2014

  2. The girl was confined into the insane asylum. It reeked of feces and urine, and the only thing she wished to do was leaved. As she was shoved into a concrete cell, her elbows were cut open and blood began to trickle down her arms.
    “God dammit…”

    By Mimi on 10.25.2014

  3. he was claustrophobic. even being in a small room with the door closed drew strained breathing and mumbles of needing to leave from him. remarkably so, he was fine. he was jammed inside of a box and his air supply was most likely running low (he had no way of knowing, of course) but he was fine.

    By newt on 10.25.2014

  4. И така намразих ограничените хора. Коне с капаци.
    Ходят напред, гледат телевизия, ядат, каквото намерят, не приемат чужди гледни точки, не приемат нищо. Мразят.
    И аз ги мразя.
    Вие сте глупави.
    И това е – ограничението.
    Вероятно това е най-големият човешки порок. Не искам да се срещам с него. Не искам да познавам такива хора.
    Спрете да съдите.
    Никога не знаете през какво преминава някой друг.
    Не знаете какво е в неговата душа така, както той не знае какво е във вашата. И нямате право.

    By Plamena on 10.25.2014

  5. one word is not an easy thing to describe .it can barely understood by many,for many that matters a word never counts to be one,it can lead to number of,am i writing about one word!!!see,how it has given birth to number of words.

    By naveen on 10.25.2014

  6. I can hear my own breathing. It’s loud in my ears, almost deafening. And yet I accept it, because it feels like a hundred years since I’ve heard anything else. My voice long ago gave out, but my ears could still hear my own breath echoing inside my box.

    By Manda Rose on 10.25.2014

  7. I’ve been confined in my mind, trapped and the invisible curtain cries from my eyes.

    By babington on 10.25.2014

  8. I hate it so much so much so much. I curl up in a ball and let my breaths go shallow, gulp until there’s no air left. God, there’s no air left. I am so fucking afraid.

    I am dimly aware of Alyssa shaking my shoulder and saying, “Hey, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong,” but I don’t hear her. Logic doesn’t matter. I hate myself for being so afraid of this room with the closed doors, but there’s no point in reasoning with fear.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 10.25.2014

  9. I didn’t even understand what the word meant :D maybe you should make a littre definition for the word. Thank you

    By imad on 10.25.2014

  10. My breathing grew shallow,
    The walls closing in all around me,
    Slower than the eye could trace,
    Yet my beating heart knew the truth.
    Incrementally, one half at a time, I was being crushed.
    I only hoped that the walls never covered the distance of the other half.

    By Siege URL on 10.25.2014

  11. in my confines i hide
    slowly dying trapped inside
    i could escape, but where to go
    this prison is all i know
    alone i’m searching in the dark
    trying to discover my own heart
    wistfully i reminisce
    about the days i sorely miss
    from when i thought that this was light
    but no, my prison holds me tight

    By suzy on 10.25.2014

  12. i am trapped here, slowly dying. confined within my brain. how poetic. escape? why bother trying. how can i escape
    when i built my own prison?

    By suzy on 10.25.2014

  13. Michiko had been happy at first, but started to feel confined when they had children, which she had expected would not happen. She thought that since Dave was British, he would be more open minded than a Japanese husband. But he still worked till midnight, still went drinking with his coworkers, and only helped out on weekends, which was the only time he was around. She had thought for a long time about getting out, and the diagnosis her doctor had given her four months ago had been the breaking point. She could not leave her children with him, she had to know they would be taken care of. That was why she had asked her parents to adopt them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.25.2014

  14. can’t scream
    don’t even try
    you’re stuck
    in your own confines
    you did this to yourself, you know
    how else would you get here
    why else would you be stuck here
    can’t escape the prison you love

    By suzy on 10.25.2014

  15. my confines
    all i’ve ever known
    though it hurts
    at least i’m safe
    in familiarity

    a change?
    a lightening in the darkness
    now it’s blinding
    hurts more than chains i’ve never left

    By suzy on 10.25.2014

  16. he had been confined in this space for more than an hour. this time he already knew what she wanted and he was sure he could get it to her, he just wasn’t sure if she would follow through on her end of the bargain.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.25.2014

  17. stuck, cramped in a place and not being able to move or do what you want, restricted, stuck in a place and not given freedom

    By Shazia on 10.25.2014

  18. i am confined by
    lights and dreams i conjured years ago
    leaving me gasping and
    light headed
    seeing dazzling stars in
    my eyes.

    By Lily Evans on 10.25.2014

  19. The space is trapped and silent. Underneath the covers, blankets weighting down her knees, Anna knows that she needs to roll out of bed and visit the world outside her bed, but she can’t manage to move. Legs sore from exercising yesterday, heart sore from lack of sun, she leans against the pillows and tries to stand. There’s nothing actually stopping her from leaving the bed, she knows that, but…

    “Are you getting up?” The text message sits in her phone, unanswered.

    Anna rolls over and submits to the fog of sleep for just five more minutes.

    By E on 10.25.2014

  20. locked
    can’t leave
    in jail
    that it’s not free

    By Rafael on 10.25.2014

  21. The walls are closing in, the walls are closing in. I can’t breathe.
    Think, Anna, think, I chide myself. Though thinking is hard over the sheer panic.
    I don’t like enclosed spaces. I’ve never liked enclosed spaces, and this room with its lack of windows and locked door are bringing out the very worst in me.

    By terradi on 10.25.2014

  22. Teeth bared and hackles high, the whirling mass of ebony fur threw itself against the reinforced bars of its cage over and over again without respite. The beast, the essence of nature itself, couldn’t bear to be confined, to be chained like a common dog. It wasn’t the way of wild things to willingly bend beneath any force, even magic, or so Regina was beginning to understand.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.25.2014

  23. His young child grasped a cherry in her hand, crushed it quietly, quickly, the pit rolling down her palm onto the grass, locking up the rest.

    The next year a cherry tree was there in her place, young and gnarled, branches twisting on themselves, stabbing through leaves and fruit alike.

    By Anna Meursault on 10.25.2014

  24. Behind the zipper awaits a long, slow groan.
    You can hear it building in anticipation.
    Relief sounds like an echo in the canyon.
    It feels like the wind running its fingers through your hair.

    By Intuition on 10.25.2014

  25. So deep seated was I, beside myself
    A sole soul buoyant in a swelling sea of
    marvel, wonder, and that which I’ve yet to know
    exists, right outside these walls.

    By Ian URL on 10.25.2014

  26. Confined inside of myself
    Colors and numbers and words
    Fighting each other to escape
    My brain of single mindedness
    Stuck in my box
    Total square
    Stories swell like waves
    Then crash in on themselves
    How to I escape

    By Kumquat on 10.25.2014

  27. So deep seated was I, beside myself
    A sole soul buoyant in a swelling sea of
    marvel, wonder, and that which I have yet to know
    exists, right outside these walls.

    By Xeris on 10.25.2014

  28. Duplicate post from off my account, sorry all~

    By Xeris on 10.25.2014

  29. What’s it like to be a prisoner of your own mind, confined for an infinite number of years? I don’t know how long my sentence is, and I don’t know how to keep myself going. If I speak out, if I reach out for help, I’ll be judged because mental illnesses always have a stigma attached to them; a fun package deal.

    By Ashe on 10.25.2014

  30. The world is a much less defined place when I am confined… Happiness is distant… eluding me hidden and confined.

    By Artdlr URL on 10.25.2014

  31. Darkness consumes me. It confines me, to the dark cage in my mind. I’m suffocated. But I continue through my day, confined only in my mind. Not being able to fly, not being able to sing. Just sitting in the darkness, past midnight.

    By Antonia on 10.25.2014

  32. It appears as though I’ll be encased in sand today. Maybe even tomorrow.

    And probably the day after that.

    The world has dried up, and it bears no more fruit.

    I wondered why I got my hopes up, and I think that I never shall again.

    There is no greater sense of discomfort, than that of being confined. Specifically alone.

    The mind is a terrible prison.

    By Iceman on 10.25.2014

  33. I feel confined in this room. This room is very dark and seemingly devoid of people. Of life. suddenly, the lights are switched on and the room is flooded with white. I am tied up to a wall, hangin upside down. I look onward at my

    By SoloSlinger on 10.25.2014

  34. This is my second attempt at freewriting based on one word. Confined. Confined to this one word, I have to try to write something from nothing. Confined to this one restriction, I have to focus my hands on writing something even though I’m not allowed to think. I just have to write, right?

    By SoloSlinger on 10.25.2014

  35. i can’t move, the walls are closing in on me, and the society will not release their release. “I command you to stop! You have no right to do this to me, your princess.” But the society reply, “There is no princess in you, if you dare break us”

    By Jessica Lee on 10.25.2014

  36. CONFINED! And NOT to my liking. Im pretty sure he knew…knew that this life is not for ME….for, I am a Free Spirit….unbound….and of a creative nature…..and old soul, if you will….for that is what Ive been told. Confinement will surely kill me…..ever so slowly!

    By RaShelle on 10.25.2014

  37. It was the walls that she noticed first. They scraped her sides, the backs of her legs, her palms. She was trapped.

    By Denise Walker on 10.25.2014

  38. There was no room in his head for stray thoughts. In the short time he had had to process his situation there were a million questions that demanded attention. The more they grew in number, the louder and more frantic they seemed to be in his head. He clutched the wall, staring straight ahead. His legs shaking, he attempted to move himself further to the corner. He would look down the hallway and that time there would be nothing there. He took a shaking breath and slowly turned his head around the corner, his mind suddenly silent.

    By Shannon on 10.25.2014

  39. Confined to this space, surrounded on all sides by thick, brick walls, built to withstand any impact made by humans. I paced to and fro across my cell. My thoughts rewinded each and every memory, trying to piece together how I ended up in this situation.

    By umbazachika on 10.25.2014

  40. I feel locked up. The walls won’t stop closing in. they laugh and jeer, but they’re wrong. Why won’t they see it? I tried to tell them. But they put me here. It’s so obvious. Right in front of their eyes.

    By Evan on 10.25.2014