October 26th, 2014

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52 Responses to “fishing”

  1. I was never a big fisher…I don’t like fishing because to me it is boring. Not really into that kind of this but if there are people who like to sit on a boat or sit on the shore and do so, that is just fine with me. But dodn’t force someone to fish.

    By trkstr67 on 10.27.2014

  2. She’d never taken much issue with Simon, other than, perhaps, his tendency to smoke around her. Around all of us, really. He, however, was constantly prying into her private life, attempting to find any vague, dirty information he could. It wasn’t that he was interested in her, not romantically, but that he hadn’t yet found a weakness. He hadn’t found a single easy target for insult in her, and it was destroying him.

    By Ernest Letterford on 10.27.2014

  3. The boys sat quietly in the boat while the man carefully positioned his rod and threw the hook over.

    “This is bo-o-oring,” complained one boy.

    “Let’s play charades!” shouted his younger brother.

    They started waving and shouting and the boat capsized.

    By betaveros on 10.27.2014

  4. fishing can be in the ocean river and lakes it is sometimes hard to catch a fish u usually have to stay outside

    By olivia lindsey URL on 10.27.2014

  5. thank you

    By olivia lindsey URL on 10.27.2014

  6. Fishing for the words to describe how I’m feeling. I don’t believe my feelings are completely reasonable and it drives me crazy. I feel compelled to find the right words, but I can’t and it infuriates me. So I continue to fish in the swirls of my mind.

    By Katie on 10.27.2014

  7. In and out,
    Hooked and unhooked,
    You reeled me in all those years ago,
    I gasp for breath now,
    Until I feel my gills explode,
    I see you watch me,
    With a curious smile.
    You swim away,
    To catch another.
    Without any ado,
    You just go on fishing.

    By Anita on 10.27.2014

  8. lost at sea
    out of sight
    more than fishing for food
    which i wish i might
    i seek what cannot be found
    at world’s end i am bound
    ten years at sea
    for a day ashore
    a fate ill-chosen
    a heart that i long for

    By Ria Raph on 10.27.2014

  9. sink my hook into the ocean floor
    40,000 feet down i think i caught it
    caught something strong enough
    to pull me under — i am weightless all alone

    By stargirl on 10.27.2014

  10. She’ll return soon. That beauty, my prize. She will come back, as I sit here in the sun. She’ll return to answer my question: After all these years, do you still love me?

    By Antonia on 10.27.2014

  11. sunrise, bait, fish, worms, fishing rod, fun, outside ,water, casting,

    By Elizabeth on 10.27.2014

  12. The two men were out fishing on the lake. They had hardly said a word to each other all day but as they looking out over the shimmering water, both their heads were filled with similar thoughts. Going out here once a year was a long-standing tradition, and even though father and son were estranged they couldn’t let a family feud stand in the way of habit.

    By dan URL on 10.27.2014