April 10th, 2014

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82 Responses to “collapse”

  1. She collapsed on the ground, and we all panicked.
    It was so sudden, a single moment that snapped us out of our collective reverie and for a moment, all we could do is stand there, gaping at the fallen child. Maybe it was too hot, or maybe it was too stuffy in the room. Too many breaths poisoning the clean air.

    By Wren URL on 04.10.2014

  2. She turned and walked
    it didnt matter where
    or how far
    just away
    away away away
    from the bullshit, the headaches
    the lies and the hope that they werent
    keep walking
    until you can’t anymore

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 04.10.2014

  3. She turned and walked
    it didnt matter where
    or how far
    just away
    away away away
    from the b*llsh*t, the headaches
    the lies and the hope that they werent
    keep walking
    until you can’t anymore

    By Miss Ann Thrope on 04.10.2014

  4. It was coming undone at the seams. All the carefully laid plans, all the effort, all the tedious fear. She could see it from far off, rapidly getting closer. The collapse of everything she’d worked for. She didn’t know if she should give in now or keep fighting.

    By j URL on 04.10.2014

  5. There is a shaking, a quaking, a crumbling. She is collapsing, folding, stumbling. There is nothing left and no one to help. She watches stars wheel out of sight. She vanishes into the night.

    By Emma on 04.10.2014

  6. “You’re too pretty to be so shy,” I am told by a man with fishing hooks for fingers. So I sing and sigh in song, like sirens ‘neath his boat.

    (I am fished from the sea three years later…. I don’t know if I tasted good.)

    By Pandatry on 04.10.2014

  7. A centurion ran back to the gates. His family was there, he couldn’t let them go. Not like this. HIs army was waiting for him three miles north. It didn’t matter to him. Let Rome fall. Let the whole damn place collapse. Let everything burn. There will be other Romes. But there will never be another Julius Brock.

    By kurtseph on 04.10.2014

  8. always something about you, rather than any other man. compulsion to think of you, only you. into your bed without a warning, to smell yves saint laurent, wickedness.

    By Lauren on 04.10.2014

  9. I collapse
    Watching him walk

    I collapse
    Away from his arms
    A lost love
    A lost life

    I collapse
    I’m alone
    I collapse
    It’s too dark to go on

    I collapse
    I miss you
    You’re gone
    And I don’t want to be alone

    I collapse
    And I scream
    I collapse
    And wish for you to come back

    By AnnieB on 04.10.2014

  10. Oh. I feel that I am falling. —
    I have a friend who is in the stages of transitioning. Collapse is her (former “his”) family. Collapse is the civility. Collapse is what happens when you post private matters on social media.

    By HN on 04.10.2014

  11. Yusei walked himself out. Not long after Ushio got a buzz on his radio.

    “Heya, Ushio, this is Tanaka. I’m getting the camera back up and rolling.”

    The man rolled his eyes and collapsed back onto the interrogation chair. Until he was officially placed on the new task force he still had to deal with these guys. “I hear ya.”

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 04.10.2014

  12. He thought about the work ahead of him, and just knew he would collapse. He knew that he must be strong, but it seemed impossible…

    By SincerelyRanda on 04.10.2014

  13. There is a natural sense of musicality in this word. Co-LL-ap-se. Calypso. Chaos. Oh, so.

    Sad. But maybe not.

    One last heave, one last breath.

    Gasp, gasp, gasp…not quite yet.

    This isn’t a death bed you’re looking at.

    She remembers his skin as pricked, electric. If you’ve ever read another person, then you’d know this sign in the hand foretells of an eminent collapse. This braille is for lovers who retrace a memory as if it were a jawline just to feel that phantom flutter radiate along the spine.

    By Intuition on 04.10.2014

  14. Highest skyscrapers
    Most productive empires
    Fools make all collapse


    By !Haiku-Man! on 04.10.2014

  15. Highest skyscrapers
    Most productive empires
    Fools make all collapse


    By !Haiku-Man! on 04.11.2014

  16. I collapse. not with a physical motion. but in a part of my body. my brain. I have been falling for some time yet the bottom has finally been reached.

    By kay on 04.11.2014

  17. I’m saying that at least eighty percent of the population should not be voting at all. If they aren’t killing brain cells swilling beer or popping pills, they’re sitting at home with their heads up their arses watching televised drivel and feeding their children crap. What on earth makes you think these people are capable of making a relevant decision let alone an intelligent one? I tell you my dear, democracy will lead to the collapse of the western world. By next June if I’m not mistaken.

    Eva rolled her eyes. God Dad you’re a raving fascist.

    Realist darling, realist.

    By bb333 on 04.11.2014

  18. A ridiculously funny image of wobbling jelly comes to mind, before it finally comes crumbling down on you.

    Ah, well. It was about time, anyway.

    By Anonymouse on 04.11.2014

  19. The building collapsed right before i had the chance to speak another word. We all tried to run as fast as we could in order to escape, but many of us remained trapped under the heavy blocks of stone. For some reason, i felt completely lost.

    By Anaid Skylight on 04.11.2014

  20. person with an eye for detail

    By Anish on 04.11.2014

  21. Collapsing is something everyone does, but nobody admits.
    Collapsing is what I did yesterday when I ran out of the great mansion house and fell to my knees in the sun-soaked magic world outside which seemed so much more alive, and so much less real, than the misery of the indoor human world I’d left. I wanted to vanish from humanity and reappear as moss.

    By Adryon on 04.11.2014

  22. keep to click and never rest
    it’s always me
    obligatory friend request
    i cannot see
    all the order in my life
    is laughed and gone
    i am the one who never tries
    but fails
    me in bed, collapse and sad
    and you out there, afraid
    we’ve come so far and now it seems
    it’s only me today.

    By matt m on 04.11.2014

  23. As children they loved to build houses with playing cards. The bigger the better and preferably to make the one that didn’t collapse first.

    By Alexandra on 04.11.2014

  24. Collapsible objects are the best, theres no way of binning anything collapsible, it would be insanity. I once thought of creating a collapsible water bottle, to help everyone along with their recycling, practically. I never followed through, when do I ever follow through? I collapse at the start, like my imaginary water bottle.

    By Jack Hannon on 04.11.2014

  25. Elsie was a linguist who had trouble with men. Not the kind of trouble where it was difficult to come by their attention. No, Elsie’s troubles involved a complicated mess of missing underwear, the collapse of Arthur Bird’s empire and the getting of wisdom.

    By bb333 on 04.11.2014

  26. waking up from sleep
    my feet hit the floor
    my dream dissipates
    before I reach the door
    i don’t recall the sound of taps
    only the slap of wood as I collapse

    By Dave Schools Poet on 04.11.2014

  27. he collapsed into doom. the building that was rumbling under the weight of the earthquake. it fell on top of him and he collapsed. into doom and despair. not a physical doom. but a mental one.

    By Svenhilde on 04.11.2014

  28. she collapsed in the middle of the bathroom, her head tingling and her sense started to blur. she thought about the meeting and him, her boss, her friends, her work, her future, and she thought, what the hell. thank god i’m ill today.

    By cherie dahlan on 04.11.2014

  29. don’t know what to do next. stuck. the bed sheets are holding me here. look, no sun. no hope. no cereal in the cupboard. no milk anyway. i can’t see the clock, doesn’t matter anyway.

    By Lee on 04.11.2014

  30. I wondered lonely als a cloud. Should I die or should I scream. Oh breezing wind, give me hope over the fields. Everything Goes and passes by, collapsing a way through the Darkness I shall give you strengst to fine it.

    By Mathilde URL on 04.11.2014

  31. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He was on the verge of breaking down – of falling apart, because he’s lost everything that has ever counted.

    He blames himself for it.

    And it’s killing him inside.

    By I_have_no_words on 04.11.2014

  32. Crushed, condensed, covered. Falling down around. No escape. The roof shuddered as more and more snowed collaborated with the heavy winds to make the structure groan and shake.

    By L on 04.11.2014

  33. The collapse of the world’s economy had not only brought down the infrastructure we all hated, it brought down humanity. Something we didn’t see coming. We’ve reverted back to animal instincts.

    By joefosho on 04.11.2014

  34. I don’t think I can write under pressure like this.

    By Amy on 04.11.2014

  35. the giant collapsev sent a erth throuhe the giant red fox who was being caced by the red hippo then farted as he was scaredn hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoohohoohohohoohohoh

    By Darkdragon URL on 04.11.2014

  36. There was a sudden jolt of the earth, a gigantic lapse of time when they were scared out of their wits and out of nowhere everything fell off the selves.
    Many moments later Austin looked at his father.
    “Is it safe to go out yet?” His father gingerly opened the door. Everything was down around them. There was buildings in ruin, phone wires around them, all was down all except for the safe house.

    By Kaylee Lattimer on 04.11.2014

  37. My heart is pounding. I swear my legs are two seconds away from collapsing. No, it’s not an earthquake. It’s him. By “him” I mean, a man that captures all that is happy with his eyes

    By Ellie on 04.11.2014

  38. I see bodies, of course. Does anyone see anything joyful when they think of this word? I see bodies collapsed on the floor, legs crumpled, faces drained and dull. What caused the collapse?

    Now I see just one person. I girl. White. Young. A Cliche.

    By Grace on 04.11.2014

  39. I fall, nothing seems to make sense. I’m lost. Lost. Lost in the woods, lost in my mind, lost in thought, lost in confusion, lost in content. I can’t get up, heart hurt. Lost control. What do I do? What can I do?

    By UndressYourMind on 04.11.2014

  40. My grandma collapse and die from a heart attack

    By Ben O URL on 04.11.2014