April 10th, 2014

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82 Responses to “collapse”

  1. “911, what’s your emergency?”

    Danny clutched the phone tightly in his hands, shaking profusely. “My girlfriend just collapsed and she’s not breathing, I need an ambulance right away,” He knelt next to Amber’s unmoving figure and continued pumping her chest, nerves on edge. “I-I’ve tried doing CPR and she’s not waking up.”

    “Okay sir, what’s your address?” The female dispatcher asked in an almost maddeningly calm voice.

    “10203, Greenbelt Road, it’s the first house on the street. S-she was fine just a second ago and she just fell out, it’s like someone knocked her out. I need you to hurry, please ma’am.”

    “We’re sending paramedics now, sir. Just stay calm and keep trying to wake her up.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.10.2014

  2. I felt dizzy. My head was pounding, and my vision was blurred. I forgot where I was and next thing I knew everything went completely black.

    I don’t know how long I was out for, but I felt someone nudging me. I wanted them to go away, leave me alone in this darkness. I slowly opened my eyes, and lifted my head. I heard a low moan, and realized it was coming from me.

    “Are you okay?! I was walking ahead of you, and you grabbed my jacket… By the time I turned out around you were on the ground, you must have collapsed.”

    By AR on 04.10.2014

  3. our love is a tower that
    has been built upon
    sand and gravel and ice
    it shakes and quivers and
    can’t handle much wind but
    through all its storms
    and all its breezes
    it has yet to
    and if we keep going
    the way we do
    sand will become stone and
    it will forever hold

    By Pilot URL on 04.10.2014

  4. The already rickety platform wobbled under Ruby’s feet. She wasn’t sure she was going to be able to get off in time and the jump was too far down. She always found herself in positions like this. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, that was her life. What was the worst that could happen if she jumped? By her estimate it was about eight feet down. Maybe a broken bone, but not dead. Is it worth it?

    By Beka URL on 04.10.2014

  5. her heart stuttered at first. thinking it was just the usual skip when he left. that one time when she knew he would be gone for so long. he always came back, no matter who he met or how long he was gone, he always came back sooner or later. she just loved him so much. her friends wanted her to leave him, wanted her to just forget all the time and memories. how could she? so he hurt her. so hes broken a few things. she still loved him.
    her thoughts were interrupted by an explosion in the front all. the door had slammed open and foot steps came her way, fast and hard.
    “you stupid bitch!” he screamed, waving a small heart shaped piece of paper. “you stupid cunt why would you do this?” he shoved the paper in her face. it had a lipstick kiss and a neat cute note expressing simply ‘I love you’.
    “what are you trying to do to me? do you want me to be angry with you? how many times not to say that! how many times you stupid worthless bitch!” he shoved her to the floor. her heart skipped a few beats. her breath caught as she hit the floor. hit hard. his hand pounded into her, first her hear, then her back, then her middle. the final hit was a rather forceful kick to her chest. she let out a small squeak. she had never made that sound before. he looked over her as she lay motionless. she usually did, but that noise. what a weird noise. he lifted her hair to see her face, her eyes were open, and scared. they didn’t move. nether did her mouth. he collapsed on the floor. he killed her. a few unnoticed tears fell from his eyes. after deciding what he was going to do he wiped what was left of the tears away and stood. he left the house, still unsure of whether he was going to come back. he had plans with brittany.

    By TinaGodda URL on 04.10.2014

  6. “We’ve got to get out of here!” Arvey moaned as she pressed herself against the locked door. “Given the shoddy architecture of this place, I’m sure the roof could collapse at any moment!”

    “Maybe the walls are even less sturdy,” Quinoni said from the corner of their prison, a lopsided grin permeating through the smoke of her cigar. “Give me your pistol, Arv!”

    Arvey fumbled for her firearm and tossed it to her companion, who lobbed five shots at the wall and laughed loudly as several chunks of it fell away as a result.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.10.2014

  7. I collapse. After a long day, after a fight, after a draining interaction with someone who has overstayed their presence in my life. I collapse onto the doormat, just inside my door–it’s the furthest I can go. I collapse in on myself when the world exerts too much pressure. I collapse into my own heart, my own lungs, trying to love myself back to my feet, breathe myself back into the calm. There was a day when other people did this for me, but I’m trying to learn. To learn how to collapse with grace, to lift myself back up.

    By Maia M. on 04.10.2014

  8. why did it fall? it’s too heavy maybe? WHat d o we do? maybe build it again? No idea? Um well, i dont know. Um, why did it fall again?

    By Lauren on 04.10.2014

  9. I collapse. After a long day, after a fight, after a draining interaction with someone who has overstayed their presence in my life. I collapse onto the doormat, just inside my door–it’s the furthest I can go. I collapse in on myself when the world exerts too much pressure. I collapse into my own heart, my own lungs, trying to love myself back to my feet, breathe myself back into the calm. There was a day when other people did this for me, but I’m trying to learn. To learn how to collapse with grace, to lift myself back up.

    By mabs URL on 04.10.2014

  10. haha! lol!

    By Lauren on 04.10.2014

  11. She collapsed as I waited at the altar. she had reservations about me, I know, but I really thought her melodramatics were taking it a bit too far. Her mother smirked, her dad was pissed about the cost.

    By Patrick R. Shepard on 04.10.2014

  12. So many staring eyes. Everyone has noticed my entrance into the room. My presence is regarded with derision by each pair of eyes that follow me. I might collapse under the pressure…

    By asavas URL on 04.10.2014

  13. the world will once collapse and then everyboy will die. Every lillte second we lived will be ruined by the earth that goes and will never come back. We are all gone, forever and ever and nothing will remain silence and nothing will be heard. Because we all just want to be heard.

    By mathilde URL on 04.10.2014

  14. You collapse onto the couch after a long, hard bike ride. You feel tired, but it is a good tired. A I worked my body tired, not an I am exhausted tired. Refreshed. but not ready to

    By Crystal URL on 04.10.2014

  15. Rock climbing scared me, the height, the imminent threat of falling. Spelunking seemed different, it was less about conquering nature, more about understanding it and trying to be a part of it in a very quiet, intimate way.

    By Beth A URL on 04.10.2014

  16. Everyone collapses eventually. Whether the catalyst is a loved one, a situation, a place; everyone finds their weak point. When it happens, there’s not much that can be done about it other than waiting it out.

    By Alex_L on 04.10.2014

  17. Collapse. As a bridge will end up doing at the end of it’s productive life. As a human does in states of panic and stress. As black holes do from time to time… so we think. Collapse. A fact of life.

    By Daniel URL on 04.10.2014

  18. They were going to practice the patience of waiting for the five elements to collapse into the universe and unfold the meaning behind his and everyone’s anger. He was not optimistic. The sessions had been going on for three weeks and he felt good. The Community Leader was not a doctor, as he made clear his first day in front of the group, explaining the pitfalls of modern medical practices on addiction treatment. He, Sebastien Schoop, was a teacher of the universal elements.

    By DMM URL on 04.10.2014

  19. I collapsed into my bed, carefully, as I didn’t want to break the old wooden structure. It had been a long day. Most days were long at this point. I didn’t know how I kept moving forward as the stress had continued to build and build. There was something to be said for that metaphorical back burner people often mentioned.

    By Shlee URL on 04.10.2014

  20. Everything is going to break, collapse into shattered pieces of a broken whole. What was once always toxic and rotten, will finally break into the nothingness it always was. To what will you hold?

    By Jose on 04.10.2014

  21. Hijacked. Kidnapped. @ the bottom of the ocean, i breath. Conspiracy. Theory. World. Collapse.

    By Alexander Joshua Grigoriou URL on 04.10.2014

  22. As I watched the last of them finally fall, I couldn’t help but think that I’d never find a better taste than their blood on my lips and a better feeling than their tears on my conscience, I did tell them that I’m a predator, and now they’ve felt my teeth.

    By Lilly on 04.10.2014

  23. So tired. Collapse like a house of sticks against the pillows. Sleep my life away. At least I’m having good dreams.

    By twowritehands URL on 04.10.2014

  24. The earthquake was the occasion of the building’s collapse. Collapse will lead to many bad things to happen.

    By Shelly on 04.10.2014

  25. Another mighty blow and the wall crumbled beneath the weight of it, collapsing in a hail of stone and mortar. The debris rained indiscriminately on the knights battling below, sending more than a few to meet the Under gods.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.10.2014

  26. The collapse was almost total, Tanya noted. If people were still alive in the rubble, their rescue would require a team working fast and ceaselessly … but the shell-shocked people stumbling by her didn’t seem capable of either.

    By Mexichick URL on 04.10.2014

  27. let’s just let it go
    and do that shrink and pop.
    i’m not scared of the black hole.
    i’m more worried about what it’ll make us do.
    don’t let it change you.
    let it go to shit.
    but not you.
    not you.

    By Kairn URL on 04.10.2014

  28. Okay, I’m just writing something completely out of nowhere, and I’m running out of time, but I have to write, I’m writing as fast as I can. I can do this, omg the timer’s almost up. I don’t know if any of this is even relating to “collapse” probably not, but I don’t have enough time to go back and write something that DOES relate to the topic, so I’ll just keep writing. I probably don’t have anything spelled right, but I don’t care I’m just writing as fast as possible. I don’t know where all this is coming from, but I’m just completely brain dumping, I didn’t know I could even type this fast! wow I almost have the whole text box filled in . Whoa i am seriously running out of time now, but I HAVE to fill this txt box up. C’mon just a little more, a little more. This really does kind of relate to the topic becaue if I finish this before the time runs out I WILL collapse. O man I don’t think I can do this… Brain dump, Brain dump!!!!!! C’mon i have like 1 second left I’m alsmost there!!!!! Yes! I did it!

    By Lauren on 04.10.2014

  29. I was so weak from running, ready to collapse. He chased me block after block.
    A car pulled up. I gestured it to stop. Door opened. I got in. It was his mother.

    By Krystyna Fedosejevs on 04.10.2014

  30. The trees fall in on themselves, crumbling like dominoes. The earth shudders, heaves, finally lies still. Wenn finally uncovers her head when all is calm again, peeks out to witness the ruin of her home.

    By Jez URL on 04.10.2014

  31. stacked precariously,
    these days begin to tower
    in the wind
    we don’t choice when we
    throw in the towel
    collapse inward
    like a dying flower

    By Jem Page URL on 04.10.2014

  32. Complete mental breakdown. The building was supposed to collapse at the press of the button; but all that happened was a faint puff of smoke. Dynamite miscalculated. Catastrophe. My boss will kill me. I walk inside and the damn thing finally goes off. Damn. I really need to see a shrink or something.

    By Acid URL on 04.10.2014

  33. When i collapsed onto the floor, no one was there to help me up. I wish someone was there. i know i need someone, but who, and who will be there? I want to know someone will be there for me when I don’t have the strength to hold myself up.

    By Kyrah on 04.10.2014

  34. When I collapsed on the floor, people all around me looked, but didn’t stop. They didn’t want anything to do with me. All I wanted was for someone to help me. I want to know that I am not alone when I loose the strength to keep myself up. Why no one helped I don’t know, but I do know that I will never do that to someone; especially now that I know what it feels like to be left on the ground, unable to get up myself.

    By Bobie URL on 04.10.2014

  35. The collapse of all things is somehow desirable. Sometimes. Some would say. I’m not proposing this as a reasonable proposition, but it feels right somehow. You understand? Probably not. Not many want to admit it, but I feel like this desire is something inherent in all of us.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.10.2014

  36. I still remember the night in our little library study thing sitting on the pillows notebook at my side, our playlist softly going in the background and you collapsed onto the pile of softness with your head in my lap. I can smell your cologne and feel the patterns of your breathing, the same patterns that occupied more of my attention than I ever thought possible. You’re not here anymore, the house never really was ours, and somehow I just can’t forget about that night and all the beauty we created. I only wish my whole world hadn’t collapsed with you that night.

    By Madison on 04.10.2014

  37. I heard my heart collapse with a loud thud inside my chest.

    By Rina on 04.10.2014

  38. Every feel as if you will collapse from the weight of the world? What do you do to avoid the inevitable slip between the cracks of your life? The thing is, you can’t avoid the collapse but you can grow from it. Let is happen and then look back on it. Realize that there is always something there to help you pick yourself up. Realize you are never alone in life.

    By Theresa on 04.10.2014

  39. The sky fell above her—stars and moon and clouds all came, shattering, to the ground. The little girl walked on the moonbeam ridden beach and picked at all of the twinkling lights. When she was finished, she smiled at the bright stars clustered in her palms.

    By Rach on 04.10.2014

  40. They opened the door and called out to her. She was sitting in the kitchen, lifeless. Apparently she had come back from the market, placed the shopping on the table, sat down, and just collapsed. She still had her coat on, and her keys in her hand.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.10.2014