July 29th, 2014

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51 Responses to “coarse”

  1. Her hair is coarse, and thick; I’ve watched her tried to trail her fingers through it, ineffably like the movie stars do, but it’s stubborn, and reluctant. It knots, she complains, it’s always dirty-looking. But it’s still somehow beautiful in a dingy, beaten-up way. And I’d never complain about her hair, if I had it.

    By claire on 07.30.2014

  2. She coughed and it caught in her throat. It was raw and possibly bleeding. Her hands were scraped and she could feel a small hole wearing through the knee of her jeans. By her estimate she had about five minutes before she choked to death on smoke. She had been crawling around the floor for what felt like hours.

    By Beka URL on 07.30.2014

  3. The coarseness of his hair surprised. I had, I suppose, expected it to be silky. Still, I ran my palm across his shoulder, down his chest. He quivered.

    “Beautiful beast,” I said. “Do you give yourself to me?”

    He lowered his head, a noble nose touching the floor. He acquiesced. Agreed to be–


    By RS Bohn URL on 07.30.2014

  4. Language is a gift. A gift that man has developed over centuries. We’ve perfected the subtle nuances and contextual inferences that make each word totally different, and yet we still rely on coarse language as a means of effective emotional communication!

    By Bethany on 07.30.2014

  5. His hands are coarse. Not as much as sand paper, but more like loose sand.

    By v on 07.30.2014

  6. Fingers grazing palms
    Prayers for answers
    Sandpaper to the touch

    Efforts with coarse grain woods
    Rather than
    Courses on poetry

    Gave him no serenity or completion
    Nothing finer, smoother

    Living in this college town
    Pretending to be

    By Sarah on 07.30.2014

  7. I cant help but feel that this coarse of life im taking was all for not, you were all for not. and now on the edge, drifting ever so slightly, I ponder whether when I fall my path will straighten out? can I turn back if your not there

    By hailey owens on 07.30.2014

  8. the abyss of the uncertain blocked her view
    from distinguishing herself from the rest
    a coarse and grainy silhouette of hers
    she failed to establish her identity, no different from them

    By Ice on 07.30.2014

  9. The sand was so coarse against my skin as I lay on the beach in Verona. The waves were crashing in and receding just as quickly as they came. A seagull squawked overhead, announcing that it would soon come darting down for my sandwich.

    By Mr. Pisco on 07.30.2014

  10. The entire city feels like an abrasive conversation with a disgruntled stranger. (In fact, I’ve already had a few of those.) The rough mornings of the rat race initially wear me out; my body isn’t ready to be pushed around and disregarded. No one in this city cares about anyone but themselves

    By Erin Michael on 07.30.2014

  11. His hair was coarse as a horse’s mane, bristling up from his scalp against my hand as I held his head in my hands and kissed him gently, my lips brushing against his once, then again, and then I pulled back and looked into his eyes, my hands moving down to hold his cheek in my palms, and I smiled.

    By Kimberly on 07.30.2014