February 13th, 2016

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34 Responses to “humanity”

  1. What is humanity? I don’t see human’s in this world. We live in a world where people only care for themselves. You will bend over backwards for them but they won’t for you, this is a sad world we live in, where humans don’t exist.

    By Laura on 02.13.2016

  2. Something is seriously wrong with humanity if societies all over the world can continue to tear you down without so much as a second thought.

    Don’t worry though, Hun. Together, you and I can change the world.

    By Madison on 02.13.2016

  3. Does it exist ? And is it valuable without God being present in the person mind and belief system I do believe it exist but I think we are focusing on all the wrong things we are focusing on ourselves to mush and on our own benefits that we forget the needs of the people around us and not just family and friends who are dear to us but strangers, we no longer pay attention to those who we see upset crying or even angry we just look down at our phones and pretend we didn’t see someone vulnerability just being shown out in public and now thinking about it I think that where our issues lie .. We are scared to be vulnerable out in public because when we focus on someone need we are giving a part of ourselves that is hopeful will get that same kindness in return.. We do not open doors for people expecting them to spit in our face we expect a Thank You .. And when we don’t get a thank you we are automatically pisses off Why? Because we showed kindness we at that moment became a bit vulnerable expecting that kindness in return

    By Rosayra on 02.13.2016

  4. Humanity sucks. I wish we could go back to when people actually cared about eachother. Now we fight over money like wolves fighting over food.

    By Gabriella Cheline on 02.13.2016

  5. Idk know what this word is even so I’m waiting for the time to end well humanity is is think stuff like water in the air

    By Macken URL on 02.13.2016

  6. After the madness of the game and witnessing just how many racist classmates I really had, I heard a lot of friends use the line, “Well, there goes my faith in humanity.” However, given that my faith in humanity was pretty meager to begin me, the levels of said confidence didn’t exactly fluctuate. Besides, half of my immediate family was grossly racist – which was why I hadn’t told them about my girlfriend Shannon, who put all the other girls at school, black or white, to shame.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.13.2016

  7. I think the idea of humanity can be skewed by the point of view used. Humanity can be a concept that is hard to grasp, because it is very abstract. What is humanity? Is it morality?
    That is often how it us used-morality. “Hitler had no humanity’ ‘Where’s your humanity’

    By Faith on 02.13.2016

  8. What is humanity? Humantiy has always stood for love and passion, but humanity has also been the cause for destruction, and war. So what are we, really? We are a collection of paradoxes, yet undecisive in who we really are.

    By joyce URL on 02.13.2016

  9. people seem to always say “this gives me hope for humanity”, but why? Why do they need other people to give them hope? Why can’t they do these good things themselves, and give themselves their own hope for humanity. Maybe that way humanity would be less flawed.

    By Madison URL on 02.13.2016

  10. I’m losing hope in humanity. We’re judgemental and greedy and there’s a shit ton of inequality in the world. Hopefully we’ll improve soon. Before it’s too late.

    By C.P. on 02.13.2016

  11. Humanity is a mystery to us. It has put limitations on itself that are unseen in other planetary cultures. In other systems you can judge a race on one individual, as most are telepathically connected.

    By Lady Hobbit URL on 02.13.2016

  12. By killing him, I would lose my one last shred of humanity. Some would say it wasn’t worth, but I would. No longer would I be confined or hidden from the world. No longer would I feel his unwanted touch or hear his hateful slurs. No longer would I suffer. He would instead.

    By Nikana URL on 02.13.2016

  13. one of the things I’ve seen humanity falls is when they all rush on whatever they’re doing without giving second looks on the people they hurt along the way

    By Nur Athirah on 02.13.2016

  14. Humanity. An outpouring of God into flesh. What once was said to be good now a story of struggle, and redemption.

    By Shayla on 02.13.2016

  15. He didn’t let them suffer. He knew how to stop the pain quickly, how to keep them from the worst of it. Of course, he needed the screams, the look of terror in their eyes. He needed the power. But he didn’t need them to suffer. He knew their small bodies could only handle so much. He violated them with his own only until he knew they were done. After, he killed them quickly, smoothly. Before they even knew what was happening their tiny hearts stopped beating. This was his offering to God, his last shred of humanity.

    By L. Bainbridge URL on 02.13.2016

  16. By Haikai-mann

    Legacies of greed
    Foolishness, remiss, bloodlust

    “You have no choice as to what is human, we all are. Unfortunately, we must choose to exercise humanity. Most of you do not. The concept, I’d say, is offensively and ironically so named.” – Apotheosus

    “Don’t think different. Think differently if it is better, and Act to create a better reality… or at least don’t make a worse mess of things in the current reality.” – J. Hardy

    By ! Haikai-Mann ! on 02.13.2016

  17. To Gabriella Cheline,

    Their has never been a period in human history when people as a whole generally cared for others. Our species has fought over money and wealth for all its history and sadly most people are no better than their predecessors, this fact being used as an excuse by some. In fact, with so much knowledge available to many about correctness and goodness, it is logically impossible to believe that we are not worse now than ever before. People in the past could claim ignorance with great probability, but you, myself and most others in the world cannot.

    By ! Haikai-Mann ! on 02.13.2016

  18. The last hope for humanity is to go to the stars, the professor said, in fact he had said this so many times that the sleepy students in the lecture hall could repeat his words verbatim. This is important, humanity should not die out. One fox terrier who had been at the school the longest, thought, if humanity leaves Earth, that would be fine; we animals will do better without humans.

    By chanpheng URL on 02.14.2016

  19. Due to my attitude towards life, humanity is one of the most precious value besides health.

    By Bluered on 02.14.2016

  20. Humanity is losing and we need to change that. We are all one race of people, but we all act like we’re a different species, some above others. Some deserve money, some deserve food, some deserve death. Others don’t. It’s pathetic and weak

    By TmRogers URL on 02.14.2016

  21. “Humanity?” she questioned midway through a gulp of her drink, a cough produced a collection of bubbles from her mouth like a crab. “What the fuck does humanity have to do with this?” I smirked at her. “Well, pretty much everything. If there wasn’t any humanity, would there be cards?

    By Cam URL on 02.14.2016

  22. There isn’t much of this left in the world, or at least that’s how it seems on some days. There are blips in this theory of mine, when there is a random kindness, or someone gives another person something they really can’t afford to give away. It can be money, or love, or a glance, or a touch at a point when they most need it. There are so many times when I feel like reaching out, but after years of donating energy to a series of personal black holes, it’s a little disappointing.

    By Cristina on 02.14.2016

  23. opened in a slice
    halved like a pear
    at the center
    is it the flesh?
    the skin?
    the seeds?
    you hold a rock in one hand
    and your smartphone
    in the other

    By Kairn URL on 02.14.2016

  24. opened in a slice
    halved like a pear
    at the center
    is it the flesh?
    the skin?
    the seeds?
    you hold a rock in one hand
    and your smartphone
    in the other
    Siri who am I
    Siri who made me
    Siri am I a we?
    Siri will I be you
    Siri is my name Siri?

    By Kairn URL on 02.14.2016

  25. Out of all of humanity Frank was the last of his race. For all her knew he was the last living creature in the universe. He had not expected this to happen when he had awoken not long ago. Now he felt lost and alone. He had only left for 2 hours.

    By no name on 02.14.2016

  26. Humanity is a word that is what matters the most. In a sense, when this word pops up, I just finished reading the 5th wave. And the core of the story is about humanity. What does the word mean? It is about inner conflict. Between the right and the wrong. Between love and hate. Bravery and fear. Us against the world. Humanity, to me, in an ideal world, is utopia. Kindness, love, peace, patience… God, love.

    By Evieloves on 02.14.2016

  27. Hanging on by a string. Her muscles aching, her joints sore as she clung to the edge…it was the last thing she had. Hope kept her clinging to the severed edge of the building. It had kept her alive for so long. Hope that it would all turn out okay. Hope that she would see her again. Hope that they could fix all of this. Hope that the sun would come back and the darkness would fade gradually. Hope that one day she could have a house, and a garden, and the dream job she was so close to having. Until it all came crashing down. Until the sky fell out of the heavens and the power went out. Hope was all she had left. Hope was what made the difference between Them and Humanity.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 02.14.2016

  28. humanity its a dificult thing in this days. The people are so many selfish and dont think in others. Nobody is humanity in this daus, and it’s a global problem. The humanity gos destroy yourself on few next years

    By mariane ritter on 02.14.2016

  29. Humanity has something which is quite rare, and quite unique: the ability to love, perhaps even more readily than it hates, as said by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    By Shr on 02.14.2016

  30. Saint South, tell me how
    know one knows the hell
    we carry under our fingernails.

    Tell me, in a voice like
    leaving butterflies, how
    happens for a reason –
    cleaning the underside
    of my fingernails
    to later despair over
    the cleanliness –
    dirtying them some more.

    Are we all falling like angels,
    comet tails burning out
    in impact craters?

    These are the things I ponder
    while a stranger sits across
    from me, avoiding eye contact,
    like we couldn’t even begin
    to understand each other.

    She hides her hands like I do.
    I hide my eyes..

    By Pandatry URL on 02.14.2016

  31. “Oh for the love of humanity!”
    “You seem frustrated.”
    “Your ability to decipher the impossible contiunes to astound me.”
    “Oh, that was sarcastic.”
    “I’m done with this conversation.”
    “Hey, hey, come on and talk to me please.”
    “What is there to talk about?”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 02.14.2016

  32. the story of all the little things. The way they smile at eachother, the way she takes her kids hands, the way they serve people they don’t even know. Strangers making homes for friends that are not yet known. Everything in between that the news doesn’t take notice of.

    By nothingness on 02.14.2016

  33. Humanity is in danger people are dying and I’m just watching them fall, all at once. I thought it could never happen, but now I don’t even remember how it was before it all started

    By valen on 02.14.2016

  34. humanity now days is messed u to me. everyone is given something they have to live up to. we cant be different. and sterotypes suck.

    By leah on 02.14.2016