August 30th, 2014

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92 Responses to “charity”

  1. it’s about giving to those who need, doing things that need to be done for the greater good. donating time or money or blood, sweat and tears. charity can be as simple as smiling at someone in the street, they could need just that. it can be as simple as catching up with an old buddy going through a divorce, or helping someone find their favourite sweater that they lost in the wash.

    By Em URL on 08.31.2014

  2. He shrugged, throwing a penny in the old man’s hat, giving his companion a smile, as if to say “see, there, I did it. I filled my quota for the month” and his companion smiled, brewing anger hiding beneath. She was a beggar too. She begged for attention. Was she filling his monthly quota as well?

    By Elizabeth on 08.31.2014

  3. She was not there for charity. She needed help, but she was willing to work for it. She wanted to prove her bastard father wrong and make it in the world. But she did not forsee what she would have to become fornthat to work

    By Jerri on 08.31.2014

  4. She promised that she would give as much of her money to charity as she possibly could afford. That was something she promised to herself as a young girl, but now it was coming back to show how she should’ve gone a different route. She could barely afford to support herself and her family, let alone help out with those less fortunate.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.31.2014

  5. The way the stableboy’s lips stay controlled and restrained when they kiss speaks volumes to the prince. This is not the kiss of a lover; this is the kiss of a man who feels he has no other option but to obey his royal’s whim. No, worse. This is an act of charity, and the prince can hardly bear it.

    By Samuel on 08.31.2014

  6. He held out his hand,
    day by day,
    night by night,
    on the cold grate,
    that sometimes gave him relief,
    though the steam,
    hazing his memory,
    taking him back to a time
    where it was exciting to get lost in the fog,
    and hoped for kindness
    to get him through another day.

    By Siege URL on 08.31.2014

  7. I’m not a charity case! I’ve spent my life with ny mother making us a charity case. Always saying we had to get past our pride to make it. Let me ask you this. How much pride do you have if you’re always begging and taking from others without giving back. None. That’s the answer for those of you that bothered.

    By whitney on 08.31.2014

  8. You are a cold nest, but you tell me to be quiet anyways, stirring your lips as you lick the skin of death. You don’t push him away but pull him closer, closer, until you’re swallowing molars and vertebrae to clatter there inside you. He grows your warmth below his belt until you’re freezing well and out; and you say it’s but a charity.

    By Pandatry on 08.31.2014

  9. “Things have changed. I have changed. Stop pretending like I’m a fucking charity case and just let me go already!”

    I did as she said and let go of her wrist. She wrapped her other hand around it like it hurt, like where my skin had touched her’s there had been physical pain.

    “Fine,” I whispered, “fine.”

    By DeionDakota on 08.31.2014

  10. “Sweet Charity” by Mary Ocher pops to mind. Then freak folk and avantgarde. I guess it’s that kind of day.

    By Intuition on 08.31.2014

  11. charity gives me a feeling like i ate good food but now it’s coming back to haunt me in my stomach. i like it because good food and stuff but then its like oh its kinda awkward cause now i feel bad maybe i should never eat again.

    By Casey Key URL on 08.31.2014

  12. She tried not to turn her nose. She needed the help, but desperately didn’t want to admit it. The old man was still holding the cloak out to her. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. He had a nice, friendly face. Myles was his name, and he was well known around this area for his charity. What he wanted with her, she couldn’t fathom. She was new and as of yet didn’t look poor. She fled her old village leaving nothing but a smoking rubble behind her and came to Gamen. It was the first town she had come through.

    By Sarah on 08.31.2014

  13. My daughter’s name should have been Charity. Why you may ask? My mother-in-law says that she is leaving her material belongings to charity when she dies. Ergo, Charity is the appropriate name for her only grandchild. Charity could begin her life with a car, college, and maybe even her first house paid-for. Charity could have a firm foundation from which to build her adult life. Instead, Sydney will pave her own way. She will dig a little deeper and toil a little harder. She will learn to strive a little further, because her name isn’t Charity.

    By L2B2 on 08.31.2014

  14. Hello everyone! Well, I’m Anne and an introvert! Whoops, shouldn’t have said that out loud. Anyways, I’m here to help you all! Well, not all because I’m just one human being but- Oh, I’m rambling again. Ahem. We can all start with being enthusiastic for this day! We have lots of activities to look forward to! We have uhm- Bert! What do we have again? Oh dear goodness I forgot!

    By Ella on 08.31.2014

  15. I gave myself senselessly. Giving all I had to give for no reason at all, even to those who didn’t deserve it, I gave myself as a charity. Something to cherish in times where you didn’t have anything else to hold on to. I gave myself away and didn’t leave anything to hold on to.

    By caitlin on 08.31.2014

  16. Charity is worth something to both the giver and the receiver- for the receiver, the reasons are obvious, or so they ought to be, if the arrow has struck it’s target – and the giver, well, the giver gets to applaud themselves for their own philanthropism.

    By a terrible poet on 08.31.2014

  17. Gods way making people give do good i dont know something to make you feel good about yourself its a good thing but we should do it for the right reasons and stuff i like it but i like to keep things too so i dont really getting rid of things

    By Sofia on 08.31.2014

  18. Its awesome to give to charities but lots of people dont realize that charities dont tell the truth about where the funds donated go. You never get to see or hear from those that benefit from them. I’d rather give to those in my own community rather than donate to a charity. Give from your heart no matter how much you think you’ll get back, as long as you give freely.

    By Delilah Black on 08.31.2014

  19. She stood in line at Starbucks. The forty people in front of her were angry. Hell, she was angry. She looked to her left and saw a stand, a lonely woman behind a table with a sign that read: “Give to charity. One dollar, one life.”

    By Josie on 08.31.2014

  20. charity work is good for college applications. i donate alot to charity. and alot of money is rasied for charity. For example als raised approx 2 million for reserch.

    By mel garcia on 08.31.2014

  21. charity i had to gve charity to the orpghange it was sad i was an orpghan at one point in my life so i wanted to give back to all those times i was taken care of charity chairty chairty the salvation army kids who have nothing its always about the kids no one thinks about the adults on the street who have nothing to eat who have stains on thier pants from not being able to use the retroom i have nothing against the kids but the adults shouldnt they get some attention too? they are on the streets they are in stores on sidewalks everywhere

    By sam on 08.31.2014

  22. Sometimes charity is the one thing that you feel you have. If ever you needed something to give to someone, know that you have it- whether it be a positive thought or even a smile, being charitable is something that is always up to you- and always in your power to give.

    By kelli on 08.31.2014

  23. She held her hand out, scars lining. The man looked down, a scowl on his face. Then he saw the child behind her skirt. His heart skipped a beat. The money felt heavy in his pocket. With a smile, he dug in and dropped the bills in, charity filling his mind. He felt new, reborn.

    By Rachel Rose on 08.31.2014

  24. He gave it his all, not just his money, but his time as well. He spend hours at the clinic. Helping children walk again. But no one knows that under his pants, he has no legs. Only two sticks. To keep him up. And he happily helps children walk when he is walking on sticks.

    By Lily on 08.31.2014

  25. “I don’t need your charity.” She snatched the keys from my hands, fumbling with the door lock. April always forgot which way to turn the key.

    I sighed. The sky grew dark, the heat of lightning seizing up the sky like veins.

    By Serenity URL on 08.31.2014

  26. Charity is a kindness, that many do not posses. Though many desire it, and many require it, it is a lonely little gift. Do not leave it, or think little of it. It is an admirable quality, and sorely missed

    By Etosha URL on 08.31.2014

  27. Charity was a beautiful girl, whose hair always flowed with the direction of the wind perfectly. It was like a sheet flowing on a clothes line, not a single strand of blonde hair attempting to rebel and ruin the flow of her gorgeous glossy mane.

    By Megan on 08.31.2014

  28. charity is vital to life as we know it. the common good is something that is nessecary to the world. many people thrive on thsi.

    By ally URL on 08.31.2014

  29. “I don’t want your money,” Alex spat, her voice full of venom. “I don’t want your charity. Get out of my life, Rose.”

    Fiddling with my blonde curls as I always did when I was nervous, I replied softly, “Lex, you don’t have anybody or anything. All we have is each other. It’s really not smart to act better than me right now.”

    By Annie on 08.31.2014

  30. Give it away
    Make them feel better about themselves
    it’s only money
    what more can you pay
    seeking handouts
    a way to get by
    never think of what it costs
    just dig in your pocket
    little is lost

    By Protean on 08.31.2014

  31. To err is human,
    To forgive divine,
    To take a sign of nature’s call,
    But charity
    Will see the key
    To creating peace for all.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 08.31.2014

  32. it wasn;t fun, and it wasn’t easy, you had to put in effort, and she loved that. it took her mind off things, off the slowly decreasing standard of her life and the loss of excitement in it.

    but it wasn’t just about keeping her distracted

    By tessie on 09.01.2014

  33. Charity was overrated, Tarla thought, unless you were on the receiving end. She was just about charity-ed out, and her own financial situation didn’t exactly make it easy for her to play philanthropist along with her Junior League friends … at least, not without feeling the pinch for a week or more afterwards.

    By Mexichick on 09.01.2014

  34. Charity is a beautiful thing. You give to those in need. But what if you’re in need yourself? Who can you expect to give to you? There are seven billion people in the world and that number rises every day. You send dollars and dimes to children and animals you’ve never seen before. What about your neighbors? We’re all suffering.

    By Alyse URL on 09.01.2014

  35. How easy it must be to simply give away everything… at least for some people. It’s hard to let go, yet alone for a good cause. But when the magic word called “charity” is called upon, it suddenly seems very easy to appear the marytr. Appealing to pride always does the trick.

    By buddingbard on 09.01.2014

  36. charity, they say, begins at home. but then so do so many other things. the way we understand the world, the way we interact with the world…everything starts at home.

    By Anu on 09.01.2014

  37. The morning sun hit the stained-glass of the top window. Red, blue, and green glass sparkled like a prism. She gasped. The squeeze of his hand brought her back. “I don’t understand. You…you bought a house?” He smiled, “Yes, just a small repayment for giving me your heart.”

    By Soft URL on 09.01.2014

  38. No point in living off Brothers’ charity. This world was suddenly small, suffocatingly small, and there was no place for him in it. No place for anything that he could give, after twelve years of apprenticeship, no place for his dreams, no place for his tomorrows. The next morning Liam took the boat down the river, to the Town.

    By eleia on 09.01.2014

  39. charity comes in many forms. It is however about giving from the heart, not to display one’s profanity, or self-centeredness, but to be conscious of the feelings of the recipient of your gifts.

    By victor URL on 09.01.2014

  40. charity is a devine act. It makes the person who does it happy. It socially creates an impact. I love charity. I believe charity begins at home

    By teena on 09.01.2014