August 5th, 2015

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47 Responses to “brave”

  1. we are brave
    just by being

    By katiekieran URL on 08.05.2015

  2. “My brave little girl,” She ran her hand down my hair smoothing it out. “It’ll be ok, alright?”
    I nodded,hesitantly. She clung onto me,tears soaking through my shirt. She let go.The thick blanket of smoke and ash enveloped her,never to be seen again. That was the last memory I had of her. Mom.

    By Sapphire on 08.05.2015

  3. “Leave her alone.” Three words I won’t be able to forget ever. Thank you, stranger, for not looking away.

    By Alice Shina on 08.05.2015

  4. A young girl named becca was a lovely girl she was a quest an all mighty quest for the BRAVE yes indeed she was brave.

    By Hiiiiiii on 08.05.2015

  5. Heart as big as the sky, courage as loud as a lion. Little shy steps that nevertheless go foward.

    By Clara on 08.05.2015

  6. The brave stranger grabbed my shoulder from behind and shoved me into the back of his car
    The words I will never forget we’re the words he whispered in my ear, I hope you won’t think this is kidnapping. That voice hit me it reminded me of a voice from more than five years ago.
    It was mel, the friend I had lost In a war or archery, hate and regret.

    By Hiiiiiii on 08.05.2015

  7. Today I have lost a friend, a dearest and most forgiving person I ever met. I had felt brave for things I said to her, but the feeling soon after changed to regret. I thought she would be over it by now but the words I said, she would never forget. I thought I was brave for apologising to her but the brave turned to butterflies and feeling I knew I would never get her back.

    By Anonymous on 08.05.2015

  8. brave is a feeling we let ourself feel n
    But I. The end if you think about it the thing we did wasn’t our fault we didn’t do it

    By Anonymous on 08.05.2015

  9. Brave is a feeling what all humans feel.
    Rave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave

    By Anonymous on 08.05.2015

  10. I dont really know who is barve. I mean I’ve got my friend, but are they brave? I dont really kno and i dont want to know it, because it would be stupid to see who lies and who is really brave. I think it would be a big suprise.

    By Giftguen on 08.05.2015

  11. to be brave you hold all sadness in your own and show them your beautiful smile…
    to be brave you act that you forget all your problems and your mind still works on…
    to be brave you can’t do anything for your missing…
    to be brave you have to fight yourself; even and so hard your heart and you keep on with your mind in emotional thinking…
    to be brave you challenge all the oppositions that kill you or let you down and which they could be accidents or persons…
    to be brave you carry on all the holes that you get in your life…

    and this is all life we have to fight, hold, carry on, act….it’s just you have to be brave *…*

    By maiss on 08.05.2015

  12. Be brave, Be strong. Be without a single flaw. Be kind. Be smart. Be the epitome of the law. Be a role model. Be an idol. Be a ruler or a king. Wield a scepter. Swing a sabre. Bask in glories that wars bring. Be proud. Be frank. Don’t mince words with peasant fools. They aren’t brave or strong or kind or smart – they are merely idols’ tools.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.05.2015

  13. Bravery is such a relative term. Someone can be considered brave for being saving hundreds of people, or for going through hell to save themselves. Sometimes we feel brave just getting out of bed and going about the day. That takes real courage and power for some people.

    By rnaejc on 08.05.2015

  14. Brave is something that people think you are if you aren’t afraid. I’m not sure I agree. I think it’s when you do the right thing even though you are afraid. It doesn’t mean jumping into danger for no reason, but it does mean speaking up for those who need it.

    By twonky on 08.05.2015

  15. what is brave. i mean i know its five letters strung together to describe someone who isn’t afraid to face the one thing that scares them. but how can one person who cant get over so many other issues be considered brave. why do some weak people get to be considered brave

    By alexis on 08.05.2015

  16. conquering myself and my own thoughts.
    taking myself somewhere i’ve never been with the help of just my heart.
    courage to follow my wanderlust and leave behind all the ones i love in past times.
    becoming me.

    By kinsey on 08.05.2015

  17. The brave stallion charged towards the cougar. He fought, blood trickling down. He fought, and fought until the cougar was near death and crept away. The stallion slowly limped towards the rest of his heard.
    “You were brave, sir. thanks for saving me.” said a little voice out of nowhere.
    “Colt, next time don’t go wondering again.” He answered back.

    By DolphinDreams on 08.06.2015

  18. Her friends called her brave. But she no longer knew what she was. She simply existed. In that place where emptiness rang hollow though her bones, where there was no family left and no one to carry her. She simply moved and hoped that momentum carried her forward, perhaps towards some light. She hoped for that.

    By bb333 on 08.06.2015


    Lying next to you. Our bodies still hot. Connected. Everything new with no water yet under the bridge. It was so lovely, heavenly even to be looking into your eyes, drinking in your smile and believing in the possibility of us. I was breathless. And happy. And deluded as it turns out. You were holding up an illusion, a beautiful, irresistible lie.

    By bb333 on 08.06.2015

  20. He wished he was different.

    He wished he was someone she could boast about to her friends, her family and even her acquaintances. He wished he was someone who could make her happy when she was feeling dejected and that would be for a lot of times. He wished he was someone who could hold her close and say that everything will be okay. He wished he could protect her.

    He wished he was braver. For her.

    By Mariane on 08.06.2015

  21. I just want to see be brave. Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out. Honestly – i just want to see you be brave. Apart from this song mumma was very brave today. SHe did a presentation infront of 200 people. Woah. I admire her bravery. She says i am next. I’m not brave

    By Pei Pei on 08.06.2015

  22. you have to be brave in every aspect of your daily life, especially when dealing wuith your inner thoughts, they can be as destructive as your enemy

    By veronica on 08.06.2015

  23. it starts with B and adds rave
    what are you passionate about
    is it worth body and soul
    to have an hold
    in your bones
    i choose to be brave

    By JWB on 08.06.2015

  24. do you know what i look like? yes. i look like that. that which you’re thinking of at the moment. or rather, SHE looks like me. because i was there first. and besides, we don’t look alike at all, except for that shock of burning locks on our heads. but you try living with that, being compared to that round-faced clown every. single. DAY ever since that god forsaken movie was released. you go ahead.

    By berenique on 08.06.2015

  25. Darlene was good at brutal truth. It was her thing and people either loved or hated her for it. She’d lift her chin, take a deep breath, and look someone in the eye while ripping their heart. She could go toe to toe with almost anyone, except for her best friend, Amy. When they were alone in Amy’s room, listening to music or watching TV, with careless hands, arms, and legs brushing against each, Darlene drowned the truth in liquor.

    By Soft URL on 08.06.2015

  26. Brave was the mouse helping the lion when he knew he might not survive.

    By saraheiser on 08.06.2015

  27. I brave, I just don’t know that…I let the fear to control me so the bravery emergers

    By varsha on 08.06.2015

  28. I am brave and i’ll overcome my fear. if i cant ..then i must…

    By varsha on 08.06.2015

  29. She was brave, but at times her fear overwhelmed her and she felt like she was a child again starting to regress back to the days when she wished she could climb onto her fathers lap for comfort.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.06.2015

  30. Life is tough, but darling so are you. Be brave and courageous with your dreams, don’t let people tell you otherwise. Yes of course you will have to encounter some difficulties in life to strive for your goal, but it’s life. So go ahead, chase your dreams!

    By abigail rae on 08.06.2015

  31. brave the wilds
    the whistling whirling
    the call
    the cold

    in a place with no words
    with no time
    just up, down, sway, still
    hunger and contentment
    warmth and cold

    face with bravery the unknown
    the changing, change
    know yourself
    don’t speak

    By Benjie on 08.06.2015

  32. The first daisy of spring broke through the green barrier and into the world. Frost may come back, but it would stick it out like a tiny star in a vast green sky, lighting up the leafy darkness.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.06.2015

  33. “Run for the exit! I’ll distract the killer with my singing!”

    Cheryl took the signal and ran for the exit. Brittany waited until she left before taking out her magical microphone and drawing the force field.

    “Say what you want to say —”

    The killer took off his wig. It was actually a magical girl in disguise too!

    By betaveros on 08.06.2015

  34. Some Brave Things
    1. Saving the world
    2. Giving your life to save another
    3. Jumping out of a window
    4. Writing these words and letting the world see.

    By Petrichor Teacup on 08.06.2015

  35. There is a difference from being brave and being stupid. It is a fine line to walk. Unfortunately for Harold he didn’t realize his own stupidity until he inches away from the bank. Why was he really here? It wasn’t because he believed in the cause, he didn’t actually ever even think about it. He was here because he simply wanted to fit in. But was fitting in with a bunch of anarchist really worth it? It was too late now though.

    By Trista URL on 08.06.2015

  36. Sometimes we all have to do something in spite of our fear. I call that bravery. One has to be brave to just do what comes next. To act even when we are afraid is to be brave. But oftentimes, when we are in the midst of it, we don’t even notice our own bravery. But afterwards, we see it. And how cool is that?

    By Mistress Quickly on 08.06.2015

  37. Every time I dream I feel invincible. Taking on adventures that most people wouldn’t dare. Going to new places and new faces and new phases. But real life is not so much like that. I’m just a quiet mouse with a tiger hidden inside. I feel as though every thing about me is backwards. I was made to be brave. I just have to believe it.

    By bubbles on 08.06.2015

  38. “I don’t know why I’m even so important,” the Girl pouted. She tightened her arms around herself. “I’m not even brave like you guys.”

    “Not brave? Who told you that?”

    “I get scared when the Draculoids come,” the Girl explained, turning her luminous eyes up into Party Poison’s. “You guys never do. You’re always ready, ghostin’ ’em with your ray guns and stuff.”

    “Well, I don’t know about the other guys,” Poison said, “but /I/ get scared when the Draculoids come.”

    “Nuh uh.”

    “It’s true!” he insisted. “I get scared for you guys, I get scared for myself. The whole reason I even got good at shooting is because I was scared, and I wanted to be able to do something about it. I wanted to be able to make sure that the things I was scared of didn’t come true. That’s all bravery is, Girly. And you’re /plenty/ brave.”

    By Julia A. URL on 08.06.2015

  39. Defective and a coward. That’s all they’ve ever seen me as. Even at the beginning of the war, that’s all they said.

    …Even when they took us apart, torn our spirits to ribbons, destroyed everything that mattered.

    Sword in my hand, wiping away the tears shed weeping about the fallen, I’ll show you what I’m capable of.

    How I’m brave.

    By Aex on 08.06.2015

  40. “He was so brave, riding out into battle like that,” she thought as she watched her love from the castle tower window.
    She knew that they’d win. She knew that good would prevail. The thing that she was worried about was that his life would be the price to bring them victory.

    By Maryn on 08.06.2015