July 21st, 2015

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54 Responses to “bait”

  1. Even though i have studied english for many years, i have no idea what that word means. I will have to look it up in the dictionary. It seems to be a verb, but it could also be a noun. We used food as bait. It is a noun. thanks longman dictionary online.

    By marcos on 07.22.2015

  2. Bait and switch is the time when you are there to buy something you want and have something you don’t want sold to you instead. It is a point of contention for many buyers. Bait and switch pisses a lot of people off and it makes me want to shoot a person in the head, mostly.

    By Loy Williams on 07.22.2015

  3. It flicked, it fluttered, it wiggled and jumped. The light reflected oddly off its slimy body as it contorted around in my hand. This bait was still alive, just barely. I couldn’t bare to thread it onto the hook, I related too much to it. Instead I knelt down and lowered into the cold murky lake where it promptly stopped twitching, turned over a died a free creature.

    By Trista URL on 07.22.2015

  4. “I’m just… thinking.” It was bait. He would ask the right question and she would give the right answer and the conversation would go where she wanted it to. She wasn’t much for fishing, but she sure as hell knew how to catch.

    By Bridget on 07.22.2015

  5. The entire world is like a conundrum ending with endless possibilities.
    If you act on your desires, you fall for the bait of insecurity. If not, well…you’ve survived life.

    By kyungsoo on 07.22.2015

  6. He took it. He took the bait! What a jerkoff. Who else leaves a full pizza in the middle of the road? Do people do that? What country is he from? Where does he shop for pants? What am I doing here?!

    By N on 07.22.2015

  7. One day I was eating some Swedish Fish and wondered what sort of thing you’d catch if you put one on a hook. I think you’d catch a mermaid. She’d be angry that you’d tricked her with sweet candy and you’d be dumbfounded about what to do with her.
    Or maybe you’d catch a merman. I’m thinking of a lake.

    By Christina on 07.22.2015

  8. This fish that I caught is too small to eat. To ugly yet not ugly enough for a thropy. Large enough to use as bait. I will use this unfitting fish to bait a larger fish. And if that fish pulls me in, perhaps I was the set bait for the shark waiting in the deep blue depths.

    By ajloopy URL on 07.22.2015

  9. I looked;
    your melding
    with the porcelain
    did not stir my confidence
    any more than it stirred
    the Serotonin in your smile.

    The snow is now place
    for angels,

    and I don’t know who first
    taught me to hate,
    but I think it was god;
    at Christmastime, you said
    the world was a slippery
    mess of mockery and
    street lights, and he
    proclaimed wrath and hell.

    There was a time we
    almost believed, but
    the snow is no place
    for angels.

    By Pandatry on 07.22.2015

  10. He didn’t take the bait. She had stood there waiting in front of him, emotionally bare for the first time since they started this little dalliance two months ago. After laying it all out on the table it wasn’t enough. He walked away from her and all that they thought they had, without so much as a backwards glance.

    By Jessica on 07.22.2015

  11. they had to use him as bait or else the whole plan would have failed. it was going to be a tricky scheme, however they knew it could be achieved. their grand plan.

    By taz URL on 07.22.2015

  12. The ocean waves crashed into the nearby boat, causing the fishermen to smile as he walked past it. His boots squeaked on the wood, the weight of him causing the wood from the dock to creak as well. The rusty bucket swung in his hand, the goopy chum almost spilling as it continued to slosh back and forth.

    By Aex on 07.22.2015

  13. Bait is the food to catch fish, much like what companies use to attract customers. Like a fisherman who sets out his line with a worm to unsuspecting fish, companies send out hidden messages through the form of ads, commercials, posters, and commercials. We, just like fishes, hook onto them.

    By Katherine on 07.22.2015

  14. Hah, We should have known it all along. Now she’s standing there with her devious smile. Everything is covered in red, except her in her little black dress, getting all the attention she ever needed. Look at her, how she’s now standing in the spot of her own tragedy, enjoying every second of it. And here am I, the unknown known, putting every little thing back to its place.
    Well, there’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for.

    By Ilka on 07.22.2015