June 10th, 2015

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54 Responses to “anonymous”

  1. Anonymous faces behind a screen, anonymous fingers typing anonymous attacks aimed at someone they’ve never met in real life. Reactions occur elsewhere in a vacuum, not that its a concern of the anonymous.

    By asavas URL on 06.10.2015

  2. no one word can claim meaning for all things. such is the nature of the lost. we are found in that empty space between a multitude of words, worn down to nothing by the echoing wind. feed the heart with songs

    By WrittenOut URL on 06.10.2015

  3. lets be brave and make ourselves public now – we both are confident enough in each other to let the worlds know how we feel underneath below the waves – the anonymous waves.

    By gander on 06.10.2015

  4. Alone, i watch her smile softly. She watches something out of the distance. A child comes in my view. She runs, arms wide to the woman. A sense of loneliness washes over me, this woman I do not know. I do not know her birthdate, nor her name. I am of no importance to the woman I have been watching. I am alone myself, I am anonymous.

    By Lily on 06.10.2015

  5. Hidden. Hiding behind a faceless, nameless figure. Meaningless. Strong, but not on their own. Arrogant, and thinking they have more power than they actually possess. Insecure. Alone. Bitter. Taboo. Talked-about. Infamous. Known for all the wrong reasons.

    By Lucy on 06.10.2015

  6. The note was signed anonymous. She started at the word. A cold chill ran through her. She would never know. This note, this piece of paper was all that she had looked for. And it was useless – she would never know who had killed him.

    By Liz URL on 06.10.2015

  7. Who am I? You don’t know. I think, though, that neither do I.

    By ZebraToMexico URL on 06.10.2015

  8. Anonymous means no one will know. It is private, and you are free to speak your mind and give your true opinion of things without any repercussions. It is amazing.

    By Mrs. Ivy on 06.10.2015

  9. We try to be anonymous sometimes. We want to hide yet we want to be heard and known. We see paintings by anonymous and wonder who that person would be. We also wonder for ourselves.

    By storyteller URL on 06.10.2015

  10. lost. hidden. all of us, and none of us. the best without the credit. the worst without the fault. some person, being, within, none to answer to.

    By Anna Radcliffe on 06.10.2015

  11. Anonymous means to do something and not be know. I think maybe we are all anonymous in the world expect for a select few. We go through life and no one really knows who we were or what we did.

    By Brooke L. URL on 06.10.2015

  12. A white cloak is settled over her shoulders as she walks down the street, invisible to all that she sees. The air is thick and the sky is dark, not quite black but a hazy sort of purple. She will prevail, anonymously, to do her duty. She must.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 06.10.2015

  13. The one who is not known. He who does not speak. The silent guardian. This is what others saw him as and he was well aware of it. He was also aware of most of their names, but they would never know his- only his titles. He didn’t mind it being that way- it was quite fun, actually.

    By Nicole M. on 06.10.2015

  14. “I wish to remain anonymous,” said the person behind the curtain.

    “Do you also wish for solitude?” the interviewer replied.

    “To be anonymous is to live in solitude,” the person said. “I’ll be plenty happy when everyone else is gone so I can be alone when I’m dead.”

    “But there are ghosts to follow you in the afterlife,” the interviewer objected.

    “Well, in that case,” said the stranger, “I ought to be the only one resurrected.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.10.2015

  15. The anonymous hate flowed in. “You’re fat and hideous” “kill yourself pathetic scum” “your worthless” Even the bad grammar and bad spelling hurt her. With shaky hands, she raised her hand to her mouth. It was full of various pills she’d found around the house. Sleeping pills, pain pills, water pills, everything pills. The worst part? The scumbags who had said it were too scared to say it to her face- they stayed anonymous.

    By grace on 06.10.2015

  16. staring down at the love note, she sighed quietly. “Signed Anonymous.” She sighed, looking down at the bottom of the note. “Who in the name of hell keeps sending me these?” What she didn’t know, it was her best friend.

    By Blair Falkner on 06.10.2015

  17. without a name, anon o mouse a tiny thing, it’s there, it’s invisible. until the dog finds it and carries it around the yard in her mouth, gently, its tiny tail sticking out, a named thing.

    By anna URL on 06.10.2015

  18. there is no glass house of emotion this time. things are not as transparent as they used to be. you want to know why but everything is a gray screen now, everything is masked figures and unknown faces. we are not friends anymore. i don’t know what we are.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 06.10.2015

  19. a person whos name is not known, ie the man with the black coat, stood anonymously beside the greyish tilting pole, on a cold windy day. he said in a gruff tone, hey, mister, hold up a second. Mister mister asked who he was , he said, why, i’m mister anonymous!

    By lara URL on 06.10.2015

  20. this is what the anonymous writer said” You can choose to be sour like a lemon or you can choose to be as sweet as a strawberry”

    By DolphinDreams URL on 06.11.2015

  21. There’s a kind of power to being anonymous, to operating behind a name that has no connection to who you really are. As Person # 23478234A, you can create yourself anew, pretend you’re not that person you’ve come to loathe because it’s hindering you from your full potential.

    By Ashi URL on 06.11.2015

  22. I did not know where I was going, I didn’t even know where I had been. I was here, now, alone but not yet afraid. The treetops creaked and groaned while the midnight wind whispered secrets to them. Every now and then the sound of scurrying or the hooting of an owl broke me out of my reverie.

    By Erin on 06.11.2015

  23. I used to read poems in books and wonder who this famous person was called “Anon”. I now know that it was referring to an anonymous poem, moreover a poem whose author was unknown. Valentine’s Day cards also feature the word anonymous.

    By Dana on 06.11.2015

  24. No one knows anything that I do on the internet. That’s me. Curiosity. Desire. All of that shit. My search history knows me better than my own mother. I’m real. So, so real.

    By Elizabeth on 06.11.2015

  25. Pisanje … brzo, šta sad, kad napišem. Čemu ovo?

    By Sava on 06.11.2015

  26. He thought no one one would know it was him. As Richard sent off the scribbled confession of his love for her. He slipped the note into her locker and joined the sea of high school adolescents.

    By Briana Clugston URL on 06.11.2015

  27. I woke up with her. That was the end of it. No words said, no clothes put on. Not a glance into her anonymous eyes. She woke up shortly after myself, sat naked at the edge of the bed as she came to. Then stood and strutted towards the door. And like that, she was gone. @oneoworddotcom @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 06.11.2015

  28. she preferred to stay anonymous. so public yet so private at the same time. she was afraid of what they would think to know it was her all along. the damage it would do, bonds it would break. she decided it was best this way. ju

    By Safon URL on 06.11.2015

  29. shitty block
    under shirts and sweat
    blood and stupid girls
    and stupid brain

    By lala on 06.11.2015

  30. “Don’t tell anybody who I am.”

    Monica shuddered and twisted in her chair, trying to say something or call through help through the gag. Her captor slowly, gingerly removed her blindfold.

    Monica was staggered to behold a flittering fairy in front of her. “What… what are you?”

    “Nobody can knooooow” moaned the fairy

    By betaveros URL on 06.11.2015

  31. ma sto sad anoniman si.?
    i pisala sam vec o ovome dajte drugu rijec
    sta sad trebam pisat o sakrivanju u sranjima
    sisaj ga

    By lala on 06.11.2015

  32. He slipped into his favorite chair on the back row of the theater. The film started, but his eyes were on the faceless heads scattered in front of him. Sweaty palms, barely breathing, he tensed as stranger slid in beside him. He didn’t dare look, but sighed in familiar pleasure and relief asthe man’s hand found his thigh.

    By Soft URL on 06.11.2015

  33. lala dada svi su anonimusi pa sta.
    buu aj placi malo
    makse bjezi sakrij se nedje
    probaj pit il placi sve rjedje

    By lala on 06.11.2015

  34. (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name.
    “the donor’s wish to remain anonymous”
    synonyms: unnamed, of unknown name, nameless, incognito, unidentified, unknown, unspecified, undesignated, unacknowledged, mystery; More
    having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.
    “his impeccable, slightly anonymous Chelsea flat”
    synonyms: characterless, unremarkable, nondescript, impersonal, faceless, , grey
    “an anonymous London housing estate”

    By hadia URL on 06.11.2015

  35. it means that a person not identify by name for example he she it they him her

    By hussain URL on 06.11.2015

  36. Anonymous always has the best advice and quotes. No one person could be as wise as he/she :) anonymous is a promise that is made frequently, but are you really ever anonymous?

    By Deb smith on 06.11.2015

  37. Someone is anonymous, not seen, not heard, and maybe not able to be found.

    By Jacalyn on 06.11.2015

  38. He was standing a phone booth, barley fitting, when the call came in. “Hello?’ he said. “Hello? he said, again. I’m so glad you answered,” she said. And then hung up. The rain slowly began to fall.

    By Cody Dove URL on 06.11.2015

  39. Doyle spent almost an hour on the phone. Despite threats, bribes and blackmail, he could not get a direct line to the President. He was being shut out, by the very people he had maneuvered in, from the most powerful office in the land. His mind raced, weighing up options, playing out scenarios, but they all led to the same conclusion. He was left with only one way to proceed. He picked up the phone again, and dialed one of the numbers he had dialed previously. But this time it would be an anonymous call.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.11.2015

  40. when walking through a dark dreadful anonymous street of your city you can find that the life is so weird and you are the only light and the way, they only read about..

    By Nave on 06.11.2015