June 11th, 2015

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54 Responses to “national”

  1. Their homecoming was a national event. People dressed their kids up in easter bests and dragged them out to airfields and movie theaters to watch the those soldiers planes land. The first success for the country in ages. Everyone was there. Everyone but the her.

    By Trista URL on 06.12.2015

  2. Her words reached millions
    Microscopically invading the minds of many
    Crossing seas
    And crawling onto lands

    Her voice wasn’t loud
    Nor was it quiet
    But it was vital
    And needed to be heard

    It demanded attention
    For everyone in the world
    To hear such a lovely sound

    By Finifugal Spitfire URL on 06.12.2015

  3. national–the baseball team. when we were little dc didn’t have a baseball team. so we became big orioles fans. except that we were also phillis fans (mostly b/c of pete rose, mike schmidt, steve carlton and steve leonard). O’s beat the Phillies in ’83. I rooted for the phillies.

    By Colleen Gans on 06.12.2015

  4. America’s national past time is baseball. Although, I think it’s super slow and boring. Hotdogs seem to be a national favorite. The national anthem sung before everything that is important

    By michelle on 06.12.2015

  5. my spirit comes from a great old era but my country ran into a stupid wasted land, i cant believe what we were yesterday and what we are today! art turned to religion, humanity turned to hate and greatness turned to doggy style!!

    By Nave on 06.12.2015

  6. an arbitrary geographical boundary shaped by moving cultural, political and economic pressures. the reinforcement of our illusion of separateness from our fellow man. fracturing the collective unity of our species, the rejection of our shared humanity.

    By anonymoose URL on 06.12.2015

  7. National Day of Cheesecake. Everybody should celebrate by eating cheesecake and being happy.

    By rose on 06.12.2015

  8. bank. being canadian. bacon. tim hortons but not so much any more but maybe it’s about sharing our culture with others while still keeping them canadian! eh? americans love it when we say eh. why?

    By Dan on 06.12.2015

  9. It was a national holiday but Julie didn’t feel very patriotic, not after that last incident with her Air Force boyfriend. He had left her stranded on the side of the road, all because of a little disagreement. She had broken one of her heals on the long trek to find help. No, she wouldn’t be celebrating with much passion this year. He had tried to make it up to her later, but flowers are a paltry peace offering when one has hiked unexpected miles on a country road.

    By Carolyn URL on 06.12.2015

  10. the national service is to lower the barometric pressure,
    for our old, our young, suffer from the treachery of gravity,
    why is earth so cruel?
    grab an umbrella and covet what mother wanted to sprout!
    Snag a cloud and hope its on your side!

    Even though, weather, the furiously stern god, bestows
    little heaven on earth, as beings our horses’ gallop when we lash them!

    Our bakeries fluff warmth in aroma blended between ingredients
    when we care,

    Sun or gloom
    you and she know one moon!

    By Milad URL on 06.12.2015

  11. holidays are a holy daze, time waits for no colored beings. enjoy your institutions, prostitution, and oil rig gigs. do you live in a corn field? cus im stalking you. i love you. i love your sister. i love your brother, hey mister. love your neighbor. be authentic and gallantly laborious.

    By grldg URL on 06.12.2015

  12. The story was, of course, all over the national news within a matter of hours. The President was defending his actions, Doyle was covering his tracks. He had been careful to ensure that nothing could be traced back to him, but now he was making sure that no one would know he had ever done anything in the first place. The original plan had been for a brilliantly executed transfer
    of power, a bloodless coup; but now they would have to make do with an apparent political suicide. The result would be the same, there would just be a bigger mess to clear up.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.12.2015

  13. I can’t believe we made it. Of all the people surrounding us, competing against us, rooting against us, we have overcome. This place is revered, held in awe and gazed upon only by the elite of talent. My friends, we have arrived at Nationals.

    By J.B URL on 06.12.2015

  14. I don’t have a lot of national pride. In November following the shooting in Ferguson, I wrote in my journal “this is not my country”. Having homeland is important, Having respect for elders and ancestors is vital. However, I don’t hold up a lie. I don’t hold up glory to hide chronic, ingrained violence.

    By Beth URL on 06.12.2015