October 26th, 2015

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66 Responses to “anatomy”

  1. A detailed study into the anatomy of society can bring out some undisclosed truths. Truths which were hidden from the curious eyes of public, concealed to prevent all hells from breaking loose.
    They’re still hidden under the realms of multiple facades, and can only be uncovered through a collective effort. Not you, not me. Us.

    By kyungsoo on 10.27.2015

  2. anatomy’s a tricky subject.
    a lot of info and i dont have the stomach
    to know about this
    to hear about that
    man id rather chill
    and lay on my back.

    By grld URL on 10.27.2015

  3. Something I dont understand or will ever understand, I have no intrest in this word and I don’t really understand how others could think this is interesting but I respect them for taking the time to learn about it cause it would take me a very long time to understand it fully. I wonder who made this word and who decided it was going to be a part of science. I wonder what they were thinking, how they felt. Were they proud or were they cheated out of the credit for their discovery like many other scientists.

    By Brooke URL on 10.27.2015

  4. the anatomy of a human is very diffrent from other animals. the time spend studing our bodies has no bounds. i can imagine a better body. maybe bionic, but a natural tissue? impossible. the only thing i could think of would be gun proof. if only that could exist.

    By tasha on 10.27.2015

  5. I dont really know exactly about anatomy, but it has somthing to do with body parts

    By Devon on 10.27.2015

  6. Grey’s Anatomy has been on for way too long. My sister watches it, and I don’t understand how it can still be entertaining to her. Perhaps she just likes the familiarity of the characters, like people who watch The Truman Show (the people in the movie).

    By Charlie Card on 10.27.2015

  7. So I don’t really know what anatomy is or what to say about it so I’ll just bore you with interesting factoids. Did you know, that you should drink our of pop cans with a straw? Because when the pop cans are made they are left in a warehouse and mice can poop on the lids.

    By Faith on 10.27.2015

  8. the anatomy trickling messages to my body
    you’ve been working too hard
    you’ve been sitting down for decades today…
    I neglect the e-mails sent from my brain to my inner thigh,
    blasted, en route, osmosis jones spurting down a cellular water slide,
    here, to my rescue, find a higher chair so your knees aren’t as folded and bent,
    whispers the voice lingering in my elbows.
    Seeking and browsing, I find a white leather chair from Ikea.

    By milad URL on 10.27.2015

  9. The body has a system. A set appearance. An anatomy of systems. This is a dumb word. What is this? grey’s anatomy. what makes up stuff. be your anatomy.

    By Sherry URL on 10.27.2015

  10. There’s nothing like the feeling when it all clicks into place. When you and I align like stars and the light shines on our face.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 10.27.2015

  11. the anatomy of the horse is very weird. the structure of a plant or animal.

    By heathersteffan on 10.27.2015

  12. I think anatomy talk is gross and just have no interest in talking endlessly about male and female parts. I’d rather talk about how wacky it is that someone thinks that they are fooling the whole world with their smarts when we can all really see what is really happening.

    By Marcella Termini on 10.27.2015

  13. I don’t know much about anatomy, other than “Grey’s Anatomy”, which I could care less about and don’t watch anyway. Who picks these words anyway? I need to speak with the person behind this, STAT.

    By KarmaMonoxide on 10.27.2015

  14. anatomy is an anatomy which is a anatomy

    By kaden boward on 10.27.2015

  15. Scalpels poke and prod at anatomies. Scissors snip and snap at veins and cords. Doctors so OBSESSED with finding a cure they evolve into madness and hunger for their next patients. Doctors becoming doctored and patients never seeing the light of day or the eerie of night again.

    By Zeila Stardust on 10.27.2015

  16. Anatomy…like that show “Grey’s Anatomy”. I don’t know what this word means, and I don’t know what the show’s about. I don’t know what else to write. I don’t what else to write. I don’t know what else to write.

    By Amber on 10.27.2015

  17. In science class in grade 9, it was discovered that Carly didn’t know that we had two lungs; this made her wonder if we have two hearts. Today, Carly is a doctor. No joke.

    By BeccaJean on 10.27.2015

  18. Her anatomy was flawed. And she knew that, not because a million people weren’t there to let her know that she was beautiful, but because she was unable to see past the girl who stared back at her from the mirror. She could never think of herself as more than just a sum of broken parts, of flaws, nothing but a fault in creation. But he believed it to be her battle scars, not some ugly marks left by a life of lifelessness. Maybe that’s what made her feel alive, on the day that she drew her last breath.

    By Blue. on 10.27.2015

  19. Twas the anatomy of thought. What lurks in a crevice, really. A jump in neural activity. Something travels between the dendrites then signals intent via myelin-coated axons. Spanning rifts with neurochemical bridges, its transmission delivers critical info. Where does it land, you ask? Oh, that. Well once spiked, the action, much like a Rube Goldberg machine, triggered the onset of so many useless actions. The throat swallows as the tongue prepares to form air into syllables behind the teeth, against the gums, as the diaphragm deflates. The eyes seeking to establish some kind of connection between a silly string of words aimed at delighting this person to whom he was attracted. So, out of his mouth tumbled: “I mean, I’m no chef, but just how hard is it to crack an egg into a frying pan anyway, am I right? But you know that, don’t you. You have a way with handling challenges. Finesse, some would say. Related to the French and Middle English word for fine, like delicacy. Get it, like a delicacy? So about omelets on Sunday, maybe for brunch, I know this place…”

    “Careful with that addiction, kid, cause you’re talking like your brain’s on drugs.”

    By Intuition on 10.27.2015

  20. The anatomy was like nothing I’d ever seen. His intestines were visible, all of his organs for that matter. It was bizarre. We’d pulled up in the truck no less than an hour ago and he’d not made a move since. His silver ship was still seemingly glowing. Suddenly, his mouth moved and he…it began to speak.

    By Stacks on 10.27.2015

  21. The students studied a rabbit through several different dissections.

    By Nadia on 10.27.2015

  22. Two years since anatomy, almost, and do we need it or do we crave it. Caught in a limbo of looking.

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.27.2015

  23. He wasn’t just curves and lines, he was all of everything I had ever wanted bundled up and packaged elegantly in that horribly beautiful way that humans are. He smiled like an emergency flare, and I fluttered my wings in response.

    By David Fisch on 10.27.2015

  24. The body of a beautiful woman. Dark hair. Magnetic eyes. Luscious lips.

    The curve of her breasts, her hips. Drawing me in. Wanting her to turn, to open up. Yearning.

    By Todd on 10.27.2015

  25. His anatomy wasn’t one to marvel over… lumped and scarred and curved in places that should be firm and straight-edged on a man. And yet, as Elenor looked at him, she couldn’t help but stare.

    By ellie on 10.27.2015

  26. The subtlety of disease creeping into the tissues of Love and constructing a tumor of alienation there, like a grain of sand intrudes upon an oyster, an irritant, only one that does not become beauteous, but becomes The End, the rending of Sanity’s organs, the obliteration of perceived reality… This is an anatomy of Sorrow.

    By Miss Alister URL on 10.27.2015