October 25th, 2015

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73 Responses to “prefer”

  1. What to do? I was being offered the chance of a lifetime – see all my friends and family again, see HER again, or go on alone to paradise. How could I choose? Which did I prefer? It was an impossible choice.

    By Lily on 10.26.2015

  2. What to do? I was being offered the chance of a lifetime – see all my friends and family again, see HER again, or go on alone to paradise. How could I choose? Which did I prefer? It was an impossible choice.

    (I forgot to log in earlier)

    By Marvel on 10.26.2015

  3. I prefer to be warm. I don’t like the cold very much. Beautiful sunny weather with clear blue skies with nice temperatures is what I prefer. Office is too cold. It is always cold. It doesn’t help when outside is so hot. I am cold. I do not prefer this.

    By Pei Pei on 10.26.2015

  4. You know what I’d prefer? If the word was changed every session rather than day.

    By Bradley on 10.26.2015

  5. Two years, six days, and twelve hours. That’s how long he’d kept her captive according to the reporter. Natural light still hurt her eyes, so they closed the blinds. When they asked if she’d prefer a drink of water or juice, she stared back, confused.

    By Soft URL on 10.26.2015

  6. “Or, if you’d prefer, you could sit outside”
    “Oh, I think inside is fine. I think it’s supposed to rain.”
    “Right this way then.”
    “Honey, it’s not going to rain…”
    “I know, but do you see who else is sitting out there?”
    “Oh, good call. That could have been awkward.”

    By Bridget Grace on 10.26.2015

  7. I prefer to love a life if amaZing Adventures

    By Mary on 10.26.2015

  8. i use the word prefer quite a lot. i prefer this person over the over; i prefer chocolate to sweets. it may seem weird but i have quite a fascination with the word. obsessively i say it over and over again.

    By lucy on 10.26.2015

  9. i would prefer it if i could sleep more. I would also prefer it if i could write better.

    By lucy on 10.26.2015

  10. She preferred the night from the day. In the night she could sneak around and wear masks of stars. In the day she was a speck in the sunlight so she preferred night to day. At night she and her friends would gather and howl at that neon moon above their heads and dance to its beams of sheer light. When the sun came out, it was time to go. Her and her friends would gather their hopelessness and their sorrow, say goodbye, and be on their way. She preferred night to day, because in the night she felt she felt more alive
    ~xo s.r.a

    By Zeila Stardust on 10.26.2015

  11. i would prefer chocolate than vanilla ice cream. to want something more than you want

    By heathersteffan on 10.26.2015

  12. I prefer being alone. I prefer happiness over sadness. I prefer passion over ambivalence. I prefer understanding over anger. I prefer to be heard.

    By Leslie on 10.26.2015

  13. Preference is something like an anomaly. It brings to mind the endless debate between “nature versus nurture”. Is preference always a choice, or can it be something that is hard-wired into us? Naturally the answer is both, and neither, and sometimes one of the other. We ought to consider this when pondering one’s own preferences; from where did it emerge?

    By Johnny K on 10.26.2015

  14. i would prefer a horse rather than a cow
    i would prefer a ranch than a dairy farm
    i would prefer a stable than a free-stall barn(a barn for cows)
    i would prefer laughter than sorrow
    i would prefer love than hate
    i would prefer people who forgive and forget
    i would prefer health then sickness

    By mackenzie URL on 10.26.2015

  15. It’s this lingering headache which pestered him throughout the day, and this isn’t a phenomena that’s new to him. In fact, this always happens when he has too many drinks the night before. Logically, one would prefer not to drink on a Sunday night, but he’d rather cling with a hangover than to be sober to pacify the monotony of Monday morning commutes.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.26.2015

  16. People usually prefer all kinds of different things. They do however lack the interest in asking what other prefer. From this most commonly contradictions arise. It is our duty to solve them and make the world a better place.

    By Jonas on 10.26.2015

  17. I always spell this word wrong.

    Is it pre? Or per? I hear people say it like per-fer, and it throws me off of my game when I’m writing and the little red line goes under perfer, and I’m forced to reevaluate my life.

    By hootenanny on 10.26.2015

  18. I prefer to juice up some lemon juice into your mouth for the last dammit. Said Enok. I’m not sure what are you trying to say right now. Trying to play dumb aren’t cha’? Give me the gun shephard. Im going to blow this guy freaking mind!!

    By Rhea Hana on 10.26.2015

  19. “I would prefer some juice with that cake.”
    “We don’t sell juice here sir.”
    “Oh really?”
    “Shall I make juice with your brain then?”

    By Rhea_Hana on 10.26.2015

  20. It’s not really a suggestion. It’s not really a small request. When I tell you that I prefer something, you give it to me exactly as deserved in a timely fashion. Love!

    By wnewby on 10.26.2015

  21. I prefer icecreams over toffees. I prefer to read childrens’ books over newspapers’ headlines. I prefer daisies over roses. I prefer to wear casual clothes eveywhere I go. I prefer simplicity, mostly.

    By Anwesha on 10.26.2015

  22. He preferred coffee over tea. This might seem like a completely mundane thing to most people, but to those who knew the truth behind what had happened, they could fathom the concept that he didn’t just change his preferences over comfort or the availability of caffeine. He started drinking excessive amounts of coffee around the same time that she spilled hers.

    By Blue. on 10.26.2015

  23. i understand that, often, what i should do and what i prefer are one and the same thing disguised as being separate. i must overcome myself.

    By BeccaJean on 10.26.2015

  24. I’d prefer to die painfully and spectacularly than have my brain stop working in my sleep. Once I’m gone the pain won’t matter, but my impression on others will linger on through stories and memories.

    By Tea on 10.26.2015

  25. What will it be? A long walk in the woods so you can tell me all about what you’ve been doing all these years. Or a longer still phone conversation (you were never a fan, but that is where I shine). Or, a long dinner, with a good bottle of wine (no meat, I remember you stopped eating meat when you met Woman #3. Before that, we sat at picnic tables during barbecues smoking pot and eating way too many spare ribs. But you’d prefer not to do that now, I know. There’s a lot you no longer prefer. And for me, you have made your way to the top of that particular list for me. Would you prefer to get this by snail or email?

    By nyla on 10.26.2015

  26. Alot of people prefer diffrent thing such as, Coke over Mountain Dew, or, Wendys over Mcdonolds

    By Devon on 10.26.2015

  27. Sometimes people have different likes and dislikes. Some people prefer things than other things. For example: I prefer TV series over Action movies or regular movies.

    By Faith on 10.26.2015

  28. I prefer 3 Musketeers over Reeses

    By kaden boward on 10.26.2015

  29. At times I prefer wine, at times i prefer company
    Then comes the night when i’d rather drink my wine alone.
    Fall asleep in my drunken
    I d prefer my wine with me.
    I d prefer my wine
    with me.

    By neiu on 10.26.2015

  30. She brings the cup to her lips and drinks; water dribbles down her chin and onto her lap, temporary stains on her white dress, but she’d prefer this messiness to the feeling of death she had been feeling only seconds prior.

    By Peach on 10.26.2015

  31. “What would you like to have?” he asked her.
    “You know that I really like chocolate, but today I’d prefer the butterscotch pudding.”
    “Yuck, why butterscotch?”
    “Because it’s my favorite pudding.”

    By Seth W H87 on 10.26.2015

  32. I usually don’t prefer the company of other people. I like to talk to myself, understand who I am, be a part of the universe of myself. I don’t like chatty people either. No one gives a fuck about what you have to say.

    By KarmaMonoxide on 10.26.2015

  33. I would prefer getting out of bed without a struggle.
    I would prefer the demons in my head to stop molesting my one positive thought.
    I would prefer to get more than a few hours of sleep a night.
    I would prefer to be able to pay attention in class without my toes tapping the ground and me paying attention to that instead of lecture and hating myself for it.
    I would prefer my friends to not worry about me, but then again,
    I would prefer I didn’t have to have my box cutter with me wherever I went.
    I would prefer to not have that thought every time I cut my thigh saying “Go a bit deeper, pussy.”
    I would prefer to not be a burden.
    I would prefer to not want to die, however,
    I would prefer this to be my life than someone I love.

    By Jex S. on 10.26.2015