September 17th, 2015

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49 Responses to “younger”

  1. The crumpled creamy paper, slightly yellowed with age, spoke a billion secrets of the war times. An untidy scrawl filled the page with ink and a blue stamp on the top validated its importance. In the parchment’s younger days, it’d seen a lot- a lot more than what was written on it.

    By kyungsoo on 09.18.2015

  2. i used to think looks would last
    and that age was a number.
    Now that’s all from the past
    cause I’m not looking any younger.

    By Lupita on 09.18.2015

  3. when i was younger, i went to a party where i met a guy i really liked. he kissed me n we ended up having sex. when we left the party, he and i ended up staying together and then some girl caught us he killed her and now im running from him. he continues to stalk me to this day.

    By carol on 09.18.2015

  4. When I was younger, I really believed in revolution. Overthrowing the government, all of that shit. Now I am sixty and lonely and I will die, and my ideas won’t survive me.

    By FatCat on 09.18.2015

  5. i believe the present day, older version of myself is a shell that protects the younger, innocent me – the one that sees magic in ordinary things.

    By BeccaJean URL on 09.18.2015

  6. Younger people are often stronger, physically, than elder people. But elders are usually wiser. Younger people have the ability to think, discover, learn, create, and define. Elders already know the things young people do, usually.

    By Greta on 09.18.2015

  7. When I get older I will wish that I was younger than I am, but right now I am young and I wish to be older. It’s weird how these things work.

    By Emily on 09.18.2015

  8. There was a time when I was younger and like everybody else that just thinks about their childhood as the happiest place in their lives, I look back at that time with a feeling of regret and sadness because my childhood was ruined by traumatic experiences. I wasn’t the innocent girl I should’ve been. My innocence was ruined.

    By Jazmin on 09.18.2015

  9. i loved without reason. to exist was to be beautiful. we hit the atomic jackpot. i remember this song, from when i was younger. i remember the heartthrob i felt with the shaking of strings, the joining of hands, the love without boundary.

    By a.m. on 09.18.2015