September 23rd, 2015

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54 Responses to “achiever”

  1. Someone who gets something done

    By cade ticknor on 09.24.2015

  2. Today is not going to be that day. I have one hour, ten minutes and five seconds left of this day and that is far to long. If only I were sneakier. Or older. Less conspicuous. I just want to go home.

    By Les URL on 09.24.2015

  3. achiever means you achieve somthing you did

    By nhensley on 09.24.2015

  4. achiever means that you can achieve something like if you wanted to be a boxer and become a boxer you have achieve something.

    By MLgaming on 09.24.2015

  5. achiever means to achieve something you wanted to do or a random thing. But often it takes time to achieve.

    By MLgaming on 09.24.2015

  6. an achiever is a person who does good stuff and gets stuff for doing that and even though some people aren’t achievers we are all achievers in some way.

    By poo on 09.24.2015

  7. I want to be the achiever of every single world record in the Guineas Book of World Records and more. Of course, that’s completely impossible.

    By Emily on 09.24.2015

  8. They all hope to get somewhere someday. Despite their ages, their race, their background–it’s a dream that cannot and will never be stopped. They’re writers and racers, artists and scientists–and one day they’ll achieve all that they’ve ever hoped.

    By Rene on 09.24.2015

  9. I’ve never been an over-achiever. Those are the ones that get all the attention, which can get awkward, and then you get labelled as the ‘smart kid’, and who wants all that noise? So I’ve decided to keep it low, keep it cool. Especially the part where I don’t reveal that I can run faster than a locomotive.

    By Emma on 09.24.2015

  10. He wasn’t just the boy she loved he was a achiever, anything he was told or put his mind to he did. He accomplished anything he wanted to do. But me? I was no good for him.

    By Bailey on 09.24.2015

  11. He was an achiever. she said.
    An acheiver of what? I asked.
    she went into detail but I couldnt tell you what she said, something about academic accomplishment and the will to succeed that surpassed any other, but all I was thinking about was her lips, the flesh of them, and I wondered about the capillaries that pumped within those lips, the warm blood that also flowed throughout her body and the softness of it, the velvety smoothness of her blood filled skin, a meat sack of veins and organs all doing one thing: pumping, pulsating.

    By derek1 on 09.24.2015

  12. To achieve…..It can be hard to help yourself to get to those goals to set. You will always be asking if you can achieve all the things you dream about. The real question will be if you actually do achieve. Is it helpful to set goals when you actually don’t achieve them? I feel like that could possibly do the opposite effect. I suppose it would depend on the person who set those goals in the first place.

    By Moriah on 09.24.2015

  13. time goals family hope strength life accomplishments compititons strong

    By Ragaa URL on 09.24.2015

  14. “And at long last, The Golden Achiever award will be going to Ryan Keelings, your hard work and dedication is duly appreciated around here Ryan, without you we couldnt keep this place running!”

    The crowd erupted in applause as Marion announced my award. I scanned the audience and felt my stomach knot, my knees lock and my hands begin to feel clammy. As I steadied my legs beneath me, I stepped one foot in front of the other to accept my award. My anxieties started to dissipate, as I imagined all the audience members in their underwear, stifling a giggle, I finally made it to Marion to accept my award. “Thank you,” I muttered lowly into the microphone and practically ran off the stage and down the stairs back to my seat, crumpling down as low as possible to avoid any eyes on me.

    By shelly on 09.25.2015