September 24th, 2015

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49 Responses to “deserve”

  1. you don’t deserve the small amount of respect that you have. master, i do not deserve such huge awards. you deserve to die for what you did to my family you made us all hate each other( talking to monopoly)

    By levi on 09.25.2015

  2. What she deserved and what she thought she deserved were on two different spectrums of reality. She would eternally feel remorse for the decision she had made a lifetime ago, and take responsibility for any wrong doings in her life. If her boyfriend beat her, she thought she deserved it. If her boss had a bad day and took it out on her, she felt she deserved it. If it was supposed to be sunny and it rained, hell, she knew that was God punishing her and she continued to mope along unaware that she could turn this all around. “Be Gracious, know that you are a child of God, see the beauty around you!” If she only knew God forgave her so very long ago, and that he had better plans for her, all she had to do was listen with an open heart.

    By shelly on 09.25.2015

  3. “You’re gonna get what you deserve,” was that what it was? Like a verb from a music chorus line, I’m sure. Mmm…what’s that word for when there’s a crystal ball, she tried it, there were buildings and tress with plumage of fall. Yes it was surreal. I guess that’s the deal. Freedom from cursed cursive, yeah, now that’s real. The real deal to seal. Now you can print and sign, right on this dotted line. And that one above, and too the one below. Devil’s in the details, darlin’. And that’s all she said as she rolled up the scroll. And now it’s up in fire, and now back away, son, because here comes the choir.

    By Intuition on 09.25.2015

  4. You scramble and scrabble over bits and bobbles. Littles snippets of nothing are worth blood. Yet life possesses value only to those who have been robbed of it.

    By The Black Flamingo URL on 09.25.2015

  5. I deserve to get loved by my family because I am a good child to my parents they get me all kinds of stuff just kidding only on my birthday or Christmas like my Xbox 360 I got for Christmas of 2014.

    By kaden boward on 09.25.2015

  6. You stand with your hand outstretched
    Reaching to lift me up
    Drag me from my knees and
    Raise me up into the clouds where I can fly
    away in the color of your eyes
    beyond the horizon of heartache
    and with a smile and kiss
    I know I do not deserve you.

    By Atticus on 09.25.2015

  7. We don’t deserve to go to heaven because we sin all the time, but God sent his only son Jesus to come to earth as a little baby and grow up sinless. Then he preached to people and had twelve disciples who were very sad when Jesus had to die on the cross to save us from our sins so we could go to heaven.

    By Emily on 09.25.2015

  8. So many people say, “Oh, you really deserve this wonderful thing that has come into your life.” And I often reply, “I am not sure I deserve this, but I am certainly grateful and happy about it.” Wonder if there is a better reply?

    By E URL on 09.25.2015

  9. Do I even deserve you?
    I’m flawed in the worst ways
    Controlling, needy, pitiful
    But you love me still.

    By Violetflames on 09.25.2015