September 22nd, 2015

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60 Responses to “cracked”

  1. He cracked up when he saw his dog. His dog, named Goofy for good reason, had got a bee sting on his lip. It definately made him look Goofy!

    By Haleigh on 09.23.2015

  2. one day in school I cracked my head wide open so it got badly cracked about a year later I cracked it by falling off of a tree about seven feet up.

    By damascus URL on 09.23.2015

  3. “if you step on a crack you break your grandmothers back” is an old saying. he was cracked.
    the wall was so cracked that it looked like it should have fallen years ago.

    By levi on 09.23.2015

  4. Sidewalks crack, windows crack, bones crack, but what we hate most, is when or phones crack. Justkidding!

    By J.C. Academy on 09.23.2015

  5. Today was another fun day of school!

    By J.C. Academy on 09.23.2015

  6. It means that something is broken and it has a crack in it. And it can be fixed with duck tape.

    By kruddick on 09.23.2015

  7. i could tell it was cracked, even before picking it up. something about the way it sat, wanting to be held, needing someone to see through it’s fragility.

    By BeccaJean on 09.23.2015

  8. The egg cracked. And cracked again revealing a small hole. A beak peaked out the small hole, then a small scaly head worked its way out.

    By Shadorma on 09.23.2015

  9. “I’ll wake you up when it’s over.” Clearly meant in jest. Maybe a flubbed delivery, but not enough to unleash the trade that followed. Indeed, Carol had cracked.

    By asavas on 09.23.2015

  10. my phone got cracked last summer of 2014.I stopped putting a case on my iPhone and I was walking home from the park and it hit the road and cracked the whole screen the phone did not work after that so I got a new one.

    By kaden boward on 09.23.2015

  11. The screen was cracked, it wasn’t like that when I left, but there it is, as I stand there, cracked. I step a bit closer to it, looking around at the design of the shattered pieces, a small piece of paper printed on the side. “I’m coming” It writes.

    By Roni on 09.23.2015

  12. She was never coming back, and that was when the realization cracked and shattered into a thousand and one pieces, like hope splintering and crumbling away, it seemed a violent process this grieving business.

    By Intuition on 09.23.2015

  13. It had cracked. The stupid thing had cracked. She had packed it carefully, put multiple warning stickers on it, told the mailman at least a thousand times to be careful with it, and it had still cracked. People were hopeless these days. The plate, which had been so beautiful when she bought it, now had an ugly crack running down the middle of it, splitting the face in half and distorting the image.

    By Melanie on 09.23.2015

  14. When I fell off a chair when I was little, the fall almost cracked my head open. Even though I didn’t crack my head open it still hurt.

    By Emily on 09.23.2015

  15. breaks aren’t often
    thorny shards of
    mirrored bone
    a drifter
    wearing my skin
    alone I’m not
    so I am
    cracked and then
    held together
    but barely

    By katiekieran URL on 09.23.2015

  16. I cracked the code the window is cracked cracked is a word that is spelled c r a c k e d

    By jeremyk on 09.23.2015

  17. broken or has been damaged.

    By hbyh URL on 09.23.2015

  18. My lips crack, but
    I fill them with cement
    and reminders that
    words are the things
    that bleed.

    My eyes crack, a run
    in the corners but I tell
    myself to fill it with sand
    and dreams that
    aren’t too big but
    just enough.

    By Pandatry on 09.23.2015

  19. yes, the fissure revealed an imperfection, but it also was evidence of the history of a dance with gravity, or perhaps play with a child. and, if you ask me, anything without no cracks ain’t to be trusted.

    By dominguez URL on 09.23.2015

  20. cracked devices are controlling your head and heart, you need to fix your wires

    By Naddy Sane on 09.23.2015