September 20th, 2015

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102 Responses to “accidental”

  1. I have had alot of accidental things happen at recess. I have broken my finger while playing 500 at recess and in first grade I cut my knee open all the way to bone while playing tag.

    By Carlee S. on 09.21.2015

  2. It was an accident and i did not mean to. The accidental car crash was very bad.

    By joann brahms on 09.21.2015

  3. like some didn’t mean to hit your car they hit it on accidentlyit wasent on purpose

    By alec on 09.21.2015

  4. some thing that you dont mean to do the opposite is on purpose lot of peopled things acidental

    By Jade URL on 09.21.2015

  5. Today there was an accidental death. It was when a window fell off a building while someone was leaning on it and they fell out. The death was very sad for that person’s family.

    By Emily on 09.21.2015

  6. When people have a lot of accidents they are called accidental prone.

    By Becca Seale on 09.21.2015

  7. serendipity. So many things that we do, even some of our successes, are accidental. Births, where we live, where we work, the things that shape our lives are often accidental. They say, humans make plans and God just laughs.

    By G Raffetto on 09.21.2015

  8. It was a mistake. Something that was just accidental! She didn’t mean it he was everything to him. He wished he never told her to leave.

    By bailey on 09.21.2015

  9. “It was just an accident!” The girl shouted, her face flushed from her anger. Her hands were gripped into fists as her side as her rage boiled over the edges.

    By vanessa. p on 09.21.2015

  10. Nothing that occurs in this word is truly accidental. It is all according to His plan.

    By Darius on 09.21.2015

  11. One time my sister did something on accident (or so she said) she put mousse up my nose

    By makayla on 09.21.2015

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    By makayla on 09.21.2015

  13. there it was the accidental stardust, powdering into my face;
    her kneeling kisses;
    I couldn’t resist
    her unbearable hermit that covets me,
    plays like a fiddle inside of a symphony
    wraps me in a purple-shaded duvet
    traps me the bower we walk into
    to escape the surrounding decades
    harpooning us, dividing us
    a cavalier jousting through the mounted mountains, the arch friends and foes…

    if the Eifel tower can be attempted, merely attempted to climb,
    the mount Everest of happiness can be climbed too…
    all we need is the equipment, the owning devastation that only us two can speak of,
    and start mounting our hiking sculpt, higher and higher,
    till we cannot become any flyer…

    if some pyramids stand alive, then so we our love…
    brick and mud,
    are no match,
    for blood and bone!

    By Milad URL on 09.21.2015

  14. I didn’t mean for it to happen. One minute I was on a stretch of open road, the wind bursting through the open window, the place was still. Dead. Not a car in site, not a person. At least I didn’t think so, at least I didn’t see anyone. Until it was too late that is. Until the body was inches away from my bumper and a body toppled over the wind shield. His face. I can’t get it out of my head; the shock, he paleness, the blood as his forehead smashed against the window. I didn’t mean for it to happen. But it happened and there was no going back.

    By racheycane on 09.21.2015

  15. The first time they met it was raining, and the first one had accidentally run over the second’s with their rolling backpack. They didn’t apologize. The second time the second one ran over to the first and stepped on their foot. They didn’t apologize. It wasn’t an accident.

    By Tea URL on 09.21.2015

  16. Fun, i didn’t realize how fast I could type until I had to type a “story” in a minute. Going to be using this to practice writing.

    By Tea URL on 09.21.2015

  17. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything you’ve done, everything you’ve touched and changed and broken, it was all because you wanted it to. Deep down, everyone wants to make an impact, we just don’t like to admit that we really don’t care what kind.

    By Tea on 09.21.2015

  18. Sometimes i accidently trip

    By James Fitzwilliam on 09.21.2015

  19. Sometimes i accidently trip and fall over.

    By James Fitzwilliam on 09.21.2015

  20. Was it accidental that she met him or fate? Only God knew this, and time would tell where this would lead. But all she knew was that she wanted to wait to find out.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.21.2015

  21. The cold hard stare on her eyes. Then the gasp. Growing to a gurgle. Her eyes, bulging. “Whaaa” It died in her mouth. Fingers crimson. Clutching the wound.

    By Ro on 09.21.2015

  22. The accidental brush of his fingers across her thigh sent tingles up her spine. She needed more. She grabbed his hand and spun him around. His eyes looked confused for only a second before she sped her lips to meet his. Inhale. Exhale. Release. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He laughed. “Bullshit.” He placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed his lips against hers again, totally on purpose.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.21.2015